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Your indispensable guide to today’s best radio brands

The best radio brands are more than just reliable producers of entertainment technology. The top radio brands have earned the respect and following of audiophiles around the world for their commitment to auditory excellence.

With so many radio companies in the market today, deciding which brand to choose can be intimidating. For first-time buyers, the sheer range of radio brands can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Today, we will break down what matters when choosing the perfect radio. Then, we’ll list some of the leading radio brands available in the market and what makes them special.

What to look for when choosing the best radio brands

Sound quality

Nobody wants to entertain a radio that offers less-than-acceptable audio quality. You want to have a radio that produces high-fidelity sound and one that’s loud enough to fill the room you intend to place it in.

Check the speaker wattage to get an idea of how loud your radio will go. Stereo speakers make the best option if you’re after quality and loud audio output.


Here, you ought to consider how weatherproof the radio is, how compact it is, and also examine its build quality.

You want to establish whether it’s made up of brittle material or something that’ll withstand a few drops here and there.

Finally, check to ensure that the radio is compact and lightweight for your out-and-about errands like camping, hiking, traveling, and even emergencies.


For many people, the radio they own is often an expression of their style or an extension of their personality.

This is why design also influences the kind of people who buy it and where it fits into your home. This is where many of the best radio brands come into their own.

Power options

This is very important, especially if you expect to have a radio that you listen to for long periods of time or to be constantly on the move.

There are radios that come with a rechargeable battery and a mains adapter, and others that are only powered through the socket but can work with an optional battery pack.

Even better, there are solar-powered radios you can use, even in case of power outages.

For flexibility, the best bet is to go for a radio that can work with either off-the-shelf AA/AAA batteries or a mains adapter.


Most modern radios can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi or to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth.

This allows you to use the radio as a speaker outlet to play songs that you have stored on your device or elsewhere. It’s a great option for those of us who want to control exactly what music gets played.

For those who are a bit more old-school, it’s not really that much of a concern.


The determining factor that supersedes everything else here is how much you’re willing to spend.

There are radios at the top end of the scale that have everything that can be packed into a radio and impeccable design to match. There are also pocket-friendly choices that put functionality before anything else.

If you know how to pick well enough, though, you will definitely find options that offer top-shelf quality at a mid-range price.

We will cover all these and more as we examine a selection of the leading radio brands in the world and the amazing products they produce.

The best radio brands in the world: 7 leading radio brands

Best Radio Brands

1. Revo Radio

Kickstarting our list is Revo Radio, a top radio brand that was founded back in 2004 by Coline Urie and David Baxter.

Their main aim was to produce radios that exude style and quality, focusing on the very popular retro look and feel.

Over the years, Revo Radio has received various awards and titles due to its constant innovation and ability to see ahead of the curve.

This was marked by their major success in 2013 when they announced the multi-award-winning Revo SuperConnect radio.

This winner launched an entry into a range of top-tier radios within the SuperSeries that have gained a wide following among radio lovers all over the world. Some of them include:

Best Radio Brands

Revo SuperConnect: Lauded as the point guard of the SuperSeries, the Revo SuperConnect offers an FM tuner with RDS, access to over 36,000 stations through Internet radio, and support for both DAB and DAB+.

Its WLAN capabilities allow for playback from devices sharing the same network, and its 15W speaker produces super crisp quality sound.

Best Radio Brands

Revo SuperCD: This well-known classic stands out thanks to its vertical slot-loading CD player and its ability to tune in to more than 30,000 stations worldwide.

It allows for Bluetooth music streaming and supports Spotify Connect, availing a wide array of tracks to choose from.

The radio supports DAB, DAB+, and FM radio. It allows for full mobile control through the UNDOK app. The speakers churn out 40W of audio, which is loud enough to fill a big room easily.

Best Radio Brands

2. Ruark Audio

Ruark Radio has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings as a family business back in 1985.

This world-leading radio brand came to be through the hard work of Alan O’Rourke and his dad back in the South Coast of England.

The brand is well known for pushing the boundaries in terms of design, and this might be the reason why the Sunday Telegraph once described it as the Aston Martin of DAB radios.

Nonetheless, the radio brand has gone on to gain critical acclaim, most recently in 2015 when it won the Which? Awards for the best radio brand.

As most would expect, a rich design comes with a hefty price tag, and this radio from Ruark Audio is no exception. Here are two key products:

Best Radio Brands

Ruark R1 MK3: Packaged in a luxurious wooden finish, the Ruark R1 MK3 is a compact choice that many have fallen in love with.

It offers Bluetooth streaming, a line input, and both DAB/DAB+ and FM radio stations. There’s also an AUX in port, a USB charging socket, and a rechargeable battery that’s bought separately to ensure you keep listening even when on the move.

Its multifunctional alarm also makes it the perfect bedside companion.

If out of stock, you may check out another alternative, the Denver DAB radio, here.

Best Radio Brands

Ruark R4 MK3: This stylish music hub boasts a 2.1 speaker system with an integrated subwoofer and a RotoDial controller that sits on its top side. You don’t get Internet radio with this model, so it’s either DAB/DAB+ or FM.

It allows for CD playback and has a USB port for the tracks that you have on your memory stick.

Its 80W power output ensures the bass is well-defined, and its 3.5mm jack allows you to take it all in privately through your headphones.

For a similar look, you may check out the Majority Oakington DAB radio instead.

Best Radio Brands

3. Roberts Radio

Roberts Radio is the brainchild of two friends, Harry Roberts and Leslie Bidmead, who both came up with a product so good they even had the British Queen buying from them.

Established in 1932, Roberts Radio has managed to perfectly capture the British heritage through its quality products, to the point that the brand was awarded a Royal Warrant. This type of recognition is only given to brands that demonstrate the highest level of standard and quality, as seen fit by British Royalty.

This award allowed the brand to further develop its retro look and stick to it up until today, with the only difference being the technological advancements that lie under the hood. Here are some of the products Roberts is well known for:

Best Radio Brands

Roberts Radio Stream 93i: This two-time Product of The Year award winner (What Hi-FI? Awards) allows for access to up to 20,000 stations through Internet radio while still featuring DAB/DAB+ and FM tuning.

It allows for up to 120 radio presets, supports Spotify Connect, and can be used as a speaker output, sourcing music from a computer when connected to a shared network.

Its optional removable battery pack adds up to 10 hours of playback, so you might want to think about getting it as an accessory.

For a more advanced radio, Roberts Black Smart Radio might be your thing.

Best Radio Brands

Roberts Radio Revival RD70: For those who prefer to have a reminder of history in their living room or kitchen, there’s no better option than the Roberts Revival.

It has all its controls on the top side, with a customizable clear-resolution display placed well in the middle of all the dials and buttons.

It allows for DAB/DAB+ and FM bands, 20 FM/DAB presets, Bluetooth streaming, and a sleep timer, making it great for your bedside. There’s also an AUX in port for external music sources and a headphone jack for uninterrupted listening.

For the smartest Revival, you may check out the REV-ISTREAM3DP instead.

Best Radio Brands

4. Pure Radio

Pure Radio is especially well-known in the UK and is easily one of the best radio brands on the planet.

The company was established as a subsidiary in 2002 but later on gained notoriety as a leading digital radio manufacturer.

The decision to name the company “Pure” was actually made in a bar, with the idea behind it being to bring forth products that portray a superior level of audio quality and design to the market.

Its popularity soared with the success of the £99 Evoke-1, which was a mains-powered DAB radio that dominated the market especially since it retailed at below a hundred pounds. This then paved the way unto other pioneering achievements, as well as top-shelf products such as:

Best Radio Brands

Pure Avalon N5: This woolen covered masterpiece features a 20W speaker output, up to 20 station presets, a monochromatic LCD display, and backlit buttons for easier visibility at night.

It’ll allow you to tune into DAB/DAB+ or FM radio, or even connect your device to stream tracks through Bluetooth. The Pure Avalon N5 also gets you two alarms, a headphone jack for your own listening, and a portable rechargeable battery so that your power never runs out.

If you’re a fan of the minimalist-looking radio like the Avalon N5, the Evoke Play will also surely be your type!

Best Radio Brands

Pure Siesta Charge: This alarm clock radio comes in a small form factor, but that doesn’t stop it from offering advanced features such as wireless phone charging.

The radio has a great LED display that dims to match your surroundings and Bluetooth support for streaming music from your phone through its speakers.

Best Radio Brands

5. VQ

Launched in 2011 as View Quest, Jonathan Merricks later saw it fit to cut down on the wording and leave it as VQ.

The products sold by the company are largely inspired by his own personal taste, as he has been quoted as saying that VQ’s products are essentially what he would love to have in his living room.

That being said, VQ is one of the few leading radio brands that has gone forward to collaborate with well-known designers to provide the perfect fusion between sound and style.

The designer collections offer a more personalized range of prints, offering a lot more options as to what you’d like to have your radio draped in.

Some of the designers that have worked with the brand include Emma Bridgewater, Laura Ashley, and Lulu Guinness along with a couple more others that are yet to be announced. Our top picks from VQ are:

Best Radio Brands

VQ Retro MKII: The MK II is a more current version of the Retro Radio, offering an Apple lightning deck, DAB/DAB+, and FM connectivity, as well as up to 60 radio presets.

The MKII features a 20W speaker output for great audio quality and My EQ equalizer for customizable sound adjustment.

Bluetooth streaming is also supported, along with more sophisticated features such as ‘Prune’ for deleting obsolete stations.

The Hepburn MK II is also a great alternative for a more classic vintage feel!

Best Radio Brands

VQ Portable Monty: Being the current highlight of the VQ stable, Monty represents a portable alternative that is both stylish and functional.

The radio features a 10W speaker, a USB charging port, dual alarms, DAB/DAB+ and FM radio connectivity, and a real wood coating as the icing on the cake.

The Monty also features an adjustable display alongside Bluetooth connectivity.

Best Radio Brands

6. Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio is an American company that was founded in the year 2000 by Henry Kloss and Tom DeVesto. Their collaboration actually came to be after Kloss developed a radio dubbed the Model One without knowing exactly how he would sell it.

That’s when they came together and had DeVesto manufacture and market the new radio through Tivoli Audio.

These guys hit a home run on their first try, as the Model One went on to be a huge success. Thanks to its capability of receiving FM stations in very congested areas.

The PAL portable radio followed next, combining the analog dial from the Model One into a smaller size and offering a rechargeable battery.

These two major milestones paved the way for the company to venture into manufacturing CD players, Internet radios, and subwoofers, among other things.

Here are two great radio products from Tivoli Audio:

Best Radio Brands

Tivoli Model 1 BT: This reincarnation of the Model One adds Bluetooth technology to its list of features to allow for seamless music streaming from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The analogue tuner gets retained to conserve the simplistic nature of the Model One, allowing users to accurately tune the radio through FM/AM stations. The radio also features a headphone jack and an AUX input for external music sources.

If this unique old-timey radio is out of stock, the Sangean WR-2AM is one of the best substitutes!

Best Radio Brands

Tivoli Model 1 Digital: If you might think the Model 1 BT is still a bit lacking in terms of its technological capability, then the Model One Digital has everything else you could be looking for.

Its beautiful design features a high-resolution display encircled with a multi-operational dial that allows users to change stations and set presets.

It’s also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to connect more speakers, play music from other connected devices, and stream tracks from the Internet.

Best Radio Brands

7. Bose

Easily the highest-grossing company on this list in terms of revenue, Bose stands squarely in a class of its own.

Known for best-in-class pro audio systems, home audio systems, and noise-cancelling headphones, the American company didn’t really have a clear set path to success in its infancy.

In fact, the first radio that its founder, Amar Bose, developed in 1966 was a huge failure. He later got it right with the Bose 901 stereo system, and from then on the rest is history.

The wide range of products offered by Bose forces us to zero in on its Wave Music System lineup. This is a great line of Bose radios that include:

Best Radio Brands

Wave Music System IV: The Wave Music System IV features a CD/MP3 player and supports DAB/DAB+ and FM tuning. It also has dual alarms to allow for different settings.

The system allows for up to 12 radio presets and spots an AUX-in port for playback from other sources. Owners also get up to 12 station presets and a headphone jack to plug in and shut down any other distractions.

Best Radio Brands

Wave SoundTouch Music System IV: This is essentially a cousin of the System IV, but it includes a SoundTouch pedestal, which offers all the benefits that Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, and Internet access have to deliver.

Users can also control playback through the SoundTouch app from their device. The compact system also features a CD/MP3 player and integrates seamlessly with Alexa to allow for voice control.

8. Sony

Today, it’s not easy to find an audiophile who hasn’t heard the name “Sony.” This is due to the impact of this company in the history of radio.

Established in 1946 in Japan, Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of electronic products, including radios.

It was founded by two men—Morita Akio and Ibuka Masaru.

The two men met during the Second World War when they were designing missiles for the Japanese Army. When the war ended, they decided to join hands and work on something new.

Ibuka was knowledgeable in precision engineering. He had even created a company in the same field. 

On the other hand, Morita was highly knowledgeable in business strategies and marketing. Therefore, when they came together, they combined their knowledge to create Sony. 

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you’ll agree that Sony Walkmans were the talk of town.

Sony was the first to introduce the concept of ‘listen on the go’ through its Sony Audio. 

Some of the best Sony radios include:

Sony XDR-S41D: This is one of the most portable tabletop radios on the market with competitive price points. It supports DAB/DAB+ and FM radio bands. The radio’s direct presets feature makes it one of the best from Sony.

This feature allows you to switch easily between DAB and FM stations. Its 5-line LCD display allows you to read program details and station information accurately, eliminating any confusion.

Finally, its headphone jack will ensure peace of mind by facilitating private listening.

Sony XDR-P1DBP: While this option doesn’t have most of the auxiliary input features, it’s a tabletop radio that is highly portable. The lack of auxiliary features and Bluetooth connectivity makes this radio an excellent option for reserved listeners.

It’s DAB/DAB+ and FM-enabled, meaning you’ll listen to as many international and local radio stations as you want.

Despite its small stature, you shouldn’t underestimate this radio. Its digital amplifier guarantees stereo audio output quality, something that will satisfy you as an audiophile.

Conclusion: Finding the best radio brands in the world

Your list of the best radio brands in the world may differ slightly to the ones we covered here. There’s no shortage of leading radio brands to choose from, and each has a wide selection of dedicated fans.

The leading radio brands reviewed above are sure to have products that will arouse your interest, or fit into your list of specific preferences. If you happen to make a purchase based on the recommendations we’ve made above, we’d really love to hear about it.

Leave us a comment in the section below, and we’ll be sure to respond.

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