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Roberts Radio Revival RD70 review

The Revival RD70 is the Revival reborn; with classic 1950s styling and hand-crafted acoustically-tuned wooden cabinet, the Revival looks and sounds better than ever. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Stunning retro design
Excellent build quality
Easy to use
Buttons are too small
No rechargeable battery



If you’re a true fan of all things retro, then the Roberts Revival RD70 is probably one of the most attractive sound stations on the market for you.

Designed with the same high-quality sound you’ve come to expect from Roberts Radio, the Revival RD70 is brimming with easy-to-use functionality and great features – including Bluetooth connectivity.

Although the Roberts Revival might look like an old-fashioned piece of tech, it comes with everything you need to listen to FM and DAB broadcasts alike.

What’s more, you can also tune into music that you have stored on your tablet or smartphone. There’s even a colour display enabling you to view the album artwork that accompanies your songs.

The Roberts Revival is available to power either by mains connections or batteries – depending on whether you want to carry this device around the house or into the garden for a summer BBQ.

Ultimately, this device is your chance to experience Roberts Radio reborn and revitalised. If you’re looking for a stunning product that doesn’t compromise on excellent audio – then it’s hard to go wrong with the Roberts Revival DAB.

Here’s what you need to know about this product.

About Roberts Radio

Roberts Radio is one of the UK’s most important historical radio companies.

Launched in 1932 by friends Leslie Bidmead and Harry Roberts, this company initially began with people making portable radios from a small manufacturing shop in London.

At first, the Roberts could only make a maximum of 3 radios per week.

Though Roberts didn’t launch into the radio world as quickly or dramatically as some other manufacturers, it flourished thanks to a focus on quality.

Roberts is currently a subsidiary of the privately owned Glen Dimplex group.

Although a lot has changed in the tech world since this group was established, the company has always delivered the same standard of quality, from its original radios to the new DAB sets.

About the Roberts Revival RD70

The Roberts Revival lineup was created to celebrate the history and style of Roberts’ audio products.

The company delivered a small selection of new radios which included the DAB radio with Bluetooth, the RD70.

This stylish retro radio comes in a range of finishing options, including Classic Red, Black, Duck Egg, Pastel Cream, and more.

As stunning as the Roberts Revival DAB radio is to look at – it’s more than just a pretty face. Roberts has made absolutely sure that you can still expect a high-quality sound from this sound piece.

So there’s no need to compromise on things like bass and timbre for a radio that looks good.

Roberts Revival RD70 features

The Roberts Revival DAB radio is very similar in style to the Roberts iStream 2 – another recent delivery from the traditional radio brand.

Oddly enough, however, the iStream is a little more advanced, with things like Spotify Connect to help you make the most of your online broadcasts. However, that doesn’t mean the RD70 isn’t worth close consideration.

The Roberts Revival RD70 comes with a simpler option for people who want to add their own music to the radio via Bluetooth. The great thing about the Bluetooth connection is that you don’t need to rely on any separate apps.

What’s more, the RD70 comes with a much more impressive display and a clear resolution. Features include:

  • FM/DAB/DAB+ connections
  • Dual alarm clock feature
  • Sleep timer
  • Customisable display
  • 10 DAB and 10 FM station presets
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Snooze button
  • Headphone jack for private listening

Weight: 1.65kg

Dimensions: Depth: 10.4cm, Width: 25.2 cm, Height: 16cm

Roberts Revival RD70 review: Design

If there’s one thing that Roberts Radio do incredibly well – it’s aesthetics.

Thanks to its highly compelling and attractive appearance, you’ve probably seen something similar to the Roberts Revival DAB radio in a shop or TV show.

For looks, the Revival RD70 takes its appearance from the 50s, achieving a retro yet beautiful image for the last few decades.

Unlike many radios that opt for a nostalgic appearance with wood, the Roberts Revival radio has a faux leather exterior and a gold-toned grille on the front.

There’s no touchscreen to distract from the old-fashioned experience, just a range of knobs and dials to choose from.

The simplicity of the Revival almost makes you forget that it’s one of the latest radios to arrive on the market today. While the wooden frame helps to boost the depth of the sound you get from your radio.

Additionally, the radio interior is accessible from a hinge on the bottom if you need to fix anything.

With 6 different colours to choose from, you’re sure to find a version of the Roberts Revival radio that appeals to you and your style strategy.

However, bear in mind that the carry handle included with this machine doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ideal for connectivity on the go. While you can carry it with you around the home, the Revival is designed to be used indoors.

Since you will need to pay quite a bit to get your hands on one of these products, we wouldn’t recommend exposing it to the unpredictable weather outside.

Roberts Revival RD70 review: Performance

As any true radio lover will know, there’s more to choosing the perfect device than focusing on looks alone.

This stunning radio comes with a range of excellent features, such as FM and DAB/DAB+ connectivity options, as well as a dual alarm clock and Bluetooth connectivity.

The radio is incredibly easy to set up, thanks to the instructions in the manual, and it’s highly intuitive to use.

As you might expect from the Roberts Radio team, there’s a rich and warm sound that comes from the Revival, and you can choose to plug your device either into the mains or use it alongside a set of batteries.

The Roberts Revival would look and perform just as well on your bedside table as it would in your kitchen or living room.

The Roberts Revival RD70 Bluetooth connectivity is excellent, which means you shouldn’t have a problem listening to things like Spotify and podcasts.

Unfortunately, there are no dedicated buttons for your favourite stations, but separate preset buttons are available if you need them.

Another useful feature is the headphone jack, which is handy if you want to relax and listen to some tunes without distracting other people.

Roberts Revival RD70 review: Sound quality

Roberts Radio has remained a strong competitor in the audio industry over the years, not just because of its ability to create beautiful sound systems. While these radios look incredible, they also sound fantastic too.

That’s one of the reasons why people worldwide still flock to Roberts as other new brands appear in the marketplace.

When it comes to mid-tones, Roberts excels – which could make it the go-to choice for people who spend a lot of time listening to talk shows.

Like other radios without a thin tone, the Roberts Revival DAB is also excellent for podcast enthusiasts.

The Roberts Revival RD70 has a sound that seems to suit its style wonderfully. It’s not harsh and doesn’t try to overwhelm you with big bass. Instead, you get a more homely experience that fits perfectly as a soundtrack to your life.

Just keep in mind that the Roberts Revival radio isn’t intended to be a big party speaker. You won’t be using it as your go-to boombox when people come over for drinks.

Although the kit can easily fill your bedroom or kitchen with quality sound, it’s not going to deliver the kind of audio you’d want for a garden party.

Roberts Revival RD70 review: Usability

Simplicity appears to be one of the features at the heart of the Roberts Revival DAB radio. Although this machine is relatively up-to-date in terms of features to choose from, it’s not as complicated as some other contemporary radios.

The RD70 combines retro styling with classic ease of use that will surely remind you of simpler days.

If you’re looking for a radio that gives you the beautiful and nostalgic image of the 50s and you don’t want to compromise on performance and power, then the Revival is sure to tick a range of boxes.

As mentioned, this machine combines Bluetooth and a colour screen with a style that will resonate with your heart.

Another point worth noting when it comes to usability is that the Roberts Radio can be used with both mains power and battery power.

This means you won’t be limited to where you can take your radio when you want to tune into your favourite shows. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, all you need to do is switch to batteries instead.

Roberts Revival RD70 Review: Additional information

The Roberts Revival DAB radio is far from the most advanced retro radio on the market today. However, that doesn’t make it any less compelling for lovers of all things retro.

If you’re looking for features like a beautiful full-colour display to keep you up-to-date with information on your go-to stations and albums and Bluetooth connectivity for easy online access – this could be your perfect listening partner.

The Roberts Revival radio also comes with the opportunity to customise your experience even further with six separate display themes to choose from. You can also decide whether you want to display your clock in an analogue or digital style.

With the attached handle and battery compartment, you can take this radio on the go with you. However, we would recommend being cautious with your kit. After all, you don’t want to accidentally expose this machine to rain or other contaminants.

Additionally, the Roberts Revival DAB has a dual alarm function that makes it ideal for keeping by your bedside each night.

You can pick whether you’d prefer to wake up to an FM or DAB radio, buzzer, or something else entirely. Plus, there’s a sleep timer if you decide to listen to the radio to help you drift off at night.

Roberts Revival RD70: Verdict

Whether the Roberts Revival RD70 is right for you depends on several factors.

If you’re a tech enthusiast in search of high power and high volume, then this isn’t the radio you’ve been looking for.

It comes with a softer sound quality that’s more likely to fit in your kitchen or bedroom than in a garden party setting.

However, if your idea of the perfect radio is something that looks incredible and sounds amazing, too – then you can’t go wrong with the Roberts Revival.

The warm sound resonates with the hearts of those who love a nostalgic radio vibe. Plus, the Revival is genuinely one of the most attractive kits on the market.

If you like the Roberts Revival, you may check out the product page here. But if they’re out of stock, the Roberts Vintage is also a great alternative!

You can check out our thoughts on the Roberts Vintage here. For another excellent DAB radio from Roberts, the Elise DAB FM is one of a kind!

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Revival RD70 Review 1
The Roberts Revival RD70 overall has some great features including blue so you can stream music from your smartphone to your radio as a stylish speaker. Also, an intuitive full colour display which makes the radio's features easier to navigate. What's more, the Revival RD70 features two alarms and sleep and snooze timers, so you can wake up and drift off to your radio.
Build quality
Stunning retro design will appeal to those with an eye for the nostalgic
Colour display shows pictures of album and radio station artwork
Bluetooth connectivity to link to your tablet or smartphone
Easy to use with a clear, warm sound
Excellent build quality to stand the test of time
Can be used on the go, or with mains connectivity
Good sound quality when listening to various genres of music
Expensive compared to some radios
No rechargeable battery options
Not a lot of display dimming options
Buttons are too small for some
Where to buy

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