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Pure Avalon N5 Radio Review in 2023

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If you listen to radios a lot and happened to come across Pure, you probably took a minute or two to take in the brand’s distinctive form and undeniable attention to design.

These are major elements that form Pure’s aesthetic footprint. All of this is purely intentional because Pure radios are designed to be both eye-catching and superbly functional whether they’re used at home or on the move.

Pure International stands tall as a well-respected British manufacturer of electronic consumer goods that are easily recognized throughout the world.

The company has built its reputation through manufacturing best-in-class digital radio equipment, with many of its products going on to win numerous awards.

Based in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, Pure has been around since 2002.

Over the past 17 years, the company has come on in leaps and bounds thanks to innovative British engineering, which has seen it ship more than five million products worldwide.

Pure also boasts of being the first to hit many significant milestones in the radio industry.

It was the first to introduce an in-car radio adapter, the first to launch a high-resolution touchscreen digital radio, and the first to bring forth a digital radio for the blind and visually impaired.

As the company continues to expand its list of top-tier products, one particular pick stands out. It seems to have created a wave of positive interest not only in the UK but also throughout Europe and the United States.

Introducing, the Pure Avalon N5.

About the Pure Avalon N5

Distinguished by its woolen finish and slimline design, this Pure Avalon radio is surely a marvel to behold.

This stylish digital radio is available in either pearl grey or charcoal and features a monochrome star-dust panel that forms its LCD display. Here, details such as the station you’re tuned into and time are displayed.

And, if you’re listening to a DAB/DAB+ station, you’ll get to know which song you’re listening to, along with any other information relating to the track through the display.

The Pure Avalon N5 comes with most of its buttons on its top side panel. You’ll find two dials: a big one for volume control and a smaller one for switching the unit on and off.

In between the pair of dials are two rows of buttons. Within the first set there’s a source, left scan, select, right scan, and menu button.

While on the bottom set, you’ll find buttons numbered 1 to 4 and one labeled 5+.

Buttons 1 to 4 allow you to choose and save up to 20 DAB/FM preset stations. These preset stations make it easy to switch between your favorite radio channels. You don’t have to keep searching all the time.

Meanwhile, 5+ alternates between 5 other channels that could’ve been added to the list of saved stations.

The auxiliary port, headphone jack, and micro USB are located on the left side panel of the Pure Avalon N5 radio, with its bottom having an access port for the mains power. This isn’t the only source of power, though.

Users who travel a lot can opt for a rechargeable battery, which can be purchased separately.

The Pure Avalon N5 radio also features a quality aerial that guarantees great reception even when only a few inches up. This makes the radio convenient for placement in an enclosed area, though this would not be recommended since the audio could sound muzzled.

For those who would prefer to have the Avalon N5 at their bedside, backlit buttons make the radio easier to use in the darkness of night. The LCD display can also be dimmed so that it doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

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Pure Avalon N5 radio: Features

Launched in February 2018, this Pure digital radio has a big bundle of features packed into its small size, making it one of the most essential carry items for today’s upwardly mobile radio listeners.

Here’s a brief summary of what to expect once you decide to own one of these immaculately designed sets:

  • 20W RMS speaker output
  • DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuner
  • Up to 20 station preset slots (10 FM/10 digital)
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless devices
  • Headphone jack for private listening
  • Auxiliary port for playing music from external devices
  • Provision for an optional battery
  • Pop up on/off button
  • LCD display
  • Two alarms
  • Backlit buttons
  • Countdown timer

Weight: 1.7kg

Dimensions: 265mm (W) x 160mm (W) x 70mm (D)

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Pure Avalon N5: Performance and Connectivity

One of the biggest concerns people have about electronic goods is how long they’re going to get good service out of them.

In this particular case, users can expect a long life span out of the Pure Avalon N5, but this is of course, only guaranteed with proper handling.

The radio is encased in a plastic body, and it’s put together well. Its sturdy build should ensure that it’ll last a long time before you need to buy a replacement.

The radio allows for three modes of use. Users can have it as a Bluetooth speaker, a jack cable speaker, or a regular digital or FM radio. The source button helps switch through these modes.

For the digital frequencies, the radio supports band III, which is 174-240 MHz, and for FM radio, there’s support for 87.5 – 108 MHz.

Pure Avalon N5: Sound quality

Given the all-around wool wrapping of the Pure Avalon N5, most would be forgiven to think that it has both front and back-facing speakers. Oftentimes this assumption is made after noticing that a good amount of sound also comes out from its backside.

The sound that comes from the back is a result of the speaker’s two passive radiators, which face the opposite direction from the radio’s front-facing dual voice coil speaker. These two guarantee quality sound that can be heard quite well no matter where in your house or office you’ve placed the radio.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that those who have used the Pure Avalon N5 radio have expressed several concerns centered around the dampness of sound experienced due to the radio’s wool covering.

While this might be true for very critical listeners, it is not by any means something that you should expect to encounter. Despite this, the Pure Avalon N5 still remains a fine selection and worthy of a listen.

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Pure Avalon N5: Usability

Built with a simple, user-friendly interface, the Avalon is easy to navigate. It has user-friendly buttons, and it’s not fussy with placement.

The LCD display is easily viewable even from different angles and retains a grayscale font that complements its outer color palette.

Pure Avalon N5: Additional features

If this Pure DAB radio happens to find its home beside your bedside, then you’ll be in for a treat. Every morning, you could choose to be woken up by your favorite radio station, but if you’re a bit more conservative, the built-in alarm is still available.

The alarm feature allows for up to two set times, as well as a countdown timer that you can use to time any specific activities.

If the Pure Avalon N5 captured your heart, great news! You can get it from Amazon or through Avvenice.

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Pure Avalon N5 radio: Verdict
The Pure Avalon N5 radio rests easily in a competitive league but still manages to stand out. Its features (and sound) just about justify the hefty price tag. If any eventuality comes up after purchase, the N5 comes with a three-year warranty.
Build quality
The wool covering conveys a modern design and feels good to the touch
The buttons are backlit making the radio easier to use even in the dark
Can be powered by the mains or a portable ChargePAK F1 battery
Bluetooth feature makes it possible to use the radio as an external speaker
Spots two alarms, a sleep timer and a kitchen timer
LCD display can be dimmed for bedside use
Comes with a 3 year warranty
Difficult to use in the UK without a 2 or 3 pin adapter
LCD display can’t show digital radio track information
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