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What’s the best shortwave radio app?

Once, shortwave radio enthusiasts believed that the rise of the internet and digital technology would kill SW broadcasting. However, the truth is that new technology can enhance shortwave radio. 

The internet is a secondary source of information and support for shortwave listeners. On forums and groups, these technology fans can find out more about the best broadcasts in their region. 

As mobile browsing has started to overtake desktop internet, new tools like the shortwave radio app are emerging. 

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With a shortwave radio listening app, you can track down broadcasts, find the ideal frequency to listen to at any time of day, and more. These apps are available for both Android and iOS phones, so there’s something for everyone. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the best shortwave radio app options today. 

1. myTuner Radio 

Available on: Apple and

MyTuner radio is a convenient all-in-one radio app. While this tool will help you to track down shortwave radio channels, it also offers access to the internet and AM/ FM radio too. 

There are more than 50,000 radio stations to choose from in total. You can also filter your available stations by country or territory. There’s an alarm function on this app so you can wake up to the station you love. 

You can also use your favorites list to track down your favorite channels fast. 

One particularly interesting feature of this app is the option to share the channel you’re listening to with friends via SMS, email, or social media. 

2. WTWW Shortwave

Available on:

Unlike myTuner, this shortwave radio app is dedicated completely to shortwave listening. Although this app looks a little outdated, it was built by a licensed radio company. The technology is sound, even if the user interface is a little clunky. 

This shortwave radio app for Android works a lot like using a digital tuner. You adjust your wavelength gradually until you find the right stream. You can search for stations from 70 miles away or find AM stations more than 700 miles away. 

One slight issue with this app, is that like a shortwave radio set, your signal quality will vary depending on where you are. The people who get the best results will be those in a high space.

3. Skywave Schedules

Available on:

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Here’s another excellent shortwave radio app for Android users. Skywave schedules give you an easy way to track down the broadcasts that you most want to listen to. 

Available for use with portable shortwave radios, Skywave allows you to find broadcast and utility stations by listing their broadcast times, and their frequency. 

This Shortwave radio app works as a cheat sheet for your shortwave radio. You can scroll through the content to find the channels that are best for you, and you can listen to stations directly through the internet too. 

One interesting point to note is that this app comes from a shortwave radio enthusiast and developer. You can send the developer requests for new features too! Many of the updates to this tool come from suggestions in the community. 

4. Radio Garden

Available for:

Radio Garden is an excellent shortwave radio listening app for people who want to explore the world through the airwaves. The app focuses on a large picture of the globe, where you’ll see dozens of little green dots scattered everywhere. 

Tapping on a portion of the map and zooming in allows you to see what local radio stations are available in that region. Every dot represents a town or city, and there are hundreds to choose from. The great thing about this app is that it’s constantly evolving.

The dedicated team behind Radio Garden adds new broadcast locations every day. You can also favorite the stations that you might want to find again in the future. 

5. Shortwave Broadcast Schedules

Available for: and Apple

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Many of the best shortwave radio listening app options on the market today are popular because they help people to track broadcasts and find channels they want to add to their list. 

The Shortwave Broadcast Schedules app is a simple and convenient tool for any Shortwave listener to have in their tool-kit. The app constantly showcases the broadcast schedules of countless long-wave, shortwave, and medium-wave stations. 

There are more than 10 thousand locations to check out, so you won’t get bored any time soon. The app is also quite easy to use. You can search by target, country, language, and so much more. 

6. Shortwave Radio Schedules

Available for:

This shortwave radio app is similar to the Broadcast Schedules service above. However, this is an app exclusively for Android users. 

This app provides frequencies and schedules for shortwave radio throughout the globe. There’s a premium version available in the app store, which allows you to see the “now playing” stations that are active and online. 

You can also search by time, showing all the available stations that are going to appear at a particular hour. Remember, the stations that you can listen to through shortwave apps might differ according to the time of day. 

This Android app also comes with a handy note service where you can list information on your favorite frequencies and bands. 

7. HamSphere

Available for: Apple

Shortwave Radio App 5

If you’re using shortwave radio for broadcasting or connecting with other shortwave operators, then the HamSphere from Apple is a great tool to explore. This shortwave radio app for iPhone is a virtual radio transceiver that you can use on your phone. 

Once you install the content, you’ll be able to communicate with thousands of operators and enthusiasts around the world. You can also use HamSphere without a Ham radio license using a special call sign built into the software. 

HamSphere provides world-wide access to a wide selection of local and shortwave broadcasts. To make the most of this app, you’ll need a license. However, once you get your shortwave license you can effectively network with over 200 countries. 

Shortwave apps for radio enthusiasts

There aren’t as many shortwave radio app options on the market today as there are smartphone games and other tools. Although the apps that are available are great for anyone interested in SW and broadcasting. 

Shortwave apps give you the freedom to track down new channels and frequencies when you’re expanding your SW horizons. 

Some shortwave radio apps are excellent for finding call signals and tracking which countries are online and broadcasting at any given moment. Other apps let you tune into digital stations just by tapping a button on your phone. 

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This means that you could join the shortwave space without having to buy a new radio kit. 

Just remember that you will need a shortwave radio license to make the most out of many of these tools. Get your license before you start browsing to avoid any problems. 

It’s also worth connecting your app to a high-quality speaker, rather than relying on your smartphone’s audio. Get the most out of your listening experience with a powerful speaker like the Sonos 5 shelf speaker.

To learn more about shortwave radio or any other aspects of radio history, check out our other articles here at radio fidelity. Alternatively, why not check out some of the best handheld ham radios for your new hobby? 

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