Write About Your Favorite Hobby

do you love all things radio and broadcasting?

We want to talk.

a house with a huge antenna attached to it

1. Work from anywhere

Our team works remotely, and we are scattered about the United States. This is a perfect gig for anyone looking to work from their own home, RV, camper van, AirBnB, or anywhere else you like.

2. work whenever

You can work whenever you like! As long as you stick to guidelines and our content calendar schedule, when you write is totally up to you. This is perfect for working professionals, weekend warriors, night owls, or morning people.

Man with gray hair and a black shirt adjusting DAB radio reception on a wooden countertop

3. flexible work

We know you love your radio hobby, and that might take priority over anything else! We offer flexible work (time spent per week) for writing content and articles for us.

2. be a published author (if you want)

We want you to shine. If you love radios and broadcasting and are writing some great stuff, why not show it off to friends, family, or coworkers? You’ll have your own writer profile along with each article that goes live.

If you want to keep your privacy (we totally get it), you can become a ghostwriter too.

The main thing we’re looking for is experts in radio and broadcasting, with a real passion for the field.

Who We’re Looking For

a top down view of two hands on a laptop keyboard typing

You Love to write

Not only do you love writing, but you can do it well. You love researching new topics, and using your expertise to educate others.


a true radio / broadcasting hobbyist

You have real experience in the radio or broadcasting industry, or a real passion for it as you continue to learn.



You don’t have a problem sticking to a content calendar, and submitting content on time.


Sticking to the Plan

You are able to write with our instructions and guidelines in mind, and submit original, non-AI written, and quality work at all times.

Does this sound like you? if so, we’d love to chat?

email us at partner@radiofidelity.com (or click here) to tell us about yourself.

Include a bit about yourself. Including your experience and interest around radios, broadcasting, or anything else you feel is relevant to being a great writer with us. Give us an idea of what you’re looking for in terms of hours, weekly schedule availability, and what makes you a really great writer, among whatever else you’d like to include. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!