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Revo Radio: The brand that reignites the radio revolution

As the world of radio changes, Revo radio is committed to providing the best-quality sound for audiophiles.

The way we consume information and entertainment has evolved drastically in recent years. Today we have everything from the internet to streaming services that deliver content to mini computers in our pockets. 

As such, it would be easy to assume that “traditional” forms of entertainment were dying out.

However, millions of users still tune into their favourite shows and channels each week. While there are still plenty of opportunities out there for radio companies, you’ll need to do something special to stand out in this cluttered marketplace. 

Now that thousands of podcasts and stations are streaming online, how does a company make their standard radio device appeal to an age of internet users? The simple answer is to deliver more than just a radio – give your customers an experience. 

Revo Radio is a pioneering audio brand from Scotland. This unique company stays ahead of the competition by giving customers a blend of incredible technology and sensational vintage style. While Revo radios feature all of the nostalgic charm of a 1960s relic, they come with the power and performance of the latest musical innovation. 

Here’s your guide to Revo’s very own radio revolution.

How Revo started its radio revolution 

Even with a steady flow of new technologies to contend with in recent years, the humble radio has held onto its place in the home of any true audiophile.

For those committed to music and sound, there’s no other device that can compare to the company of a high-quality radio. For instance, Brits spent over 1 billion hours just listening to radio in the first half of 2018. 

Compared to many heritage radio companies like Ruark and Roberts, Revo is quite a new brand.

Revo Radio was founded in Lanarkshire in 2004 and is built on a foundation of quality and luxury. The company uses the most respected component suppliers in the audio industry to create their radios. As a result, their products are some of the most highly regarded in the world.

Colin Urie and David Baxter developed the idea for Revo Radio.

When the business first began, concepts like the Revo Internet radio were nothing but a far-off dream. The brand wasn’t necessarily interested in being the most innovative or pioneering on the market. Instead, from the small Scottish town of Lanark, Revo Radio wanted to build a heritage for specialist audio devices. 

Every Revo radio today is built with impeccable attention to detail. According to the brand’s website, while the devices might look old-fashioned, that’s just one part of their personality. Underneath those carefully crafted exteriors, you’ll find products driven by functionality and performance

Revo Radio might not be the biggest audio company in the world, but it has earned its place in radio history. 

By protecting its vision fiercely with each new product release, the Revo team has proven itself and the strength of its brand.

Revo Radio

From the Revo DAB radio to the Revo internet radio

Like many of the most impressive brands to make their way into British history, Revo radio has experienced plenty of ups and downs on the path to success.

However, unlike some of the other organizations on the market today, Revo has set itself apart with an almost consistent commitment to innovation. 

The only thing that’s truly “retro” about Revo radios is how they look. Go beyond that retro appearance, and you’ll find a radio company that’s just as committed to delivering the best that technology can offer as any brand like Google or Apple. 

Back in 2004, this desire to innovate began with the development of the world’s first add-on Revo DAB radio receiver. From there, Revo continued to expand its portfolio of unique offerings; it even explored the Revo DAB radio in-car system.

The car radio won the “Car Accessory of the Year” award on its arrival into the market from Auto Express. 

In 2006, the Pico portable DAB radio was introduced – the first non-automotive product delivered to markets globally.

The next year, Revo Radio followed up with a “Wi-Fi” enabled option, allowing the company to move in time with the transformation of the market and the progressive move to the internet. 

As the years passed by, countless Revo Radio reviews continued to praise the forward-thinking nature of the products created by the brand.

Revo wasn’t content with being just another radio brand with a unique vintage design. It wanted to go beyond the aesthetic appeal of its products and deliver value on a deeper level.

In 2009, the business even launched the world’s first touch-screen multi-format digital radio with its IKON model. Then, in 2013, the Revo Super Connect emerged as the first radio product to come with the new Spotify Connect feature. 

Though parts of Revo Radio’s brand identity have changed over the years, with a new character in 2013, the underlying mission of the company remains the same. Revo wants to deliver beautiful sound systems combined with the most innovative technology on the market.

Revo Radio even contends with some of the technology market leaders around the world today, appearing at events like the CES show in Las Vegas and collecting its own “Best of CES” award.

Revo Radio

What makes Revo Radio different?

There’s an unfortunate trend in the current marketplace. The majority of corporate brands seem to be more focused on delivering “quantity” than quality.

High-volume production means that everyone ends up with the same products. As human beings, the things that we purchase help to represent who we are and how we feel. We buy items for our homes, clothes, and various other things to convey our sense of self to the world. 

In a mass-produced world, it’s the products that do something unique that really speak to us on an emotional level. This is the effect of a sound system from Revo Radio. These devices don’t just deliver a sense of nostalgia with their unique vintage appeal. They connect to audiophiles in a timeless way. 

Revo Radio knows its audience, and it has built its identity around that knowledge. This company sells specifically to people with a passion for sound and design. After all, music might be the food of love, but it will always sit poorly on your palette if you deliver it through the wrong radio.

True connoisseurs don’t want any old electronic device to fill their life with bland sounds. They want a conversation piece that speaks to their visitors. 

The Revo Radio tells the people you know just as much about you as your family pictures and portraits.

Read any Revo Radio review, and you’ll hear the tale of a stylish, functional radio that immediately adds style and depth to a room. From their furniture-grade walnut casings to the soft shine of brushed aluminium, these radios speak to you with more than just words. 

Revo Radio has found the perfect balance between the past and the future to deliver a product that transcends any timeline.

Whether you want to splash out on a Revo Internet radio like the SuperConnect, or you want a basic Revo DAB radio, the result is the same—excellent quality audio delivered through a piece of stunning technology.

Revo Radio has created an incredible alternative to the mundane and uninspiring pieces of mass-produced plastic elsewhere on the market.

In Revo Radio’s opinion, people have been putting up with ugly electronics in search of better performance for too long. Revo’s radio revolution introduces us to an era where we never have to compromise between style and sustenance.

Revo Radio

Revo Radio: Still successful today?

Celebrating 15 incredible years on the market, Revo Radio remains a powerful UK brand. 

The Company’s passion for design, technology, and music informs all of its decisions. Each product blends the most significant design principles with the latest in digital technology. The result is a selection of products that push the boundaries of modern radio. 

Revo Radio’s commitment to its vision has helped the Company to earn multiple awards over the years. From the What Hi-Fi prestigious Product of the Year Award to the Best Buy Award from Which? Revo radio has proven itself time and time again over the years. 

Some of the company’s accomplishments include:

  • 2008: Revo won its first Red Dot Product Design award for the Pico product. This year, the company also won the Business Excellence Award from Scottish Enterprise. 
  • 2011: The Revo AXis radio became a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Scotland. Revo Radio’s presence in Scotland’s most prestigious museum highlights its success as a true heritage brand. Revo also won the Radio Product of the Year award from What Hi-Fi for the AXis this year.
  • 2012: During 2012, the AXis wins yet another radio product of the year award from What Hi-Fi. What’s more, the Revo K2 multi-format radio earned the brand’s fifth consecutive Red Dot Product design award. 
  • 2014: The Revo Internet radio, the “SuperConnect,” becomes the world’s most celebrated radio. Featuring a wide selection of 5-star reviews and a Red Dot Product award, SuperConnect also earned the What Hi-Fi award. You can now find the Revo SuperConnect, as well as other Revo Radio products in luxury hotels like the American Trade Hotel, the ACE Hotel LA, and the Epiphany Palo Alto. 

In 2018, Revo Radio continued to exhibit its commitment to a growing brand with the introduction of the Eames Radio. The Eames device was designed over 2 years of secret development before it made its debut in Paris. This phenomenal masterpiece of design and technology was initially conceived by Ray and Charles Eames in 1946. It was never produced until now. 

Revo Radio

Who Owns Revo Audio?

Revo Audio is owned by David Baxter and Colin Urie. The two founded the brand in 2004 in Lanark.

Baxter and Urie founded the Revo Radio with a focus on designing quality digital audio devices in line with the expectations of most audiophiles.

Since its founding, Revo Audio has undergone numerous advancements to remain relevant and at par with the changing world. This explains the incorporation of DAB+ tuners, wireless Bluetooth streaming, and internet radio.

The Top 5 products according to Revo Radio reviews 

Depending on how you feel about Britain right now, you may think that, as a country, we don’t contribute as much to the world as we once did. We don’t have the incredible furnishing designs of the Nordic countries. Nor do we have the fashion insight of European locations like France and Italy. However, it seems that there is one thing that our community can consistently do well – and that is deliver stunning household radios. 

From Roberts and Pure to Ruark and Revo Radios, there’s something for everyone in Britain’s fantastic radio portfolio. For an insight into what you can expect when you buy your own Revo Internet radio or DAB device, here are some of the most popular contenders on the market today. 

1. The Revo SuperCD

A testament to the impressive history of Revo DAB radio design, the SuperCD is an incredible radio and speaker that also connects to the internet. Capable of filling the largest room with rich and immersive sound, this compact radio is made for bigger things. Along with a high-resolution audio streaming system, you can expect everything from a CD player to a graphical OLED display to help you manage your music. 

Of course, like all the products produced by Revo Radio, the SuperCD also features phenomenal design features. The all-wood cabinet combined with steel fascia and anodized aluminium, delivers an incredible image for any room.

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the Revo SuperCD radio to help you make an informed decision:

Multi-format CD playbackAre on the higher end of price spectrum for radios
Access to a wide array of radio stations from near and farCompatibility issues with specific CD formats like those with burned and MP3 files
High-quality wireless Bluetooth streamingBluetooth limitations in terms of range
Access to DAB, DAB+, Wi-Fi internet radio, and FM with RDSSome users found these radios to be large and heavy

Revo Radio
Revo SuperCD - Walnut/Silver
31 Reviews
Revo SuperCD - Walnut/Silver
  • Dimensions: 33.5 X 20 X 18 Cm Or13.2 X 7.9 X 7 In
  • Weight: 9.8 Kg Or 21.6 Lbs
  • Display: 2.7 In Graphical Oled
  • Multiroom Undok: Multiroom Enabled With Connectivity For Up To 5 Devices
  • Connectors: 3.5Mm Headphone, Optical Out, Wired Lan, Usb Device Charging, Update Port, Aux-In And Stereo Rca Out

2. The Revo SuperSignal

Another testament to the combination of spectacular sound and amazing style, the SuperSignal is what Revo Radio calls a “compact companion.”

A slightly larger version of the “SuperConnect” system, the Signal is one of the most compelling all-in-one solutions. This device delivers the most detailed and clear audio you’ll find on the market. 

What’s more, if you read any Revo Radio review for the SuperSignal you’re sure to find comments about its beautifully minimalist appearance.

Designed for use in smaller rooms like studies and kitchens, the Signal also comes with convenient features like alarms and Bluetooth streaming. The OLED display is also a fantastic touch, combining a classy appearance with user-friendly design.

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the Revo SuperSignal radio:

It’s compact and easily portableIt’s costly
Twin digital alarms and touch-snooze features make it a suitable bedside companionCompatibility issues with some CD players
Connectivity to DAB and DAB+Sophisticated alarm functionality features
Wireless Bluetooth streamingRequires utmost care due to its wooden casing

Revo Radio

3. The Revo SuperSystem

The Revo Radio SuperSystem is an enhanced home stereo and radio system designed to support the age of digital music.

Designed to give users the perfect blend of classic style and next-generation technology, the Revo Radio SuperSystem is one of the most popular devices on the market, packed with award-winning technology and design. 

Commended as the radio product of the year by What Hi-Fi, the SuperSystem is the complete package when it comes to both sound quality and home design.

Behind the wonderfully well-crafted exterior, you’ll find tech that allows you to access up to 36,000 stations around the world. What’s more, the SuperSystem can also access DAB, FM, and Wi-Fi radio, too.

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the Revo SuperSystem radio:

A retro-styled exteriorIt’s less potable due to its larger size
A sonic performance for classical musicIt’s cumbersome for some users
Access to DAb/DAB+ tunerRequires extra care due to its wooden casing
Network Audio and WLAN technologyIts dual alarm system requires experience for effective use

Revo Radio

4. The Revo SuperConnect

Ever since Revo Radio began designing award-winning Radio from its location in Lanark, Central Scotland, it has been transforming the marketplace.

The SuperConnect is one of the critical devices in the Revo roadmap and a sign of how they changed the game forever. Though the device shares a similar look to the other products in the Super portfolio, it’s more than a pretty face.

Underneath American walnut and aluminium, you’ll discover unlimited listening opportunities, with connections for everything from WiFi to DAB+. The SuperConnect is even pre-loaded with the Spotify Connect feature. If you’re a premium member, you can simply link your radio and listen to endless songs from your favourite artist. Nothing else is necessary.

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the Revo SuperConnect:

It delivers over 36,000 radio stations globallyIt’s costly
High-sensitivity DAB/DAB+ tunerIt weighs 2.8 kilograms, making it heavy for some users
High-quality FM tuner with RDSCompatibility issues with some CD players
Music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and TIDALLess potable due to its large size

Revo Radio
Revo SuperConnect Multi Format Deluxe Table Radio
  • DAB, DAB+ and FM Tuner with RDS
  • Wi-Fi internet radio
  • Bluetooth wireless streaming with aptX technology
  • Spotify Connect Enabled for access to 20 million tracks
  • Digital alarm clock functionality with sleep and snooze

5. The Revo SuperConnect Stereo

The Revo SuperConnect Stereo is the upgraded SuperConnect version. It incorporates Revo’s retro-styled exterior with engineering philosophy and the company’s experience of over 20 years for the best quality.

Besides delivering over 36,000 radio stations, the SuperConnect Stereo version blends an array of next-generation functionality and features to remain at the top of the game.

The product’s combination of engineering philosophy and excellent raw materials creates unrivalled sound quality and hardware ideal for the modern world.

The product’s most unique feature is its ease of control for streaming services through a specifically designed Android and iOS app.

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the Revo SuperConnect Stereo radio:

Central control through an appA steep learning curve, especially when it comes to app control
Access to DAB/DAB+ and FM with RDSRequires experience for quality CD streaming via tablets and smartphones
WLAN technology and Bluetooth streamingRequires extra care due to its wooden casing

Sounds like success for Revo Radio 

There may be plenty of high-end radio companies on the market today. However, each brand brings something new and inspiring to the industry.

In the case of Revo Radio, the things that make this business stand out is a commitment to exceptional design and incredible innovation.

Revo Radio doesn’t just give you the vintage beauty that you’re looking for to finish off your living room. This is a company that’s committed to serving the audiophile of the digital era. 

As people continue to tune into the radio for information, entertainment, and enlightenment, they want to make sure that their radio suits them and their needs. Each Revo radio is an expression of personality and commitment to quality. That’s something that any consumer can appreciate. 

Whether it’s a Revo DAB radio with classic 60s style or an Internet-infused device that gives you access to the latest streaming services, Revo has you covered. 

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