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Radio Fidelity: For the love of radio

We created Radio Fidelity for anyone with an affection for the medium of radio. Whether you’re a hobbyist, listener, journalist or consumer, there will be something here to pique your interest.

Our story

While Radio Fidelity is an up-to-date publication, it’s firmly rooted in the past… 

As far back as the mid 70’s my own fascination with radio began when I acquired a battered Ferguson Radiostar. Top 40 countdowns on Sunday evenings became compulsive listening. 

And then, it happened… 

In 1979 Video Killed the Radio Star hit the airwaves and I’ve been hardwired to the wireless ever since.

These days, my radio of choice is a Revo SuperConnect. But, I’ll listen to just about anything – including radio apps on a smartphone.

Our team

As genuine enthusiasts we cover many topics and genres. From the history of radio to carefully researched articles, reviews, interviews and the latest industry insight.

The Radio Fidelity team comprises:

—Steve Harvey (enthusiast and writer)

—Will Baker (technology writer) 

And myself

—Stewart Hodgson (writer and editor)

We don’t have a fancy mission statement, but we do have a clear vision. To keep the medium of radio alive well into the 21st century.


Radio Fidelity is supported by affiliate commission from the sale of products mentioned on this website. 

This doesn’t mean that you pay more. But, it does mean that we can keep you tuned-in to the latest industry insight.  

We also allow advertisers to promote their products and services on this website. We do not assume responsibility for the accuracy of third-party websites.

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Stay connected!

We’re continually adding new content to Radio Fidelity. So, if you have a question, or would like to contribute, drop us a line.

Alternatively, sign-up to our mailing list and we’ll be in touch when we have something meaningful to say… 

Thanks for tuning-in!

Stewart Hodgson
Enthusiast, writer and editor