About Radio Fidelity

To speak of a love for radio in an era of instant downloads and streaming everything might seem at first glance to be a relic from another age.

After all, it was more than 40 years ago that The Buggles informed us that “Video Killed the Radio Star.” 

Well, here at Radio Fidelity we believe reports of radio’s demise were wildly premature. 

Far from being a zombie medium blindly roaming the earth, or the last stand of a wild-eyed tribe of Luddites who have yet to learn that the war ended long ago, radio is in fact alive and well.

All the evidence you need is a glance at the burgeoning product lines of numerous digital radio manufacturers, the thousands of radio apps and websites, and the millions of people who listen to radio in one form or another every single day, even in 2020, a full 40 years after radio supposedly went to meet its maker.

Whether you’re a casual listener, hobbyist, journalist or consumer, at Radio Fidelity we’ll bring you all the latest in news, products, and reviews.

Connected to history, with eyes to the future

Every member of our team thrives on the medium, and we use the same products and services we talk about in these pages. We’ll bring you stories about the history of radio, carefully researched articles, reviews, interviews and the latest industry insight. 

That’s because for each of us, a connection with and a love for radio is something that spans a lifetime.

I’m Stewart Hodgson, and for me, my history with radio goes back to my mid-1970s, to the ancient Ferguson Radiostar that I listened to without fail on Sunday evenings for the Top 40 countdown. 

These days, I’m into my Revo SuperConnect, a far cry from that battered plastic radio of my youth. Truth be told, I’ll listen to just about anything – smart phone apps, websites or full home systems.

But just because radio is still thriving doesn’t mean The Buggles were wrong, at least not entirely.

Radio saved the video star

Their hit song – a three-and-a-half minute, delightfully catchy, synthed-out and snarky New Wave call to arms – spoke to a new generation coming of age and demanding change. 

With their jangling and aggressive electronic sounds, their bright and wacky colors, their sharp angles and quick cuts, The Buggles and other New Wave artists nailed a musical list of theses to the door of the Church of Classic Rock, demanding reforms. 

They insisted on a clean break from the previous two decades of sweaty, tight-jeaned, hairy men singing in high voices, it’s true.

But in addition to seeking entirely new avenues for artists to explore and a new method for conveying art and culture and information, they mostly spoke of the New Wave generation’s desire to disrupt the tired, decayed systems of the past and seek new ways to innovate.

It may be counter-intuitive, but that innovation is where radio comes in – because none of this would have been possible without the groundwork that previous decades of radio listeners and creators put in.

Radio and innovation

Even at this late date, radio in many ways stands at the forefront of the best that human innovation has to offer. 

Think for a moment even further back than my 1970s Ferguson to the earliest days of radio: those massive cabinets around which families would gather of an evening for news, music, radio plays, and vital information in time of crisis. 

Then take another look at the variety and popularity of today’s modern home systems, portable radios, DAB+ radios and FM transmitters for auto or home. 

Think about the mind-boggling array of listening choices available: music, news, debate, entertainment, and podcasts cover every topic under the sun, deliverable in a huge variety of ways.

Being fans of modern radio as we are here at Radio Fidelity – far from being a tired hipster pose along the lines of  “Oh, I don’t even have a television” – is to realize that it’s the medium’s very flexibility and adaptability that make it such a mainstay.

At Radio Fidelity, we don’t think radio’s going anywhere anytime soon. And we will continue to celebrate it in all its varied, weird, wonderful, delightful glory. 

Stop by regularly to see the latest reviews and news, as well as insight into the latest inside industry developments and new products coming down the pipeline. We look forward to sharing our love of all things radio with you.

Happy Listening!