Roberts Chronoplus2 Review 1

Roberts Chronoplus2 review

Chronoplus 2 is the perfect bedside partner. With its large 1.4” LED display, you’ll be able to easily check the time day or night. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Compact, attractive design
Day and date readings
Automatic dimmer
Not many modern features
No bass or treble controls
Quite pricey



A bedside clock radio is one of the most important tools that you can invest in for your home. After all, we all have schedules that we need to stick to, and a clock radio can make doing that a lot easier – particularly when you pick something like the Roberts Chronoplus2 to wake you up.

Roberts Radio isn’t just one of the best-known and most popular companies in the UK for radio technology, it’s also one of the leading innovators in the market too.

Somehow, the company constantly delivers amazing sound-quality, radio connectivity and performance with each piece in its portfolio. What’s more, you get a device that actually looks good too – that’s easier said than done when it comes to choosing bedroom tech.

The Roberts Chronoplus2 radio is Roberts’ answer to everything you could need from a standard alarm clock/radio.

The clear display means you can check the time easily throughout the day or night, while the dual alarm function ensures that you can send reminders and alerts to suit your needs. There’s even an LED light to remind you what day it is.


Read through the rest of our Roberts Chronoplus2 review to find out more.

Roberts Chronoplus2 review: Design and build

Roberts radios are designed to sound great and look amazing. Just look at the vintage style on the Roberts Stream 94i, for instance, or check out the cool retro appeal of the Roberts Revival. It should be no surprise that the Chronoplus2 looks amazing too.

Sleek and simple, this little bedside clock is compact enough to fit easily on any side-table, no matter how small. You can even keep it on your bedroom windowsill if you need to.

The shiny black finish helps to convey a sophisticated and modern appearance, while the contrasting matt silver buttons make it easy to flip between radio stations, set your alarm, and more.

Perhaps the best design feature of the Roberts Chronoplus2 is the huge LED screen, which makes it easy to see what time it is at a glance. If you usually have blurry eyes when waking up in the morning like we do, you won’t have to squint to check that you’re getting up on time.

Next to the time display, there’s also a list of the days, with a little LED indicator next to each day. This shows you what day it is – if like us, the weekends up blending together after a while.

You also get that brag-worthy Roberts logo design in the centre of your radio’s faceplate, so everyone knows you’re a fan of quality.

Roberts Chronoplus2 Review 2
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Roberts Chronoplus2 review: Features

Roberts Radio designed the Chronoplus2 to be the ultimate bedside audio partner. It’s small, it’s simple, and it’ll wake you up each morning without fail, so you can hit the snooze button and wake up again five minutes later.

There’s a dual alarm feature, so you can set one alarm for yourself and one for the other half if you want to. What’s more, the summer and winter setting automatically accounts for things like daylight savings time, so you don’t have to.

Unlike your standard alarm clock, the Roberts Chronoplus2 radio gives you the option to wake up to your favourite station.

Flick the switch between the FM or MW wavelengths and scroll through stations with the tuning wheel – just like you would with a traditional radio set. You can also simply set a buzz alarm if you prefer something simple.

Features include:

  • Alarm on indicator so you know when your alarms are set
  • Snooze function (we know you love them)
  • Wake to radio or alarm option
  • Rotary tuning and volume system
  • Automatic summer/winter time adjustments
  • Weekday and weekend alarm options
  • 12-hour digital clock display
  • Day/date display
  • Adjustable sleep timer
  • AM indicator
  • Automatic instant time set
Roberts Chronoplus2 Review 3
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Roberts Chronoplus2 review: Performance

The great thing about buying a Roberts clock radio, is that you’re not just getting a basic alarm clock with radio functions built-in. Roberts really cares about the quality of the audio that they give to their customers, so you can rest assured that you’re going to get crystal-clear sound.

You might not get the exact same depth that you would with a premium product like the Roberts Revival, but the alarm radio function is clear, crisp, and brimming with quality.

What’s more, here at Radio Fidelity, we’re huge fans of anything that actually helps us to get up in the morning.

If, like most people, you struggle with getting out of bed, the Roberts Chronoplus2 will make your mornings a little easier with features like automatic summer/winter time, weekday and weekend options, dual alarm functionality, and even an auto-dimmer function so you don’t have to have a big blaring screen lighting up your room all night.

Roberts Chronoplus2 review: Verdict

Is this the most impressive bedside clock radio we’ve ever seen? Probably not. However, the Roberts Chronoplus2 is reliable, attractive, and easy to use – which are all huge positives in our book.

It’s not going to stream the latest podcasts straight from your phone, and it won’t give you access to DAB radio – at least not yet. However, if you’re looking for something simple to wake you up in the morning and look good doing it, you’ll like the Roberts Chronoplus2 radio.

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Roberts Chronoplus2 Review 1
The Roberts Chronoplus 2 has a huge number of handy functions to make waking up in the morning that little bit easier. These include: automatic instant time set, automatic summer/winter time, dual alarm with weekday and weekend options, plus an auto dimmer for when you turn in for the night.
Build quality
Compact and attractive design fits on any bedside table
Easy to use with a huge display for better viewing
Day and date readings
Automatic dimmer for when you're sleeping
Automatic winter and summertime adjustments
No particularly modern features like streaming
Not DAB compatible
Quite pricey for what it is
Where to buy

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