As genuine enthusiasts, we created Radio Fidelity for anyone with an affection for radio.

Steve Harvey

Advertising and Partnerships

With one foot firmly rooted in the past, Steve brings a sense of nostalgia to Radio Fidelity, while also keeping abreast of present-day opportunities.

Stewart Hodgson

Content Strategist

Assuming the role of Radio Fidelity’s content strategist and editor, Stewart is permanently tuned-in to latest industry insights, trends and technology.

a black and white picture of william baker

William Baker

Technology Director

As Radio Fidelity’s resident tech-head, Will enjoys nothing more than getting his hands on the latest radio kit and sharing his carefully considered verdict.

a black and white picture of erin shine smiling

Erin Shine

Content and Amateur Radio Enthusiast

When my grandfather would come to visit me as a kid, we used to sit in his RV and listen to the activity on his CB radio. His nickname for me was “Charlie” and asked me what my call sign would be. I told him it’s “Wide Receiver”, as a play on receiving radio signals and also for my dream of playing a wide receiver in football at the time.