The Best 16 DAB Radios You Can Buy Now for 2023

Buying a DAB radio is not just a matter of walking into the store and picking any–that’s a recipe for disappointment. Before buying, you must inspect the radio to ensure it meets your sound quality and broadcast needs.

Due to the many things to consider, I decided to make your work easier by compiling a list of the best DAB radios you can buy in 2023.

In the rest of this article, I’ll review the best 16 DAB radios you can buy now for 2023. I’ll go through the features of each radio, including the pros and cons, to make it easier for you to choose. Let’s dive in.

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1. Best Overall: i-box Epoca

The i-box Epoca is a versatile and stylish portable DAB radio that allows users to enjoy high-quality audio content on the go. Its compact and modern design combines aesthetics with functionality, making it one of the best DAB radios you will find on the market. 

This portable radio has DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) technology, ensuring crystal-clear reception and several radio stations.

The i-box Epoca offers various features that enhance user convenience. It includes a clear and easy-to-read LCD, allowing users to see station information and settings at a glance.

The radio comes with intuitive controls, including programmable presets for quick access to favorite stations and an alarm clock function. Its portable design allows for mobility with a built-in rechargeable battery or powering it using AC, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • High-quality audio without the static and interference often associated with traditional analog radios
  • Wide range of stations
  • Stylish design that can complement various decor styles
  • LCD display
  • Programmable presets for quick and easy access.
  • AC power option
  • User-friendly controls


  • The radio can be more expensive upfront than analog radios
  • Continuous use of the radio on battery power may lead to shorter battery life

2. Best Sound Quality: Philips Audio DAB+ Radio

We all agree that sound is king in radio streaming. You want to listen to crystal clear sounds without scratches that distort the lyrics. This is where the Philips Audio DAB+ radio comes in.

The Philips Audio DAB+ radio has two 2.75-inch broadband drivers facilitating crystal-clear stereo sound.

Stereo sound means you’ll hear even the tiny bits of rhythm in music. Moreover, the tonalities in any speech or broadcast will remain crystal clear.

The radio is also designed with a multi-pair Bluetooth that facilitates pairing with multiple devices.


● Crystal-clear sound output

● A sleek design ideal for places with limited spaces

● Internet-enabled

● Clear display for song titles and station information


● Tedious aerial connection process

● Only powered by corded electricity

3. Best Features: Roberts Revival RD70DG

Using your radio for different purposes besides listening to music and broadcasts is an added advantage. That’s why the Roberts Revival RD70DG DAB radio is worth considering. This feature-packed radio has it all.

First, it supports FM, DAB, DAB+, and Internet streaming for various broadcasts and music listening options.

Second, the radio features two alarm systems that let you wake up to an FM, DAB, or buzzer radio. If you have trouble waking up, this is an excellent feature–your favorite shows will do the magic to get you up.

Third, the radio allows up to 20 presets (10 FM and 10 DAB). This feature allows you to save your favorite stations for instant listening without conducting manual searches.


● Has a sleep timer

● Customizable LED display for easy readability

● A wide array of display themes like Ruby, Sapphire, and Pearl

● It supports Bluetooth and headphone (3.5mm stereo) connections


● The navigation buttons are many and can be challenging to master

● No streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, or Deezer

Roberts Revival RD70DG FM/DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio with Bluetooth - Dove Grey
  • Easy Bluetooth streaming - it's easy to stream music from your smartphone to your RD70, which can act as a beautifully styled speaker.
  • With built-in DAB+/DAB/FM radio and handy station presets you can access your favourite stations at the touch of a few buttons.
  • Save up to 10 DAB and 10 FM stations you've discovered, which means you can come back to them whenever you'd like. Headphone Socket:Yes (3.5mm Stereo),Auxiliary input socket for iPod/MP3 playback:Yes (3.5mm Stereo)
  • Style your Revival to your taste by customising the colour of your display. Choose from six display themes including Ruby, Pearl, and Sapphire
  • Hit the snooze button - with 2 alarms, you can choose to wake up to buzzer, DAB or FM radio. There's also a sleep timer which allows you to choose a customised duration

4. Mains and Battery-Operated: Philips Audio R5505

Some inconveniences, like power outages, are bound to happen and interrupt your broadcasts. To be safe, you need a battery and mains-powered radio to switch to battery use in case of a blackout.

The Philips Audio R5505 is designed to facilitate seamless listening even when there is no power. The radio features a long-lasting battery that will give you hours of listening to music and broadcasts.

Moreover, the radio is Bluetooth-enabled to stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks from any compatible device.


● Crystal-clear reception

● An easy-to-use kitchen timer

● Strong sound quality

● It supports DAB+ and FM


● Requires a separate recharger for rechargeable battery

● No headphone socket

5. Portable: Pure Evoke H3 Portable

If you’re like me, you like listening to your favorite tracks in the evening while strolling along the streets. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with a cumbersome and big DAB radio.

The Pure Evoke H3 Portable DAB Radio is sleek and lightweight, making it easily portable. It weighs only 0.94 kilograms (2.07 pounds).

The best part is that it has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 30 hours for uninterrupted music and broadcasts. Therefore, using the radio doesn’t always need a mains socket.

The radio’s compact design doesn’t compromise its performance. It supports Bluetooth and Internet streaming, connecting you to many radio stations.


● The rechargeable battery can last for up to 30 hours

● Supports DAB, DAB+, FM, and Internet streaming services

● Gorgeous design with a front-panel LED light display

● Compact size for portability and easy storage

● Supports kitchen timer, sleep timer, and radio tone alarm


● Requires frequent software updates

● Coded buttons require you to master what each code entails

● User-friendliness is not up to the mark because it requires some learning

6. Best Versatility: ByronStatics Portable DAB/FB Digital Radio

The ByronStatics Portable DAB/FM Digital Radio is a versatile and compact audio device designed to offer a high-quality listening experience with the convenience of portability. This portable radio seamlessly combines the traditional charm of FM reception with the modern capabilities of DAB.

The device typically features an easy-to-read display, making it user-friendly, and its programmable presets enable quick access to favorite stations.

The ByronStatics Portable DAB/FM Digital Radio offers a blend of classic design and advanced technology.


  • The radio offers access to diverse radio stations
  • Preset buttons allow users to save their favorite stations for quick and easy access
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for disposable batteries
  • Users can power the radio using an AC adapter when an electrical outlet is available
  • Intuitive controls make the radio accessible to many users.


  • Limited DAB coverage
  • Setting up and scanning for DAB stations may be involving 

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7. Best Sleep Timer: i-Star DAB Radio Portable

DAB Radio Not Picking Up Stations
Streaming audio is simple with the Roberts Rambler BT Stereo.

The i-Star DAB Radio Portable is a versatile and compact audio device that offers a seamless radio listening experience with portability at its core. It combines DAB technology with its FM radio reception, making it one of the best DAB radios. 

It allows you to power the radio with batteries and offers the flexibility to enjoy your favorite stations without relying on a fixed power source. The i-Star’s lightweight construction makes it the perfect travel companion. It has programmable presets for quick station access, enhancing its convenience. 


  • High-Quality Sound
  • Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry 
  • Easy-to-read LCD 
  • Programmable Presets
  • AC Power Option
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Enhanced Reception


  • Complex Setup 
  • Continuous use of battery power can lead to shorter battery life

8. Water-Resistant: JBL Tuner 2 Portable DAB Radio

The JBL Tuner 2 Portable DAB radio is IPX7 waterproof. With this feature, you can take the radio to listen in the bathroom or when doing laundry.

Moreover, this feature makes the radio suitable for places with high moisture content.


● High-quality signature JBL sound

● Long-lasting battery that offers up to 12 hours of music

● Large display for clear station and music details


● No clock display

● It’s a single-speaker radio

● It’s not excellent for bass

9. Simple Presets: Roberts Radio Play 10

Radio should be straightforward to use.

The Roberts Radio Play 10 comes with handy radio station presets that make selecting and saving favorite stations a breeze.

This feature enables you to access these stations at the touch of a button without searching manually every time you want to listen.


● Easy to use and navigate

● Clear and colored display for station and music information

● It’s portable because it weighs only 0.35 kg (0.77 lbs)


● It doesn’t have a digital clock

● DAB consumes more power, shortening the battery’s lifespan

10. Modern Technology: Siesta Radio

DAB Radio Not Picking Up Stations
The Siesta DAB radio has a Qi-certified wireless charging pad for charging mobile devices.

The Siesta Radio is one of the best DAB radios. It features modern technology that makes wireless smartphone charging possible.

The radio has a Qi-certified wireless charging pad on its top panel, making charging any compatible phone easy.

Alternatively, you can use the handy USB output for wired charging.

The radio is designed with a large edgeless CrystalVue+ LCD that allows viewing stations from multiple locations in the house. You don’t have to be closer to the radio to see the broadcasting station.


● Auto-dim feature to make the display fit your decor

● It supports DAB, DAB+, and FM broadcasting

● Bluetooth connectivity for streaming from compatible devices

● Multiple valuable features like alarm systems, timers, and headphone output


● Output sound quality is not to the bar

● Steep learning curve, especially for the wireless charging feature

11.  Best USB smartphone charging: Panasonic RC-D8EB-K Multi-Purpose Radio

The Panasonic RC-D8EB-K is a versatile and multifunctional radio that offers an array of features with a strong focus on DAB+ technology.

As a multi-purpose radio, it serves as a hub for various audio sources, providing access to digital radio stations with clear and interference-free DAB+ reception. 

The radio is easy to use and has an easy-to-read display. Its versatility extends to its built-in alarm clock and sleep timer functions.

The Panasonic RC-D8EB-K has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream music from their smart devices. 


  • The radio serves multiple purposes, including digital radio reception, an alarm clock, and a sleep timer
  • It includes an easy-to-read display
  • Intuitive controls and programmable presets
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compact design
  • Its DAB+ technology often provides better reception in areas with weaker analog signals
  • No manual frequency tuning
  • Extra connectivity options like aux-in and USB ports 


  • It is a multi-purpose radios with additional features like DAB+ technology and Bluetooth connectivity which makes it more expensive than basic analog radios.
  • The radio has many features and settings, potentially making the initial setup and configuration more complex for some users.
  • If not connected to an electrical outlet, continuous use of battery power may lead to shorter battery life, requiring more frequent recharging or battery replacement.
Panasonic RC-D8EB-K Multi-Purpose Radio with DAB+ and USB smartphone charging, Black
20 Reviews
Panasonic RC-D8EB-K Multi-Purpose Radio with DAB+ and USB smartphone charging, Black
  • DAB + Radio stations to a series of smartphones or tune music streaming; 5 cm Full-range speaker to produce high-quality sounds; intelligent functions integrate the internet with the full range of listening options to ensure "functions, DAB / DAB + and much more; USB smartphone charging need a quick charging required useful necessity; Dual alarm - Backlight / Timer Function LCD Display (Clock / Dual alarm of Uy
  • Panasonic

12. Minimalistic: Roberts Play20 DAB Radio

The Roberts Play20 DAB radio is your go-to option if you want something small to fit into your purse or bag. The radio measures 16.7L x 3.7W x 10.7H centimeters, small enough to take anywhere you go.

The radio supports 20 presets, meaning you can save up to 20 favorite stations for easy access.

Its ability to use battery power or mains supply is an excellent feature that makes it highly portable.


● It can use a battery or mains power supply

● It supports a full-color screen


● It can be challenging to differentiate the buttons because they are all black

● The DAB waveband drains the battery fast

Roberts Play20 DAB Radio - Black
  • Portable battery power or mains plug in
  • Full colour screen
  • 20 station presets
  • Headphone socket
  • Roberts DAB radio

13. Best for a Smart Home: Roberts STREAM94L Smart DAB Radio

DAB Radio Not Picking Up Stations
You can make your smart home smarter with the Roberts STREAM94L Smart DAB radio.

You may want a radio compatible with smart home devices. That’s where the Roberts STREAM94L Smart DAB Radio comes in handy.

The Wi-Fi-enabled radio connects with smart home devices like Deezer, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

An excellent feature of this radio is that it can be connected to your smartphone for remote control.


● It facilitates smart control from a smartphone

● It supports Internet, FM, and DAB+ radio

● Full-color screen that displays clear information


● It’s expensive

● It’s challenging to set up, especially for first-time users

14. Best Compact: Groov-e Venice DAB & FM Digital Radio

The Groov-e Venice DAB & FM Digital Radio seamlessly blends the classic charm of FM radio with the modern functionality of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting). This feature provides for clear sound and several stations. 

The radio looks stylish and has an easy-to-read LCD, making it easy to blend in kitchens, bedrooms, or any other room. It also has programmable presets and an alarm clock function.

With its portability and the option to power it using batteries or an AC adapter, the Groov-e Venice DAB & FM Digital Radio is suitable for home or on-the-go use.


  • High-quality sound
  • Thanks to the combination of FM and DAB reception, users can access a wide range of radio stations.
  • Compact and lightweight making it easy to carry and use
  • Battery-powered option
  • AC power option


  • The availability of DAB stations can be limited in some areas
  • Setting up the radio can sometimes be more complex than analog radios

15. Bass Radiator: Roberts Revival Petite Pop

A bass radiator in radios utilizes the enclosed sound pressures to create a resonance for deeper pitches like basslines. This is an added advantage for people who enjoy controlled bass listening.

The Roberts Revival Petite Pop DAB radio features a bass radiator for soothing bass output.

With this radio, you enjoy music and broadcasts with the type of bass you could otherwise get from a standalone speaker. Therefore, it saves you from buying a separate speaker.


● Excellent bass output

● It supports FM, DAB, and DAB+ radio

● 20 presets available

● A long-lasting battery that can last up to 20 hours


● Not suitable for loud music

16. Best Audio Output: Philips TAM2505 HiFi DAB + Radio

The Philips TAM2505 HiFi DAB+ Radio is a powerful and versatile audio system combining classic HiFi design and modern technology. This system comes with high-quality and crystal-clear digital audio reception while offering access to a wide range of radio stations. 

The Philips TAM2505 HiFi also has impressive HiFi sound quality, making it a compelling choice for audiophiles. It also includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream music wirelessly from their smart devices. 

The sleek and stylish design, intuitive controls, and user-friendly display add aesthetic appeal and convenience to the overall package.

This HiFi DAB+ Radio is a standout choice for those who appreciate a combination of high-fidelity sound and advanced digital radio technology, providing an exceptional listening experience.


  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Crystal-clear and interference-free digital audio reception
  • Efficient Bluetooth connectivity
  • Intuitive controls
  • A sleek and modern design
  • Customizable sound settings
  • Remote control convenience
  • Programmable presets
  • Is compatible with various devices


  • Slightly more expensive than basic radios
  • Is bulkier and heavier compared to smaller, more portable DAB radios
  • A more complex setup

How We Tested Our Best DAB Radios for 2023

At Radio Fidelity, we take our commitment to providing our readers with the most accurate and informative reviews seriously. 

With years of experience in the radio industry, our team of expert reviewers possesses a deep knowledge of the intricacies of radio technology. 

We believe that the only way to truly gauge the quality of a product is to put it through comprehensive and unbiased testing. Here is how we arrived at these best DAB radios for 2023: 

Setting Up From Scratch

To ensure our readers receive an authentic experience, our reviewers set up each DAB radio from scratch. This process allows us to explore the user-friendliness of the device, evaluate the quality of its included documentation, and assess the initial setup process. We believe that these processes are critical for the average consumer.

Thorough Examination of Key Features

Our testing process encompassed  a meticulous examination of key features that matter most to our readers. These features include:

  1. Audio output: We evaluated the audio quality of each DAB radio, considering factors such as sound clarity, bass, treble, and overall performance. Our goal was to identify the radios that deliver exceptional audio experiences.
  2. Bluetooth connectivity: In today’s interconnected world, Bluetooth connectivity is a must. We scrutinized the pairing process, the strength and stability of connections, and the ease of switching between different audio sources.
  3. Compatibility with other devices: We checked compatibility with a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other audio sources. Ensuring that the DAB radio works seamlessly with other equipment is vital for its versatility.
  4. Audio sources: We explored the range of audio sources supported by each radio, from traditional FM and DAB broadcasts to internet radio and streaming platforms. 
  5. Scanning for channels: An important aspect of DAB radios is their ability to scan for channels efficiently. Therefore, we assessed the scanning speed, accuracy, and the number of available channels.

A-B Comparisons

To find the best DAB radios for our readers, we didn’t stop at individual assessments. Our reviewers conducted A-B comparisons with other radios in the same range. This approach allowed us to identify nuances, strengths, and weaknesses that might not be apparent during standalone testing.

With this comprehensive testing methodology, you can trust that our DAB radio reviews are based on hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the products. 

We strive to be your go-to source for making informed decisions when choosing the perfect DAB radio for your needs.

Top Features Any DAB Radio Should Have

A good DAB radio should have features that collectively ensure an enhanced radio listening experience. These are the features that make a DAB radio a versatile and valuable addition to your audio setup. 

Here are some of the top features a good DAB radio should have:

  • DAB and DAB+ Compatibility: The radio should be capable of receiving both DAB and DAB+ signals to access a wide range of digital radio stations.
  • FM Reception: Besides digital reception, having FM capability ensures compatibility with traditional analog radio stations.
  • High-Quality Sound: DAB radios should provide clear and high-quality audio, free from static and interference often found in analog radios.
  • Programmable Presets: Preset buttons allow users to save their favorite stations for quick and easy access.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Intuitive controls make the radio accessible to many users, regardless of technical expertise.
  • Portable Design: A compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use indoors and outdoors.
  • AC Power Option: Users should be able to power the radio using an AC adapter when an electrical outlet is available, ensuring flexibility for indoor use.
  • Enhanced Reception: DAB radios often provide better reception in areas with weaker analog signals, improving reliability.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Many modern DAB radios have Bluetooth, allowing users to stream music wirelessly from their smart devices.

Final Thoughts

Due to its excellent streaming connectivity, the i-box Epoca tops our list of the best DAB radios to buy for 2023.

However, if you have a smart home, the Roberts STREAM94L will come in handy because it’s compatible with Amazon Music, Spotify, and Deezer.

Check out this article for the best DAB radios with Bluetooth. Bluetooth offers a simple and excellent way to stream audio on DAB radios.

You can also check out the best internet radios money can buy!

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