Best DAB Radios Under £100

The 10 best DAB radios under £100

Hunting for the best DAB radios under £100 can be challenging. If you’re limited on budget, it might feel like you need to choose between price and performance. Fortunately, we’re here to show you that you can still get a great DAB radio under £100.

With technology in the digital audio broadcasting industry growing more affordable, the best digital radios under £100 are becoming increasingly impressive.

These top-rated radios aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they’re not the most expensive either. We’ve chosen our list of the top digital radios under £100 based on their ability to offer the highest selection of sought-after features for the lowest price.

Here are the best DAB radios under £100 available today.

Explore each option in more detail below.

How the Radio Fidelity Team Tests DAB Radios

Here at Radio Fidelity, we want to ensure you get the best of the best when it comes to DAB radios under £100. We want to ensure that the radios we recommend guarantee value for your money. 

So, how do we test these radios?

  • Ease of use: Our reviewers check to ensure the radios we recommend are as user-friendly as possible. We assess how easy it is to set alarms, adjust the volume, browse radio stations, and navigate menus. Our focus is ensuring these processes are as intuitive as possible.
  • Versatility: We understand that our readers have different expectations when it comes to DAB radios. While some are FM enthusiasts, others want a blend of FM and AM. Therefore, we check the radios to ensure users can seamlessly switch between AM and FM stations.
  • Sound quality: We inspect each radio for music and spoken content performance across various genres. Our reviewers, with a deep understanding of sound quality, then determines the best-performing products based on these considerations.
  • Market context and comparison: We conduct thorough comparisons of the radios we test against similarly priced rivals. This side-by-side evaluation ensures that when we recommend a given radio, it truly stands out in its price range.
Best DAB Radios Under £100

1. Pure Evoke H3 Portable Digital Radio

Here at Radio Fidelity, we are great fans of the Pure Radio Brand. We have reviewed some Pure products like Siesta Mi Series 2 and Siesta S6, among others, and we can guarantee that these are some of the best radios today.

Available for just under £90, the Pure Evoke H3 Portable Digital Radio (link to Amazon) is one of the best DAB radios under £100 for a good reason. It features a compact design and combines DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuners. Therefore, you get a wide variety of radio stations to listen to.

The radio’s Bluetooth connectivity means you can wirelessly stream your music from mobile devices, making it perfect for any home, kitchen, or office.

Additionally, the Pure Evoke H3 Portable Digital Radio features an AUX-in port and a headphone jack for private listening when you don’t want to disturb others.

The best part is that this radio is Digital Tick-approved. As a result, you can be confident of its future-proof design.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Up to 40 station presets
  • Compact and sleek design
  • DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuners
  • AUX-in port
  • Digital Tick-approved for future-proofing

It’s worth mentioning that this radio is highly portable. Besides its compact design, it comes with an optional ChargePAK B1 for up to 30 hours of playback on the go.


  • Portable and compact design
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy streaming
  • Digital Tick-approved for future digital switchover
  • Wide variety of radio stations to choose from
  • 3-year warranty
  • Dual alarm clocks for time management
  • Natural sounding audio
  • Real wooden casing for excellent sound quality


  • Some users have reported issues with the charging port
  • It doesn’t come with a remote control
Best DAB Radios Under £100

2. Groove-e Venice DAB Radio

Although Groove-e is not the most well-known DAB brand in radio history, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out if you’re looking for the top digital radio under £100.

The Groove-e Venice (link to Amazon) is an elegant DAB and FM radio with a built-in alarm clock, stereo speakers, and an impressive blue LCD display.

The radio’s auto-scan and manual tuning capability means you can easily find and preset your favourite stations. Plus, the alarm function allows you to wake up to either a buzzer or radio station of your choice.

Available for just under £26 on Amazon, this is one of the best budget DAB radios under £100 that doesn’t compromise on quality or features.

Its handy LCD with a blue background will make sure that you’re aware of the radio station you’re tuned into. The best part is that you can dim, brighten, or turn off the display based on your preference.


  • DAB+ and FM radio tuners
  • 20 station presets
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Battery-powered
  • Blue LCD display with dimmable options
  • Built-in alarm clock with buzzer or radio option
  • Auto-scan and manual tuning capability
  • Compact and portable design


  • Affordable price for budget-conscious buyers
  • Stylish and sleek design with a blue LCD display
  • Dual alarm clock for time management
  • Good sound quality and volume range
  • Portable and battery-powered option (4 AA batteries)


  • Some users have reported poor radio signal in some areas
  • It doesn’t come with batteries, so you’ll need to purchase them separately for portability
Best DAB Radios Under £100

3. Pure Siesta S6 Bluetooth Radio

Going back to our Pure friend, the Pure Siesta S6 Bluetooth Radio (link to Amazon) is another excellent option that offers a perfect balance between price and performance.

Termed as the best radio alarm clock, the Pure Siesta S6 features DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuners, a Bluetooth connection, and a USB charging port for your mobile devices.

But that’s not all. This radio has a CrystalVue display with auto-dimming capability—it matches lighting conditions to ensure the best view of time. The auto-dimming feature also reduces unwanted light for a peaceful sleep.

The good thing is that you can stream your favourite internet radio, music, or podcasts from your smartphone or tablet by connecting to Bluetooth.

Available for just under £90, this is one of our top picks for the best DAB radio under £100. It’s stylish, functional, and offers excellent sound quality that will make your listening experience enjoyable.


  • CrystalVue display with auto-dimming feature
  • DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuners
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charging port
  • Dual alarm clock
  • Mains power source

Need I say more? The radio’s multiple alarms capability allows you to set up to four independent alarms. Plus, you can choose to wake up to a tone or your favourite radio station.


  • The best view of time due to the CrystalVue display
  • Uninterrupted sleep as the LCD screen dims automatically
  • Wide range of alarm options and multiple alarms capability
  • USB charging port and Bluetooth connectivity for convenience
  • 40 station presets for easy navigation


Best DAB Radios Under £100

4. Roberts Radio Play 10

Roberts is another popular radio brand here at Radio Fidelity. This brand has a proven track record of making quality and stylish radios. The Roberts Radio Play 10 (link to Amazon) is no exception.

Since we have reviewed countless Roberts radios, including the award-winning Revival RD70 and ZoomBox 3, we can confidently say that the Play 10 is one of their best budget DAB radios under £100.

This DAB/DAB+ and FM radio packs a punch with its compact design, excellent sound quality, and favourite presets for easy navigation. 

It also comes with a headphone jack, so you can enjoy your favourite tunes without disturbing others.

The radio is highly portable thanks to its combination of a sleek design and multiple power sources. Besides using mains power, the radio is also battery-powered. Therefore, you can take it with you on your travels or use it in areas without electricity.

Available for just under £45, the Roberts Radio Play 10 offers incredible value for money.


  • DAB/DAB+ and FM stations
  • Headphone jack
  • Mains powered and battery-powered options (4 AA batteries)
  • Compact design with easy-to-use buttons

But what makes this radio stand out is its backlit 8-character starburst display. This display not only looks cool but also makes searching for your favourite radio station or music tracks a breeze.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Lightweight; it weighs only 0.35 kg
  • Excellent sound quality for its size
  • Easy-to-use buttons with a backlit display
  • Multiple power sources for convenience
  • FM/DAB presets for easy navigation


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
Best DAB Radios Under £100

5. PHILIPS Audio R5505/10

Philips is another household name in the electronics world, and their audio products are no exception.

The PHILIPS Audio R5505/10 (link to Amazon) is a sleek and stylish DAB radio that offers a crystal clear reception and up to 20 station presets to avoid long searches.

If you’re a cuisine connoisseur, you’ll love this radio’s cooking timer feature—it lets you set the desired cooking time and alerts you when it’s done. Plus, with its Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream your favourite music or podcasts from your smartphone or tablet while waiting for your cake to be ready.

During our review, we enjoyed the fact that Philips Audio R5505/10 is lightweight due to its wooden casing. Therefore, besides its compact nature, its lightweight design makes it more portable.

For slightly under £59, get this radio to enjoy the following:


  • DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuners
  • 3-inch broadband speaker Driver
  • Mains or battery power
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Kitchen timers with alerts
  • Wooden casing for a stylish look

That said, it is worth mentioning that this radio is highly user-friendly. The built-in buttons are easy to use and offer features like tone control, sleep timer, and alarm functions.


  • Clear reception and excellent sound quality
  • Easy-to-use buttons with multiple features
  • Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music or podcasts
  • Highly portable due to its compact design and wooden casing
  • Multiple power options (AC mains and batteries) for convenience


  • No headphone jack
  • Not the most durable radio on this list  (but it’s still a great value for its price)
Best DAB Radios Under £100

6. Roberts BlutuneT2 Portable

Another excellent option for the best digital radios under £100 from the master craftspeople at Roberts. This highly compact and portable DAB radio comes with everything you need for music and podcasts on the go. There’s even a carry handle to make transport easier.

With the Roberts BlutuneT2 (link to Amazon), you can either connect to the radio system of your choice or stream music and content directly from your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity.

There’s an auxiliary input socket, so you can plug in your MP3 or iPod, and Roberts has built 2 alarms into the system, too. 

You can even choose whether you want to wake up to a standard alarm buzzer or your favourite radio station. 

Despite being small in size, the Roberts BlutuneT2 is also very attractive, with an impressive wood finish for that extra vintage touch.


  • Compact and attractive design 
  • Two alarms with adjustable alerts
  • Portable with carry handle
  • DAB, DAB+ and FM wavebands
  • 60 station presets available
  • Bluetooth speaker streaming
  • Support for connections to your iPod or MP3

Featuring amazing Roberts audio quality and all the high-quality materials you would expect from a brand with such a long-standing heritage in Britain, this product is sure to blow you away. 

We think it’s one of the most underrated options when it comes to the best DAB radios under £100.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and super portable
  • Clear and sharp sound
  • Two-alarm modes and sleep function
  • Play music through a range of connections


  • Bluetooth can be a pain to set up
  • Screen can’t be dimmed much for bedside use
Best DAB Radios Under £100

`7. I-Box Portable DAB Radio`

The I-Box Portable DAB Radio (link to Amazon) is among the best DAB radios due to its stylish and easy-to-use design

Available for just under £32, this radio is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a modern and functional DAB radio without breaking their budget.

One of its standout features is its 2,200mAh lithium-ion battery that guarantees up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge. This makes the radio perfect for use around the home or on the move.

Additionally, if you’re a hiking fanatic or enjoy listening to radio while travelling, the I-Box has a compact design and comes with a convenient carry strap for easy transportation.

With DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuners, you can enjoy a wide range of stations with crystal-clear reception.

What’s more, this radio comes with 60 (30 FM and 30 DAB) station presets, making it easy to find your favourite radio stations. Its 5 easy-to-access preset buttons add to the user-friendly experience.


  • DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuners
  • 60 station presets (30 FM/30 DAB)
  • Mains or battery-powered (2,200mAh lithium-ion battery)
  • Compact design with carry strap for portability
  • High-quality sound output
  • Automatic scan
  • Large LCD display
  • Headphone jack
  • Sleep timers

Made in the UK, the I-Box Portable DAB radio comes with a 3-year warranty and an easy return policy. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this budget-friendly DAB radio today!


  • High portability due to its stylish and compact design with a carry strap
  • Long battery life (up to 15 hours)
  • A convenient sleep timer that switches off the radio for a peaceful sleep
  • Large LCD display with easy-to-use buttons
  • Multiple power options (AC mains and batteries) for convenience
  • Private listening through headphones
  • Excellent audio output from Spectrum radio speakers


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • The automatic scan function can sometimes be slow
Best DAB Radios Under £100

8. Pure ELAN Connect+

We live in an internet era where most of us rely on streaming services for our entertainment fixes. Think of music streaming services like Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, and Apple Music or podcasts and radio services like BBC iPlayer.

Unfortunately, you can’t access these online streaming services on traditional DAB radios. You need an internet radio, and this is where Pure ELAN Connect+ comes in handy.

The Pure ELAN Connect+ (link to Amazon) is Wi-Fi-enabled and will allow you to access thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts worldwide.

This is the perfect DAB radio for anyone who loves streaming music but still enjoys listening to traditional radio stations. With its easy-to-use buttons, you can switch between DAB/DAB+, FM, and internet radio without much hassle.

Moreover, this radio comes with a large TFT display that shows album artwork and detailed track information for music streaming services.

You’ll also love the fact that it has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet.

For under £75, the Pure ELAN Connect+ comes packed with convenient features and is a must-have for any tech-savvy individual.


  • Wi-Fi-enabled
  • DAB/DAB+, FM, and internet radio tuners
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • TFT display
  • Compact design
  • USB connectivity
  • Preset buttons support
  • Mains and battery-powered

Weighing only 0.839 kilograms, this radio is highly portable and perfect for taking with you on trips or simply moving around the house. Plus, its sleek charcoal design will fit in seamlessly with any home decor.


  • Access to thousands of internet radio stations and podcasts
  • Large TFT display for music streaming services
  • Latest Bluetooth technology for seamless music streaming
  • High portability due to its lightweight nature and compact design
  • User-friendly buttons with preset support


  • No headphone jack for private listening
  • The battery life could be longer
Best DAB Radios Under £100

9. Sony XDR-C1DBP

Sony is a pretty reliable go-to brand when it comes to radio technology. 

The Sony XDR-S41D, for instance, is a fantastic portable radio for today’s music and podcast lover. 

The XDR-C1DBP is another contender from the XDR series that’s worth checking out, particularly if you’re looking for the best DAB radio for under £100.

With a compact cube shape, this radio will fit well in virtually any room of the home. What’s more, it’s lightweight enough to be portable too.

Along with DAB connectivity, the Sony XDR-C1DBP (link to Amazon) also comes with an FM and DAB+ tuner. 

There’s a dual alarm function built-in and a USB port for smartphone charging when you don’t have dozens of outlets around your bed. 

Although the Sony device isn’t the most attractive option on this list, it’s not particularly ugly either, and it definitely gets the job done.


  • DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Dual alarm functionality
  • A USB port for smartphone charging
  • LCD display
  • Dimmable clock

If you’re looking for a radio combined with an alarm clock that you can take virtually anywhere, the Sony XDR-C1DBP is a great choice – particularly since it only costs around £85. 

The sound quality is more than acceptable, which is just what you would expect from Sony. It might not be amongst the very best DAB radios under £100, but it’s certainly not a bad choice.


  • Great sound quality
  • Range of tuner options
  • Portable and compact design
  • A USB port for charging


  • Not the most attractive option on the market
  • No Wi-Fi or internet connection
Best DAB Radios Under £100

10. Roberts Radio Play 20

Last but not least, the final item on our list for the top digital radio under £100 is the Roberts Radio Play 20 (link to Amazon) from Roberts.

Similar to some of the other mid-range radios from Roberts, the Play 20 comes with a variety of listening options, including DAB and FM.

There’s also a built-in battery charger and a full-colour screen. It also supports 20 station presets.

The fact that the radio is both mains and battery-powered means you can enjoy your favourite stations from anywhere, whether you’re at home or in the great outdoors.

Moreover, it has a headphone jack for private listening and an aux-in port for connecting external devices such as MP3 players.

For under £80, get this radio to enjoy the following:


  • DAB/DAB+, FM radio tuners
  • 20 station presets
  • Full-colour screen
  • Analog listening
  • Headphone socket

It’s worth noting that the radio is equipped with a rubber bumper, making it ideal for listening out and about. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply taking a stroll through the park, you can bring your Roberts Radio Play 20 with you.


  • Multiple listening options (DAB and FM)
  • Easy navigation through its full-colour screen for 
  • Versatile listening through the headphone jack
  • Battery charger included
  • Rubber bumper for protection during outdoor use


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Choosing the Best DAB Radios Under £100

The best DAB radio under £100 can be one of the best purchases you make as an audiophile. Even in a world of smartphones, the best digital radios still deliver an unbeatable experience.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable way to tune into your favourite podcasts when you’re in the kitchen or you want a product that offers excellent portable sound, there’s sure to be a DAB radio out there for you.

As more of the UK’s leading brands continue to design and deliver affordable and budget-friendly versions of their top-selling products, it’s easier than ever to find a top digital radio under £100. 

The ten products outlined above all have their own unique benefits to offer. Some of the items we’ve covered are enticing because of their stunning design, while others offer a wider range of connectivity options, so you’re never limited in choice.

These days, anyone can find an affordable radio that suits their needs without having to compromise on performance. 

What’s your favourite DAB radio under £100, and have we covered it in today’s list? If not, let us know in the comments below, and we might just check out your radio for our next review!

For more budget DAB radios, you can check out your options for under £50! We also recommend the Best DAB Car Radio Adapter that money can buy.

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