Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 Review 1

Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 review

The pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is a compact radio alarm clock. It’s a cost-effective, neat package from an established manufacturer. But, is it any good? Let’s find out…
Sleek and compact design
DAB and FM radio options
Scrolling text screen
No Bluetooth streaming
No bass or treble controls
Screen not dimmable


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How does the average morning start for you? Here at Radio Fidelity, we prefer to begin our day listening to our favourite radio stations with the help of the perfect DAB clock radio

After all, as studies continue to reveal just how dangerous it can be to take your smartphone into your bedroom each night, many people are beginning to switch their smartphone alarm out for a radio clock instead. 

If you’re looking for something simple, reliable, but packed full of great features to help you start your day – we could have just the thing.

The Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 DAB+/FM alarm clock radio is one of the most appealing options from the Pure Siesta line.

Check out our complete review below for everything you need to know about this compelling piece of kit.

Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 review: Design and build

Let’s start our insight into the Siesta Mi Series 2 the way that we always do – with a look at the design and style of this clock radio.

The “Series 2” title should be a hint that this Siesta Mi is an updated version of a previous solution from Pure that isn’t available anymore.

Compared to the previous Mi, the newest product comes with an updated display, a wider selection of settings, and a slightly enhanced appearance. The Pure Siesta Mi DAB clock radio series 2 is a lot more sleek and stylish than its predecessor.

We particularly like the slight angle of the front display, which makes the whole system seem more modern.

Available in both black and white, the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 DAB radio comes with a clear display featuring the time, and insights into things like connectivity options.

There are also automatic clock updates built-in, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to change your display at daylight savings time.

Another great thing about the design of this DAB radio is that the buttons are large, tactile, and easy to use. We always like that feature on a clock radio, as no-one wants to have to fumble with small buttons when they’re waking up in the morning.

Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 Review 2
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Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 review: Features

Feature-wise, the Siesta Mi Series 2 is far from the most advanced product that Pure has to offer. Compare this item to the Pure Chronos, for instance, and you’ll see that various functionality options are missing.

However, you do get everything you need for a digital radio – which is what the Mi Series was intended to offer.

There are 2 alarms that you can set for different times depending on your personal schedule, as well as sleep and snooze timers available – making this a great bedside companion.

Additionally, the large display automatically adjusts to suit the light-levels in your room – or you can just dim the screen completely if you don’t want to be distracted.

Available for just under £40, features include:

  • Enhanced LCD screen with automatic brightness control
  • FM, DAB, and DAB+ radio connectivity
  • Multiple alarm settings with radio or beeper options
  • Sleep and snooze timers
  • Automatic clock updates
  • Digital tick approved performance
  • 16 station presets
  • 3 years of warranty

If you’re new to the idea of having your own DAB alarm clock and radio, then the Siesta Mi Series 2 is likely to be a good choice. This device is simple, immersive, and easy-to-use, even for beginners.

We did miss the option to stream Bluetooth, however, and would have preferred to have a headphone output included.

Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 Review 3
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Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 review: Performance

As one of the more basic options in the Pure Siesta line, the Pure Siesta Mi DAB clock radio is an easy-to-use device that’s great for those who are ready to go digital.

Despite a compact size, it comes with a clear and easy-to-read display, as well as tactile buttons that you’ll have no trouble finding when you’re half-asleep at night.

The alarms are easy enough to set, and you’ll be able to scroll through channels easily when you’re searching for the content that you want.

Additionally, although there are DAB clock radios out there with more preset options, 16 choices will be more than enough for the casual listener.

In terms of audio quality, the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 DAB+/FM alarm clock radio delivers a surprisingly powerful level of sound.

The punchy audio quality is great for bedside listening, although you won’t get the same depth or adjustability that you would get from something like the Pure Avalon N5.

Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 review: Verdict

If you’re looking for a simple device to add to your bedside table, and you don’t mind missing out on things like a headphone jack, remote control, or Bluetooth streaming, then this could be the product for you.

While it’s lacking a lot of modern features for the average listener, the Siesta Mi Series 2 will be the perfect solution for someone who doesn’t want a lot of bells and whistles with their DAB alarm clock.

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Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 Review 1
Overall, we think that the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is a useful and intuitive alarm clock and radio. It’s easy to use, reliable, and it gets the job done.
Build quality
Sleek and compact design
Digital DAB and FM radio options
16 presets to choose from
Multiple alarm choices
Sleep and snooze timers
Auto-dimming display
High-quality sound
Scrolling text screen
Automatic clock updates
3 year warranty
No bass or treble controls
No Bluetooth streaming
No headphone our aux output
No remote control
Limited volume
Could have more presets
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