Pure Siesta S6 Review 1

Pure Siesta S6 review

The Pure Siesta S6 digital radio alarm clock is more than just a premium bedside radio, featuring auto-dimming display that shows the time, radio station and song information, whilst avoiding unwanted light at night. But, is it worth your money? Let’s find…
Backlit controls for easy use
Impressive audio
Textured snooze button
More pricier in the Pure line
Set up is a bit difficult
No EQ settings



Some days, it’s hard to wake up with the right attitude. 

Those early morning Mondays, when you’re heading to work in the winter can be a nightmare. 

With the right alarm clock radio to get you moving, however, you can get up on the right side of the bed. 

A bedside radio and clock is more than just a tool that you can use to listen to music when you’re falling asleep at night or a device that keeps you ticking along according to your schedule.

The right DAB alarm clock can also give you a daily dose of inspiration and motivation.

Pure, one of the UK’s most popular radio brands, offers a range of stylish and modern bedside radios in the form of the Siesta range.

We’ve already checked out a number of products from the Siesta lineup, including the flagship Siesta Rise, the Siesta Charge, and the Home.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the Pure Siesta S6.

Let’s get started.

Pure Siesta S6 review: Design and build

Though some people refer to the Siesta S6 as the Pure Siesta Rise S6, there’s actually no “Rise” included in the title. That might be a little confusing, particularly when you see how similar in style the S6 is to the flagship Siesta product.

Like the S2 from Pure, the S6 comes in only two colours: Polar and Graphite (Black or White). Additionally, this device has a few different features compared to the Rise.

For instance, you can stream content directly to your alarm with your phone using Bluetooth with the S6. Bluetooth isn’t available on the Rise unless you pay for the “S” model.

However, from an aesthetic perspective, there isn’t much difference between the S6 and the Rise. Most of the products in the Siesta line look very similar.

The Pure Siesta S6 comes with the CrystalVue display that is present on all Pure DAB alarm clocks. The display can dim automatically at night to give you a distraction-free sleep.

It also ensures that you can easily see the time from any angle.

Additionally, the Siesta S6 comes with the powerful custom-made speaker in the rear for when you want your music to fill your bedroom. You can also choose to listen via headphones if you prefer.

As well as a headphone jack, the Pure Siesta S6 also comes with a USB port so you can charge your smartphone without taking up an extra outlet.

Pure Siesta S6 Review 2
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Pure Siesta S6 review: Features

The features of the Pure Siesta S6 are just as impressive as it’s stunning appearance.

This stylish and sophisticated DAB and DAB+ clock radio shares many of the same capabilities as the Pure Rise S, including Bluetooth streaming, USB charging, and multiple alarm clocks.

For those who like to listen to music as they drift off to sleep each night, there are various handy extras included.

For example, as well as an automatically dimming display, you can also use the built-in sleep timer to put your radio into standby mode after a certain length of time.

Convenient, intuitive, and easy to use, the Pure Siesta S6 also comes with a selection of 40 preset station options to choose from. That means that you’ll be able to save a lot more channels onto your Pure S6 than many of the other products in the Siesta range.

For around £125, you can access features like:

  • DAB, DAB+ and FM radio
  • Multiple alarm options
  • 40 station presets
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • CrystalVue automatically dimming display
  • Headphone-out jack
  • USB power port
  • Sleep timers
  • Siesta button 
  • Impressive 2.5-inch speaker
  • Sensitive snooze button
  • Back-lit buttons
  • Digital amplifier

One particularly compelling aspect of the Pure Siesta Rise S6 for people in search of the ultimate alarm clock radio, is the unique “Siesta” button included alongside the sensitive, textured snooze button.

The Siesta button is an intuitive feature designed by Pure to let users take a brief nap without having to set up a full alarm.

You can press Siesta once to set the alarm for a power nap lasting anywhere between 5 minutes and 90 minutes.

If you’re exhausted after a long night – you’re going to love this feature. You can decide exactly how much you want to sleep without setting an alarm.

Pure Siesta S6 Review 3
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Pure Siesta S6 review: Performance

When it comes to performance, the Pure Siesta S6 offers a fantastic combination of simplicity and sound quality. Tools like the Siesta button for your quick naps make the Siesta S6 more than just a standard alarm clock.

At the same time, the USB charging port on the radio ensures that you can easily plug your phone in for a quick charge without having to find an outlet.

The CrystalVue display makes searching through radio information easy, and you can set the brightness of your screen at any time to suit you. Also, the user-friendly back-lit buttons mean that you can find the controls you need, even at night.

Don’t worry, the buttons dim when you’re not using them.

Offering everything from Bluetooth connectivity to multiple alarms, the Siesta S6 is a great piece of kit.

What’s more, the 2.5-inch speaker with a digital amplifier built-in means that you get excellent sound quality, even with a product as small as the S6.

You can also enjoy smooth listening through the headphone output too.

Pure Siesta S6 review: Verdict

The S6 is one of the more expensive options in the Pure Siesta DAB alarm clock lineup.

However, it also comes with a wider range of features, including the unique Siesta button, the Bluetooth connectivity to play your own content, and USB charging.

If you’re looking for a modern alarm clock that can deliver excellent sound quality, sensational style, and convenient user experience, then the Pure Siesta S6 could be it.

You may need to pay a little more to get your hands on this device – but we think it might be worth the cost.

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Pure Siesta S6 Review 1
The Siesta S6 boasts fantastic audio, using a 2.5 Inch full range speaker powered by a digital amplifier to deliver impressive audio performance from a compact clock radio. Bass and treble controls can also be customised for an optimal listening experience.
Build quality
Backlit controls for easy use
Impressive audio with digital amplifier
USB charging included
CrystalVue display with automatic dimming
Siesta button for napping
Textured snooze button
Bluetooth streaming
Easy-to-use experience
DAB access for multiple stations
3-year warranty
More expensive than some products in the Siesta line
Can take a little getting used to when setting up
No EQ settings
Where to buy

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