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No Problem in Houston: Your Best 8 Radio Stations for Music

If you’ve ever been stuck in Houston rush-hour traffic, you know how a good radio station can make the experience feel more like a break than an inconvenience.

Instead of getting grouchy and letting the frustration mount, why not bop your head and sing along to your favorite jams?

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best radio stations you should tune into so you won’t have to go through the hassle of endlessly turning the dial to find the perfect soundtrack.

Whether you want to listen to the latest chart-toppers or the classics, you’ll find a radio station for your music taste here, so keep reading.

Your Best 8 Radio Stations in Houston for Music

We recommend these 8 radio stations to fill your drives, breaks, or working time with good music and a bit of banter.

1. Sunny 99.1

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Sunny 99.1 or KODA broadcasts adult contemporary tunes in Houston.

If you like to start your mornings with the radio, chances are you’ve already tuned in to Sunny 99.1, known by its call sign KODA.

It might be Houston’s most popular radio station, delivering your favorite adult contemporary music.

Most people tune in to them in the mornings with the host Dana Tyson, who brings you news, lively chitchat, good vibes, and good music.

Dana has been playing your favorites in the morning for 25 years, and many Houstonians are used to hearing her voice on the air.

The popular radio station, originally a simulcast of its AM sister station, underwent a few changes throughout its history. In 1961, it transformed into KODA-FM, adopting a beautiful music radio format.

The easy-listening format gained popularity and maintained high ratings in the ’60s and ’70s.

Over time, the station experienced ownership changes, and in the mid-1990s, it began incorporating more vocals into its playlist, slowly shifting to a soft adult contemporary format.

In February 1991, it rebranded as The All-New Sunny 99.1, which reflected its transition into mainstream adult contemporary music.

Since then, further rebrandings led to the Sunny 99.1 we know today, owned by iHeartMedia, and delivering adult contemporary music.

You can tune in to them at 99.1 FM or on their website.

2. The Buzz

The Buzz, or KTBZ-FM, is another popular radio station in Houston.

If you like rock or alternative music, this one’s for you. They play songs from diverse artists, including Muse, Beck, Theory of a Deadman, and Foo Fighters.

They’re also frequently holding giveaways with exciting prizes for their listeners. In the past, they had a giveaway for a ticket to a local event called Buzzfest.

This day-long music festival features some of the biggest names in alternative rock, indie, and hard rock.

Before becoming the beloved rock station Houstonians know today, The Buzz experienced a few changes throughout its history. The station was initially known as KARO in 1960.

Eventually, it transitioned to a classical music format as KLEF and became Houston’s leading classical outlet for 22 years.

However, with declining interest in the format in the 1980s, the station decided to appeal to a broader range of audiences.

In 2000, ownership changes and FCC regulations led to selling the station’s intellectual property to Cox Radio. They decided to operate an alternative rock format known as The Buzz on the 107.5 frequency.

During this time, due to a marketing ploy by Cox Radio, people believed The Buzz was on the brink of closure.

This sparked a public campaign to save The Buzz. The campaign succeeded in moving The Buzz to a stronger frequency at 94.5 FM.

If you’re a rock fan, definitely check out The Buzz on 94.5 FM.

3. The Beat

With the call sign KQBT, The Beat is Houston’s top radio station for urban contemporary music if you’re into hip-hop and like listening to artists like Rihanna, Drake, Future, and Migos.

Have a lively start to your day with The Breakfast Club, The Beat’s morning show. You can wind down in the evenings with Kiotti Brown, the charismatic hip-hop radio boss.

Besides offering a fantastic lineup of urban contemporary tunes, The Beat has exciting contests, promotions, and many more.

Tune in to 93.7 FM and experience the pulsating energy of Houston’s top urban contemporary station.

4. Mix 96.5

An up-close shot of a DAB+ car stereo with red lights
Mix 96.5 or KHMX plays the hottest pop in Houston.

If you’re a fan of pop artists like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Lil Nas, and Doja Cat, Mix 96.5, also known by its call sign KHMX, is your go-to station.

Owned by Audacy Inc., the station is a hot adult contemporary radio format serving the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

Besides the ones topping the charts, The Mix also plays a blend of cool music from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Start your day by jamming to The Morning Mix on your way to work, and catch host Melissa Chase on the commute home. You can find them on 96.5 FM.

5. The Spot

The Spot, known by its call sign, KKHH-FM, is another pop music station in Houston.

This commercial and music radio station, owned by Audacy, Inc., delivers a vibrant adult hits radio format that keeps listeners engaged and entertained.

One of their most popular shows is Hot 95.7, which airs in the mornings. The hosts are Sarah Pepper, PK, and Ivan, who deliver a blend of celebrity gossip, weird and funny news stories, and a dash of personal anecdotes.

The station has had several genre changes in its history. It started as an easy-listening and jazz station known as KHUL, then became a country music station before shifting to smooth jazz as 95.7 The Wave.”

In 2008, it rebranded as “Hot 95.7” with a contemporary hit radio format. In 2016, it changed into The Spot that we know today, playing a variety of adult hits from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and today to appeal to a wider audience. Tune in to The Spot at 97.5 FM.

6. 93Q Country

If you’re a country music fan, 93Q Country is the radio station for you. Broadcasting from Pasadena, Texas, and serving the greater Houston area, 93Q Country, with the call sign KKBQ, is a multi-award-winning go-to station for country music lovers.

The station has been nominated twice for Country Music Station Awards and won once. It was also awarded the NAB Marconi award in 2013 for Country Station of the Year.

The following year, it won the NAB Marconi award again, garnering the title Major Market Station of the Year.

Additionally, the station won the esteemed Billboard/Airplay Monitor Radio Awards for Best Country Station on three separate occasions.

However, 93Q Country hasn’t always been known under this name, and they haven’t always been in the country music genre.

Initially known as La Voz Latina, the station started as Houston’s first Spanish-language FM station in 1962.

In 1971, the station rebranded to Kind 91, adopting a beautiful music format and changing its call letters to KYND. During this time, they became the dominant beautiful music outlet in Houston.

However, their genre shifts didn’t change there. In 1982, they launched The New 79Q with a Top 40 format, featuring the popular Q-Morning Zoo show.

Using the same format, it rebranded as 93Q in 1986.

Facing a decline in ratings in the early 1990s, the station shifted to a country music format in 1991 after recognizing the genre’s growing popularity.

Initially adopting an easy country format, it later shifted to a more youthful and up-tempo approach, targeting a younger audience.

It finally became known as 93Q Country and experienced considerable success, becoming Houston’s number-one country music station.

Tune into them at 92.9 FM.

7. Mega 101

Dancing to Latin music in a crowd with laser lights
Listen to those hot Latin beats on Mega 101.

Mega 101 is Houston’s top station in the Latin pop radio format.

It’s also the primary Spanish-language station for the Houstons Texan Football team. The station has a rich history in Houston’s radio landscape.

Mega 101 initially started as an AM radio station with The Houston Chronicle.

Later, in 1947, they added an FM station to the mix. The FM station featured the CBS radio network content during the Golden Age of Radio.

This meant popular radio shows such as dramas, comedies, news, operas, and game shows.

In the 1960s, the station experimented with progressive rock and finally rebranded to a full-time rock format in 1970. It gained immense success and popularity during this time.

In 2004, the station surprised its listeners by switching to a Spanish-language hip-hop format, followed by a contemporary Latin pop sound in 2007; the format its listeners know today.

If you’re a fan of Latin pop, tune in to Mega 101 at 101.1 FM.

8. The Eagle

KGLK, known as The Eagle, is a classic rock radio station licensed to broadcast at 107.5 FM.

The station underwent several transformations before becoming The Eagle that listeners know today.

It started as KGOL, a gospel radio station broadcasting to the Lake Jackson area in the early 1980s.

In 1986, it switched to a classic rock format and became known as Z107.

It later transitioned to alternative rock, rebranding as 107.5 The Buzz.

During this time, the station became immensely popular among Houstonians.

However, in 2000, The Buzz faced potential closure due to ownership changes. A public campaign successfully saved the station.

On the same day, the frequencies of KTBC and KLDE were exchanged, with KTBC becoming The Buzz at 94.5 and KLDE becoming Oldies 107.5.

Over the years, the station underwent a further rebranding, becoming Houston’s 107.5 KLDE, playing classic hits, 107.5 The New K-Hits, focusing on the greatest hits of the ’60s and ’70s.

Eventually, it adopted its current identity as 107.5 The Eagle, changing its call sign to KGLK and becoming known as a classic rock station.


Houston boasts a vibrant radio landscape, with various stations depending on your mood and music taste.

From The Eagle’s timeless classic rock tunes to infectious hip-hop on The Beat, you’ll find a station to jam with.

In this article, we’ve highlighted eight stations that have won the hearts of Houstonians with their fantastic music choices.

Despite the continuing rise of streaming services, there’s something about the nostalgic vibe of radio as a medium that keeps loyal and new listeners hooked.

They offer carefully curated music, friendly radio hosts, and a sense of community connection. So go ahead, turn that dial, and enjoy the diverse sounds of Houston’s top radio stations!

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