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Roberts R9993 radio review

The Classic 993 is a compact and portable LW/MW/FM waveband radio, powered by batteries. Its angled tuning dial makes it easier to select the frequencies you require. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Well-built and robust
Batteries last for longer
Easy to use controls
Tuning can be a pain at first
No DAB connection
It’s a relic but that’s the point!



If you haven’t noticed, we love binging Roberts Radio technology here at Radio Fidelity. There’s a reason why Roberts is one of the best-known and most beloved brands in the UK for audio technology – around the world, they’re known for their attention to detail, style, and quality.

The Roberts R9993 is one of the more popular tools in the Roberts portfolio for a number of reasons. First off, it’s small, sleek and portable. If you want a way to listen to the radio on the go, even when you’re out camping without an outlet in sight – this is the device for you.

Secondly, the Roberts R9993 3-band portable radio is attractive. You’ll look amazing with this radio as your outdoor companion. Thirdly – it’s affordable. You can buy a Roberts R9993 radio for less than £20.

Compare that to something like the Stream 94i, and you’ll see just how much of a bargain the R9993 really is.

The question is, will the Classic 993 really deliver the amazing audio quality you’re looking for on a budget? Check out our full Roberts Radio Classic R9993 review to find out.

Roberts R9993 radio review: Design and build

If you like the kind of classic style that Roberts puts into products like the Roberts Revival, then you’re going to love the R9993. This analogue portable radio is small and simple, with a wide front grille that gives out plenty of high-power audio, an easy-to-use tuning dial, and a handy carry-strap built-in to make travel simple.

As part of the Roberts Classic Radio collection, the design is elegant and appealing. There’s a slight curve to the shape of the radio, so it looks like it’s bending forward slightly – in the midst of a bow.

Although some people would rather avoid the curve entirely, we quite like the extra touch and think it makes the device seem more playful and unique. Combined with the Roberts logo, the individual style lets you know that this isn’t just another £20 radio.

The black screen on the top of the radio makes it easier to find the right station using the manual tuning turner. Although the wording on the device could be easier to read, it’s still pretty clear, unless you’re trying to figure out how to use it in the dark. Unfortunately, Roberts hasn’t added any LEDs on the R9993.

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Roberts R9993 radio review: Features

If you’re looking for an analogue radio that’s packed full of modern bells and whistles, then we’d probably recommend looking beyond the Roberts R9993. This is a relatively modest piece of kit, without much fanfare to it.

The Roberts R9993 3-band portable radio does what it says on the tin, giving you 3 separate wavebands to explore when you’re looking for music.

With LW/MW/FM radio options to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your listening needs when you’re on the go with this affordable battery-powered device.

Unfortunately, there’s no DAB radio connection, but if you’re looking for something pretty basic, you can’t go wrong with the Roberts R9993.

Designed to be the ultimate companion for people on the move, campers, hikers, or anyone else who can’t stay in one space for too long, the Roberts Classic Radio keeps you tuned in on-the-go.

There are no digital connectivity options available, but you can plug in a pair of headphones if you want to listen to something privately. Other features include:

  • Three wavebands to choose from MW, FM, and LW
  • LED power indicator (so you know when you’re low on battery)
  • Dial tuning slider 
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Battery operated
  • Carry-handle built-in
  • Mains power available (charging)
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Roberts R9993 radio review: Performance

So, how does the Roberts R9993 radio perform when it comes to actually listening to music? Well, as you might expect, you get a high-quality sound from the moment you find your preferred radio station.

The sound you get will depend on the quality of the connection that you get, but you can usually find something crystal clear to tune into on one of the available frequencies.

One thing we really liked about this radio, is how it taps into both radio’s history, and Roberts Radio’s heritage, by using old-fashioned mechanisms. There’s no flashing LED screen to contend with, just an old-fashioned sliding tuning dial and a volume knob.

If you don’t have the patience for some of the more confusing modern radios on the market, then the R9993 will make your life a lot easier.

Another good thing about this analogue radio is that it’s easy to keep it powered. The system operates on four AA batteries, so you can just stock up on extra batteries when you need them.

You can also plug your device into the mains when you’re at home so you’re not wasting your hard-earned cash on new batteries. Unfortunately, the mains adapter for this device isn’t included as part of the package – which is a bit of a shame.

Roberts Chronoplus2 review: Verdict

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a fashionable and reliable portable radio that’s not going to break the bank, then we’d say that you’re in the right place with the Roberts R9993.

It might not be the most exciting modern device in the world, but it’s excellent for those who prefer the old-fashioned appeal of an analogue portable radio.

Using this machine takes us back to a simpler time, where music didn’t have to be streamed through the internet, and you could listen to people talking without podcasts.

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Roberts R9993 Review 1
This great little portable radio is the perfect device to have your music on the go powered by batteries. Plus, the handy carry handle makes it even easier to carry around with you.
Build quality
Batteries last for longer than you would expect
Great crisp and clear sound
Easy to use controls
Well-built and robust
Excellent design with great signal
Tuning can be a pain at first
No DAB connection
It’s a relic, but that’s the point!
Where to buy

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