Roberts Stream 94i Review 1

Roberts Stream 94i review

The Stream 94i delivers all of the functionality of its predecessor, Stream 93i, now with added Bluetooth. The Stream 94i is a stylish speaker where you can stream your music collection from a smartphone or iPad. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Crisp sound quality
Bluetooth/Spotify Connect
Handy smartphone app
Battery pack not included
No smart assistant
Could be louder



Has the Roberts Stream 94i caught your attention?

It’s easy to see why. This attractive radio is more than just a DAB or FM radio. Simple yet effective, the Roberts Radio Stream 94i is brimming with functionality and style.

From its portable design to keep you rocking on the go, to its expected Bluetooth connectivity, the 94i is an excellent choice for any music lover.

Built with many of the same components as the original Stream 93i, the updated model is yet another winner from the Roberts brand. It’s equipped with incredible sound, access to millions of songs and music options, and its own unique app. 

Here’s everything you need to know about one of the latest additions to the Roberts internet radio range.

Roberts Stream 94i review: Design

Let’s start with the compelling design of the Roberts 94i radio.

Compared to its predecessor, the new model is a lot more attractive, designed to take centre space in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

The curved edges give the Stream 94i a softer, more welcoming appearance, particularly when combined with the organic wood effect panels.

There’s plenty of glossy black plastic to contrast against the pale wood, and the sleek digital interface creates a compelling combination of the traditional and the modern.

Underneath its compelling new façade, the Roberts Stream 94i is more than just a pretty piece of machinery.

There are various easy-to-use buttons to make skipping through your favourite songs and networks simple.

What’s more, there’s a remote control so you can adjust your music from across the room. You can even control your content from a dedicated smartphone app.

On the back of the radio, you’ll find a 3.5mm line out, a headphone socket and an aux-in connector. Your Roberts 94i can either be mains or battery-powered, depending on how you use it.

Unfortunately, the battery pack isn’t included as part of the standard package.

Roberts Stream 94i Review 2

Roberts Stream 94i review: Features

Looks aren’t the only thing that matters when you’re choosing a new radio. That’s why the Roberts Stream comes with plenty of great features, too.

The Stream 94i is both FM and DAB compatible, as well as offering DAB+. There’s internet radio available via Wi-Fi and an ethernet connector if you want to connect the system to your existing devices.

You can also access up to 120 pre-set stations at a time, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the music and shows that you love.

For those who love to use their radios as more than just a music station, you can set two alarms, and there’s a kitchen timer feature, too – perfect for placing your radio in the kitchen.

To snooze your alarm, all you need to do is hit the right control button.

Unlike its 93i counterpart, Roberts Stream 94i has slightly unclear buttons with an enhanced appearance. Each button has its functionality printed on the front.

This is a plus feature that makes the radio highly user-friendly. Therefore, even if it’s your first time using this radio, you can rest assured of using the control buttons effectively.

The radio’s five preset buttons on the front also act as Bluetooth and Spotify playback controls. This makes navigating through your music playlist a breeze. 

Roberts Stream 94i review: App

One of the things that makes this Roberts internet radio so appealing is that it comes with access to the Undok smartphone app. This simple digital platform allows smaller speaker makers like Roberts to give users access to various multi-room features from their phones. 

In the Undok app, you can search through the music you’ve saved on your home network, on a USB stick, or switch between different music modes on the Roberts Radio Stream 94i.

There’s also the option to find the right radio station from your phone. If you don’t enjoy using the controller that comes with the Roberts Stream, you can use your phone instead.

Because the Roberts Stream is also Bluetooth enabled, you can beam music directly to your radio from the Spotify Connect app. This is a massive upgrade from the Previous Roberts Stream radio, where you needed to buy a Bluetooth dongle.

Roberts Stream 94i Review 3

Roberts Stream 94i review: Portability

One of the things that really enhances the functionality of the 94i is how versatile it is.

You can control it from a distance with the remote or your smartphone, and there’s the option to transform your radio into a battery-powered machine, too.

Unfortunately, there is no battery pack included in the box when you buy the 94i, so you’ll need to purchase this separately – which is a little disappointing.

However, once you’ve made the investment, the battery pack will hook into the rear of your device and allow you to listen to music on the go for up to 10 hours.

Roberts Radio 94i review: Sound quality

Last but not least, the Roberts Stream 94i comes with the same exceptional sound quality that most consumers have come to expect from the Roberts brand.

There’s the same setup as you got on the 93i model, with two small drivers on the front of the machine and a larger unit on the back that acts as a subwoofer.

The 94i provides excellent clarity for your spoken stations. There’s also a lot of bass available considering the size of the unit when you’re listening to music.

The radio’s front and back drivers play a vital role in audio output quality. These drivers create an excellent combination of treble clarity. This is essential for spoken-word stations.

The drivers also enhance the radio’s bass quality, an important feature when listening to music.

Although it might not have the volume to fill your entire home with noise during a party, the Roberts Radio Stream 94i could be an excellent solution for people who want their own personal sound station.

Don’t expect it to be the loudest unit in the world, but you should get enough clear and crisp volume to keep your house grooving. Yes, even when you’re cooking in the afternoon or settling down for an evening with friends.

Roberts Stream 94i radio: Verdict

So, should you invest in the Roberts 94i?

Today, this machine stands out as one of the best DAB radios at its price point on the market.

It’s more attractive than the 93i and offers a compelling performance compared to other options in the portable radio environment.

There are plenty of wireless features to simplify the way that you listen to music – including a fantastic smartphone app.

Aside from fantastic functionality, the Roberts 94i radio also provides pretty decent sound. You get clarity when listening to talk radio and added bass, thanks to the subwoofer.

You can either create your own pre-set stations by flicking through dozens of DAB and FM options, or you can set up your preferred playlists using Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. All in all, it’s a welcome piece of musical machinery.

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Roberts Stream 94i Review 1
Featuring built-in FM/DAB/DAB+, built-in wireless connectivity, access to millions of songs via Spotify Connect, and a choice of 20,000+ internet radio stations/podcasts, the Roberts Stream 94i makes a great all round sound station.
Build quality
Attractive design for any home
Clear and crisp sound quality
Connects to the internet with ethernet or Wi-Fi
Bluetooth and Spotify Connect support
Simple and easy to use
Handy smartphone app included
Option for portable performance
Battery pack not included
Not the loudest radio on the market
No smart assistant functionality
Where to buy

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