Roberts Revival Uno Review 1

Roberts Revival Uno review

This retro Fifties styled radio is more compact than the standard Revival so it’s perfect for smaller spaces. With two alarms for weekdays and weekends, the Revival Uno is also the ideal stylish bedside radio. But, is it worth the purchase? Let’s find…
Feels well-made
Excellent sound quality
Compact and portable size
Expensive for the size
Rather limited features
Batteries not rechargeable



If you haven’t checked out some of the products from Roberts Radio before now, I recommend you get started. This incredible UK company delivers some of the industry’s most fashionable and incredible audio tools – all with their own sense of retro charm. 

Over the years, Roberts Radio has introduced countless popular products, including the Roberts Stream, but nothing quite stands out to customers like the elegance and personality of the Roberts Revival.

The Roberts Revival Uno radio (link to Amazon) is one of the more recent additions to the Revival family, offering users a compact version of the original RD70. 

If you love the style and functionality of the Roberts Revival, but you want something more affordable and easier to transport, then the Roberts Revival Uno might be the perfect solution.

Read on for the full review…

Roberts Revival Uno review: Design and build

The Roberts Revival Uno radio might be one of the most cost-effective options in the Revival range, but that doesn’t mean it looks cheap.

In fact, probably the most appealing thing about this unit is its stylish retro design. Like other products from the Revival range, the Uno mimics the beauty of a classic-style 1950s radio.

Available in various color choices, from pastel and black to dove grey, cream, duck egg, teal, and purple, there’s something to suit every taste.

Additionally, because the Roberts Revival Uno is designed to be more compact than some of its counterparts, it’s also a lot easier to take with you on the move. If you want to show off your latest stylish purchase to your friends, then Roberts has you covered.

As soon as you take the Revival Uno BT out of its box, you’re sure to notice the high-quality finish and build quality.

Some buyers have found it difficult to maintain the leather over time, but we haven’t experienced this problem.

Roberts Revival Uno Review: Setting UP and Use

Like most Roberts radios, the Revival Uno BT is made for easy set-up. The company incorporates user-friendly designs to make its products easy for everyone to use.

Setting up the Roberts Revival Uno BT radio starts by extending the telescopic aerial on the top right-hand corner. Once you have the desired height, locate the adapter and plug its cable into a DC mains power source. Switch on the socket.

Once the socket is on, press the radio’s on button to power it.

The radio will start scanning for the available radio stations automatically. Once a signal is found, you’ll see the current time displayed on the screen. 

Otherwise, if you don’t get a signal, reposition the radio to a location with excellent reception and conduct a fresh station scan.

Selecting DAB and FM Radio Stations

Most users find selecting DAB and FM radio stations most challenging. However, you’ll realize that this is quite easy, provided you have the right procedure.

To select DAB stations, long-press the menu button until the DAB mode is selected. Scroll the tuning knob to scan through the available DAB radio channels.

After finding the channel you want to listen to, simply press the tuning knob to select it and start listening. You can play all your favourite digital radio stations without any interference.

For FM radio stations, ensure the telescopic aerial is fully extended. Long-press the mode button and release it when the FM mode is selected.

After that, rotate the tuning knob and then press the auto-tune button. The radio will scan for the available FM stations and stop when it finds an option with excellent signal coverage.

All you have to do at this point is to adjust the volume and enjoy.

The radio comes with a quick start guide to get you through these processes. Therefore, if it’s your first time using this radio, the guide should be the first thing you want to look at.

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Roberts Revival Uno review: Features & Performance

So, we know the Uno looks great, but that’s pretty much a given for Roberts.

With that in mind, it’s also worth looking at features and performance.

This cute and compact revival radio isn’t going to be the all-in-one home system you’ve been looking for. If you’re searching for something that’s all-singing and all-dancing, look elsewhere.

That’s not to say that the Roberts Revival Uno BT radio isn’t any good, but it is limited in what it can do.

The Uno has a strong DAB FM radio reception, and it comes with a telescopic aerial that you can use to improve your signal.

Additionally, one great thing we love about the Revival is that you can change the station or volume using rotary controls – which just feels a lot more user-friendly.

Aside from FM, DAB and DAB+ connections, there aren’t a whole lot of features to mention. The system has a dual alarm clock for weekday and weekend wake-up calls. This comes in handy if you want a sleep timer to monitor your sleep cycle.

Additionally, there is an auxiliary input and a headphone jack for private listening but no USB port.

You can also access Bluetooth streaming with this radio. Therefore, you can stream music directly from your smartphone.

Other features include:

  • Rotary tuning and volume knobs
  • LCD display
  • Battery or mains-powered
  • Dual alarm clock
Roberts Revival Uno Review 3
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Roberts Revival Uno review: Sound quality

Now we come to probably the most important part of any radio buying decision.

The sound quality.

In a lot of ways, the Roberts Revival Uno BT is very much the little brother of the Classic Revival. It’s smaller in size, which is a benefit if you’re looking for something portable with a compact design and smaller features.

On the plus side, Roberts consistently proves that a small radio doesn’t have to mean limited sound.

The Roberts Radio maintains the warm and classic sound quality we’ve come to know and love from Roberts.

It can create more than acceptable tones at just about any volume, particularly for spoken word. If you love listening to podcasts and talk shows, this is a great radio.

However, the Uno might not be able to fill a room quite as well as some of the other, larger devices on the market.

Remember that it’s intended more for style and quality than any boom-box functionality. It’s worth thinking about how you’re going to use your new radio before investing in this one.

Roberts Revival Uno review: Verdict

The style of Roberts Radio is what really attracts me to things like their Revival range. However, as any radio lover will know, style isn’t everything.

Even as one of the least expensive options in the Revival range, it’s easy to say that the Uno is quite expensive for what it is. You’re really just paying for the retro design and the Roberts brand name.

The Uno may be right up your alley if you’re looking for an attractive piece of home décor that doubles up as an amazing sound system and you don’t have a budget to stick to.

Sure, it doesn’t have the widest range of features out there, but the Uno will give you the sound quality that you love, and it’ll do it with style, too.

For more excellent products from Roberts Radio, we have reviews on the Roberts Zoombox 3 and the Roberts Skylark that may be helpful.

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Roberts Revival Uno Review 1
The Roberts Revival Uno allows you to listen to DAB/DAB+ and FM stations and save your favourite stations easily as presets. There's even a one-touch access button that will take you to your favourite go-to station.
Build quality
Beautiful retro radio design
Excellent DAB, FM and DAB+ reception
Feels well-made and robust
Good choice of colours available
Excellent sound quality
Compact and portable size
Rather limited feature set
Expensive for what it is
Where to buy

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