Roberts Blutune T2 Review 1

Roberts Blutune T2 review

With built-in DAB+/DAB/FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity enclosed within a stylish real wood finish, the Blutune T2 is a must-have for radio lovers. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Easy to use
Lightweight and portable
Clear and sharp sound
Difficult Bluetooth set up
Small display
Screen not very dimmable



If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated DAB alarm clock radio, we could have just the thing.

Another stylish addition to the Roberts Radio portfolio, the Blutune T2 combines performance and style with a compact design that means it fits perfectly in almost any room.

If you’re looking for something with the visual impact of the Roberts Stream 94i but you also want the freedom to pick your radio up and take it with you on the go, then the Roberts Blutune T2 is an excellent compromise.

We grabbed our own version of the Blutune T2 so that we could take the tech for a spin and give you a complete rundown on what to expect from this state-of-the-art DAB alarm clock.

Read on to find out more.

Roberts Blutune T2 review: Design and build

It’s hard to find a Roberts radio that isn’t well-considered.

Products like the Roberts Radio Revival RD70 truly take your breath away.

While the Roberts Blutune T2 DAB radio with Bluetooth doesn’t have the same retro styling, it delivers a sophisticated appeal that’s hard to overlook.

The first thing you’ll notice about this radio is how compact it actually is. The Blutune T2 is only about 10 cm by 17 cm with a depth of 11 cm. That means you’ll have no problem picking it up and taking it with you when you want to take your music to a festival, camping trip or simply another room.

What’s more, the Blutune T2 also features a nifty leather carry handle, making it even easier to transport. It’s not as small as the Roberts Sports, but it’s also intended for more than just one person to use at a time.

The space at the top of the Blutune T2 is shiny silver, giving it a delightful modern appearance, while the side panelling has been done in soft oak wood, giving you that all-important vintage appeal.

On the front of the device, you’ll find a fantastic digital screen where you can browse through music options and even connect to Bluetooth.

To make the design of the Roberts Blutune T2 even more impressive, there’s also built-in charging, so you can keep your music system topped up with energy wherever you go.

Roberts Blutune T2 Review: Setting Up the Radio for the First Time

Like the other Roberts radio, the Blutiune T2 was made to be highly user-friendly. However, it might be challenging to know where to start, especially if it’s your first time using the radio

Based on our review of the radio, setting it up straight out of the box was relatively easy and simple. Here’s how you should approach the set-up:

  1. Extend the telescopic aerial fully and position it vertically for excellent reception.
  2. Plug the mains adaptor into the DC input socket at the back of the radio (Indicated as DC in). During the connection, ensure to push the plug fully into the socket.
  3. Insert the other end of the adaptor into a main socket outlet on the wall and switch it on.
  4. You’ll see a start-up screen displayed on the radio. This shows that the radio is scanning for a DAB radio signal. Give it time to finish the scan.
  5. If the radio doesn’t find a DAB signal, relocate it to an area with better reception. Once in the new area, conduct a second scan to find the signal.
  6. Once the scan is completed, the radio automatically selects the first station based on numeric-alpha order. You can change the station by rotating the tuning knob to scan through a list of the available stations. Press the tuning knob to select and tune into a given station.
Roberts Blutune T2 Review 2
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Roberts Blutune T2 review: Features

We’ve conducted several DAB radio alarm clock reviews on Roberts devices, and we’re beginning to see a pattern.

Compact sizing doesn’t necessarily mean cutting down on features or functionality when you’re dealing with Roberts.

This space-saving compact radio is perfect for waking you up in the morning or keeping you awake when you’re out with friends. There’s also a USB socket built into the system so that you can charge your phone on the go, too.

As you might expect, the Blutune comes with all the connectivity features you might need, including DAB+, DAB, and FM radio, combined with Bluetooth in case you want to stream music and content from your phone.

If you can’t get your Bluetooth connectivity right for any reason, there’s an aux input socket so that you can connect via cable instead. We particularly liked this extra touch for flexible control.

The Roberts Blutune T2 is a great combination of form and function. When you set the alarm, you can either choose to have the machine wake you up with a buzz or with the radio station of your choice.

The radio also works when you’re using battery power – making it ideal for when you’re out and about. There are also multiple alarm functions if you want to set different alerts for specific days.

Features include:

  • DAB+, DAB and FM radio wavebands
  • 60 station presets
  • Mains supply or battery-powered performance
  • Built-in battery charging
  • USB input and aux sockets
  • Fully portable for outdoor use
  • USB smartphone charging
  • Snooze and alarm functions
  • Bluetooth streaming
Roberts Blutune T2 Review 3
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Roberts Blutune T2 review: Radio performance

This compact device from Roberts isn’t the biggest or most powerful DAB radio in the world – but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer plenty of value.

With plenty of ways to stream the music or podcasts that suit you, we’re sure you’ll find something you love to listen to with the Roberts Blutune T2.

What’s more, like with most Roberts devices, you’ll find that the DAB connection is particularly strong.

At first, setting your Bluetooth up can be a bit fiddly. It’ll be worth it as you’ll also be able to enjoy high sound quality whether you’re streaming or playing music through your radio connection. Roberts ensures you have enough depth and volume in your sound to keep the party going.

What’s more, it’s worth noting that the sound quality was particularly sharp when we were tuning into podcasts. If you love listening to spoken content online or offline, then you will adore the quality of the Blutune T2.

Roberts Blutune T2 review: Verdict

If you’re looking for something stylish, compact, and easy to use, it’s hard to go wrong with the Roberts Blutune T2 DAB radio with Bluetooth. This device comes with all the connectivity you need to listen to content in various formats.

Moreover, the fact that you can pick up the radio and carry it with you wherever you go is a huge benefit.

More than just another bedside clock, the Roberts Blutune lets you stay tuned to your favourite sources of entertainment without ever having to miss a beat.

Want to hear more of our thoughts on Roberts Radio? Our reviews on the Roberts Unologic and the Roberts Radio Classic are must reads!

Roberts Blutune T2 Review 1
The Roberts Blutune T2 boasts a great range of features including smartphone charging, USB playback, alarm functions, and an auxiliary input socket. Blutune T2 is also perfectly portable; built-in battery charging means you don't have to miss a beat.
Build quality
Easy to use
Lightweight and super portable
Clear and sharp sound
Two-alarm modes and sleep function
Play music through a range of connections
Bluetooth can be a pain to set up
Screen can't be dimmed much for bedside use
Where to buy

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