Ruark R2 Review 1

Ruark R2 review

The Ruark R2 is a stylish and elegant compact music system that along with its design provides superior, natural sound. But, is it worth the splurge? Let’s find…
Multi-room connectivity
Wi-Fi and internet radio
Incredible sound quality
No CD player
Fiddly remote



Class, sophistication, and premium sound. 

If you had to choose one brand that embodies all of those components perfectly, there’s a good chance that Ruark Audio would rank high at the top of your list

Ruark isn’t just one of the most reputable radio brands in the UK; it’s a company that has earned an incredible amount of attention worldwide. 

A company dedicated to offering audiophiles across the globe the perfect combination of sensational sound and style, Ruark takes attention to detail to the next level. 

That’s why any opportunity to conduct a Ruark review is something that the Radio Fidelity team jumps at.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Ruark R2 Mk3 – a Bluetooth streaming system and radio solution designed for modern music.

Ruark R2 review: Design and build

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that one of the first things we noticed in our Ruark R2 Mk3 review was how attractive the design actually is. 

Like many Ruark products, including the Ruark R1 Mk3, the R2 combines sleek sophistication and modern elegance to bring you a fantastic music system. 

The fantastic Ruark audio R2 is brimming with sensational style. 

Available in a variety of colours, this all-in-one music system brings modern technology like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Spotify Connect together with traditional features like a rotary dial that you can use to control your entire audio system. 

We love how Ruark has a talent for combining the best elements of the traditional with aspects of the future. The Ruark R2 Mk3 is excellent for that purpose. 

In fact, What Hi-Fi said that the R2 Mk3 is “one of the most gorgeous systems” for all-in-one music that they’ve seen – and we can definitely see the appeal. 

Overall, the appearance of the Ruark R2 Mk3 is very similar to the Ruark R4 Mk3. 

You get the same central screen where you can find information about the music that you’re playing. There are the same fantastic dual speakers – similar to two blushing cheeks on either side of the Ruark’s face. 

At the same time, you still get that fantastic RotoDial that makes the Ruark Audio R2 so easy to manage. 

The only thing missing that stops the Ruark R2 from becoming an exact copy of the R4 is the integrated CD slot. This feature has been replaced with Wi-Fi connectivity and world-radio. 

If you can access the wide functionality of the internet radio, why bother with CDs, after all?

Ruark R2 Review 2

Ruark R2 review: Features

That takes us neatly onto the feature-focused part of our Ruark R2 Mk3 review. 

This is a device that was clearly designed to fill the gap in an audio lover’s life. It comes with a complete range of modern capabilities, including Spotify Connect compatibility via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth streaming, and DAB or FM radio. 

If you want to get the most out of the internet-enabled experiences on the Ruark R2 Mk3, you will need a Spotify Premium account – another added expense. 

If you can afford to pay for premium, you can use the R2 Ruark UNDOK app to control your playlists from anywhere. 

As with many of the other products in the Ruark portfolio, the R2 also comes with an aux input port so that you can stream music through a wired connection and a headphone socket.

That means that you get the benefit of being able to listen to your music privately, too. 

To make the whole experience even more special, the Ruark R2 also has multi-room capabilities. That means you can connect your device to other multi-room enabled models to get synchronised sound around your house. 

Of course, for a price tag of just under £420, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be able to deck your entire home out with these devices straight away. If you can afford an entire home system, then we’re very jealous. 

Features include:

  • Synchronised sound throughout your home
  • Wi-Fi and internet connectivity
  • Spotify Connect compatible
  • World radio with DAB and FM tuner
  • Award-winning sound quality
  • Quality Bluetooth receivers
  • Headphone output jack and aux-in
  • Clock and snooze
  • LED display
  • Remote control
  • 1-year guarantee

Every aspect of the Ruark R2 is impressive, whether you’re looking at the Bluetooth streaming capabilities, the internet radio, or the guaranteed 1-year warranty. This is a device that’s sure to get people talking when they visit your home.

Ruark R2 Review 3

Ruark R2 review: Performance

If you’re looking for versatility and performance, the Ruark Audio R2 is an excellent choice.

The elegant Rotodial controller makes it easy to find the music you want to listen to without having to deal with many complicated buttons. 

At the same time, the vivid clarity of the display included with the Ruark R2 Mk3 means that you’ll be able to see the time or check the channel wherever you are in the room. 

You can even adjust the display brightness if you’re using the R2 as a bedside clock and sleep timer.

Along with wireless connectivity, the R2 also allows you to plug your smartphone into the USB C port if you want to charge your devices without taking up too many outlets in your room. 

You can also choose for the Ruark R2 to wake you from your sleep with a specific radio station or Spotify playlist. 

From a performance perspective, the elegance and ease of use associated with the Ruark R2 makes it a wonderful choice for many users. 

However, for us, the number one thing that makes most Ruark devices stand out is their perfect sound balance. This is a company that’s committed to providing second-to-none audio, and it really shows. 

Not only do you get the option to play music and shows in a way that suits you, but you can rest assured that however you choose to listen, you’ll get an amazing output. 

The R2 is the perfect all-in-one music system, complete with award-winning high-fidelity speakers. 

Despite a relatively compact size, the Ruark R2 Mk3 provides plenty of rich tones, from the deepest bass to the highest, clearest notes in your favourite songs. 

What’s more, like many other Ruark products, the R2 is excellent at plucking every detail from your music, even at lower volumes.

Ruark R2 Review: What We Liked

The Ruark R2 MK3 is a highly versatile radio with a blend of modern key features for the best experience. 

By combining Bluetooth, Spotify, internet, and DAB capabilities, this radio ensures you have something to listen to at any particular time. 

For instance, if you’re tired of radio talk shows, you can simply switch to Spotify to stream your favourite music.

Alternatively, you can use its Bluetooth capability to pair the radio with your smartphone and stream music with excellent audio quality. Ruark R2 guarantees a rich and full-bodied quality sound, excellent for filling a room.

Finally, the radio’s smart music system makes accessing major streaming services, including Amazon Music and Apple Music, easy. 

Ruark R2 Review: What We Disliked

During our first test, we realized that Spotify Connect wasn’t that stable. 

However, we read the user manual and applied Spotify troubleshooting tips, a move that stabilized our connection. We could now connect to the Spotify app easily and quickly.

If you encounter any problem with Spotify Connect, simply check the user manual for troubleshooting tips, and you’ll be set.

Ruark R2 Review: Verdict

So, would we advise you to go out and buy a Ruark audio R2?


However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll actually be able to go and grab one of these products.

The price of an R2 is still way too much for a lot of music lovers to handle, which means that you might be more likely to pick up a similar product from Roberts or Pure instead.

While the Ruark R2 Mk3 is a sensational product, there are plenty of cheaper options out there that will offer similar results.

We’d say that this radio is only for those in search of truly premium solutions for radio listening.

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Ruark R2 Review 1
The third generation R2 delivers a wealth of superb features including DAB/DAB+, internet radio, built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities for wireless music streaming.
Build quality
Multi-room connectivity
Wi-Fi and internet radio
Incredible sound quality
Fantastic design with plenty of elegance and class
Remote control feature
DAB, DAB+ and FM radio
Spotify Connect built-in
Way too expensive for many people
No CD player
Where to buy

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