Pure Elan IR5 Review 1

Pure Elan IR5 review

With access to stations anywhere around the world, Spotify Connect and seamless Bluetooth connectivity, Elan IR5 provides unparalleled listening choice. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
High-quality sound
Spotify Connect included
Bluetooth streaming
No DAB or FM radio
Limited volume
Difficult to set up



Pure, one of the leading brands in the UK radio market, offers a fantastic selection of products to customers looking to upgrade their everyday listening experiences

Whether you’re searching for a sensational living room radio like the Pure Avalon N5, or you want something that’s sure to wake you up in a good mood every day, the Pure company has you covered. 

One of the areas where Pure seems to excel is in modern, portable radio systems. The Pure Elan range offers a selection of amazing radios custom-made for today’s listeners. 

The Pure Elan IR5 is the premium internet radio from Pure’s portable line. It offers access to more than 25,000 digital radio stations from across the globe, as well as extra features like alarms, timers, and Bluetooth streaming.

Here’s our complete Pure Elan IR5 review.

Pure Elan IR5 review: Design and build

The Pure Elan IR5 is the upgraded version of the Pure Elan IR3. The two products look very alike on the surface, to the point where it’s unlikely that you’d be able to tell the difference without reading the Pure Elan IR5 manual or checking the features list.

Like other products in the Elan line, the IR5 is easy to recognise thanks to its huge colour-screen display, where you can search through applications, link to Spotify Connect, and check out information about your favourite radio stations.

There’s also the option to use your colour screen to sort through up to 12 preset stations on your preferred channels list.

Pure’s Elan IR5 comes in a wide variety of different colours to suit your individual preferences. Our favourite is probably the mint shade – but your choice is likely to depend on where you plan on using your new internet radio.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Pure Elan IR5 portable internet radio is designed to be small, lightweight and compact. That means that you can easily use it in the garden, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else you choose.

The full Elan range of internet radios comes with the option to choose between battery or mains power, so you have complete versatility when listening to your music, or your preferred radio stations.

Like the rest of the Elan radios from Pure, the IR5 also comes with easy-to-use tactile buttons that are well-suited for quick and easy access.

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Pure Elan IR5 review: Features

If you’ve checked out some of the other reviews that we’ve done of Pure products before, then it’s probably not a huge surprise that the Pure Elan IR5 looks amazing. Pure always seems to deliver when it comes to sensational style.

However, it’s important to note that this bite-sized radio isn’t just a pretty face – it also has a range of great features to offer too.

As the upgraded version of the IR3, you get extra functionality with the IR5, including the ability to stream music to your device using a Bluetooth connection, rather than just an aux-in cable.

This versatile internet radio comes with the ability to listen to music through a range of different mediums, including aux input, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and wi-fi connectivity.

For a little under £80, you can expect to enjoy a range of features like:

  • 3-year warranty as standard
  • 12 preset options with four dedicated buttons
  • Colour screen designed for all light conditions
  • Alarms and sleep timer
  • Aux in and headphones out
  • Spotify Connect pre-installed
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Internet radio for up to 25,000 channels
  • State-of-the-art speaker system
  • Versatile and lightweight design

If you’re looking for the ultimate portable internet radio that you can have on your person at all times, then it’s hard to go wrong with the fantastic performance of the Pure Elan IR5.

Designed for simplicity, convenience, and excellent sound quality, this is a product that’s definitely firing on all cylinders.

Pure Elan IR5 Review 3
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Pure Elan IR5 review: Performance

Like the Pure Elan IR3 that came before it, the Pure Elan IR5 portable internet radio is intuitive and easy to use. Ideal for younger and older customers alike, this is a device that’s very easy to get used to.

The large tactile buttons make adjusting the volume and sound quality simple. Additionally, the Pure Elan IR5 manual is available online if you need it too.

We don’t think that you’re going to have much trouble with this device, however. We had the machine up and running in seconds.

All you need to plug it in or use a couple of batteries to get the device powered up. After that, you’ll be setting your station presets in no time.

We also loved the fact that you can connect your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to the Elan IR5 to use the system as a personal wireless speaker.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own Spotify Connect premium account, you can also use the app on your smart device as a remote control to skip through your music.

It’s not just functionality that makes the Pure Elan IR5 shine from a performance perspective either. The sound quality of this device is excellent too.

You’ll get the same 4 watt speaker that comes with the Pure Elan IR3, so you can expect plenty of volume, despite a compact machine.

There’s also a digital amplifier included for excellent crisp audio, and adjustable bass/treble controls.

Pure Elan IR5 review: Verdict

We really like the Elan range from Pure. If you’re looking for something that’s compact and lightweight to use around the home, then the Elan portfolio is sure to have you covered.

The Pure Elan IR5 is a great choice for those interested in internet radio, and it’s brimming with extra features too, such as an aux-in port, headphone output, quick-access buttons, and more.

You’re not going to get DAB or FM radio with this machine, but you won’t necessarily need those things with the thousands of internet radio stations available from Pure.

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Pure Elan IR5 Review 1
The Elan IR5 includes features such as alarms, sleep and kitchen timers, making it perfect for a range of different rooms and scenarios around the home. Elan IR5 can also be powered by the mains or by batteries (4 x AA) meaning it can be moved around the home with ease.
Build quality
High-quality sound
Excellent equalisation options included
3-year warranty for peace of mind
Internet radio connectivity
Aux-in and headphone out performance
Spotify Connect included
Bluetooth streaming
No DAB or FM radio
Limited volume
Where to buy

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