VQ Susie-Q Review 1

VQ Susie-Q review

Susie-Q is the Smart Radio & Connected Speaker with designer aesthetics, comprehensive functionality and an audio experience like no other. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Internet capable
80 watt speaker output
Bluetooth/NFC connectivity
Small display
Faces stiff competition
Relatively expensive for VQ



When you first set eyes on the VQ Susie-Q, you’ll probably not think of it immediately as a radio. In fact, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a high end handbag. Come closer, and you’ll realise that your eyes were playing tricks.

That’s just how good looking the VQ Susie-Q is. The VQ Susie-Q stands out as a stylish FM/DAB/DAB+ radio that has smart in the middle of its name, and is also priced at a premium.

The ‘smart’ in its name is there to allude to the fact that the VQ Susie-Q allows you to stream music through Internet radio, the normal FM/DAB/DAB+ stations, or from a supported app on your phone.

This capability opens up a choice of global radio content to consume, making it the perfect addition to your media hub at home. If you happen to be in the market for a relatively high-end radio, could the Susie-Q be the perfect choice? Read on to find out…

About the VQ Susie-Q

One thing that might persuade your decision to own a VQ product is that the CEO is on record having said that the radios the company manufactures are products he would choose to have at home.

Whether or not you buy into this is a matter of opinion, but with products such as the VQ Susie-Q, you can’t help but see why.

The VQ Susie-Q DAB radio is recognised as one of the flagship products for the VQ brand. It comes neatly packaged in an elegantly finished real wood and enamel case, and is available in both oak and walnut.

Its coloured 2.4 inch OLED screen is great for viewing more info about the track playing, or navigating through the other tracks presented by your source. Its output is capable of filling a moderate room with sound, but don’t expect it to replace a dedicated hi-fi system.

If want to go beyond a single room, and fill the whole house with music, its UNDOCK multi room feature allows you to do just that. Also worthy of note is the fact that the VQ Susie-Q’s speaker output is about 80W. This is quite a lot of sound coming from a radio the size of the Susie-Q.

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VQ Susie-Q: Design

The VQ Susie-Q is a radio that does something not every radio is capable of, and that is to exceed expectations in both technology and design. The Susie-Q feels like a relatively premium product and is solidly put together.

Most of the controls placed on the front panel, neatly surrounding its OLED display. On the top panel there’s a nicely crafted leather strap that you can use to move the unit from room to room, and it also complements the wood that’s curved into the rectangular shape of the radio.

The Susie-Q’s two speakers are located on its front panel, one on the left and another on the right. On the reverse you’ll find an extendable aerial, which you probably won’t use much as the Susie-Q benefits from decent reception.

VQ Susie-Q: Features

Here’s a summary of features you’ll enjoy from VQ Susie-Q DAB radio:

  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio
  • Internet connectivity
  • 80W speaker output
  • USB charge port
  • Headphone jack
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • NFC streaming
  • 3 year warranty
  • 2.4 inch OLED display
  • UNDOK multi room compatibility
  • MyEQ customisable equaliser
  • Aux-in port

Dimensions: 175 x 360 x 170mm

Weight: 4.25Kg

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VQ Susie-Q: Performance & connectivity

The VQ Susie-Q comes packed with a number of features that make it easy to connect and share music from your favourite gadgets. Users have the option to choose between Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Spotify Connect.

What you probably won’t find with many other radios is its UNDOK compatibility. This allows you to use your smartphone as a remote to control it, and set up other speakers situated in different rooms that are compatible with the app as additional speakers.

The Susie-Q also allows for up to 30 saved presets, allowing you to save your favourite FM, DAB, DAB+ or internet radio channels for easier access.

Something else that’s reassuring is the fact that VQ provides a warranty valid for 3 years, and its UK customer service shop is always open and ready to assist.

You’re not likely to run into problems though since VQ has become a trusted brand. If you do run into issues, however, the first two places to turn for help are online, and the user manual. 

VQ Susie-Q: Sound quality

VQ is a well-known British brand that has established a solid reputation in the use of Analogue Sound Processing technology. The technology is known for improving the quality of sound without distorting its richness.

This, added to its 80W capacity amplifier and speakers means that users get to crank up the volume without a significant drop-off in performance.

The unit also allows users to adjust sound quality by changing the equaliser settings. The Susie-Q provides preset equaliser settings that listeners can choose depending on the genre of music they listen to. They can also opt to customise setting depending on preference.

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VQ Susie-Q: Usability

In terms of usability, the VQ Susie-Q is pretty much straightforward despite all its advanced features. If you’re using a smartphone to connect to it, there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues especially if you have either Android or Apple OS.

What you might want to take care of is how you handle the radio especially during cleaning. You don’t want to leave any unwanted blemishes on the immaculate Susie-Q.

VQ Susie-Q: Verdict

The VQ Susie-Q is a neatly packaged and presented product, that will bring a smile to owners who appreciate its design aesthetic. It’s worth noting that design aesthetic might not appeal everyone.

The biggest setback, perhaps, is the price tag, which places the Susie-Q in stiff competition from more established brands.

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VQ Susie-Q Review 1
The VQ Susie-Q allows you to enjoy radio broadcast locally with DAB / DAB+ Digital Radio and traditional FM Analogue. All stations are easily found with auto-scan features and on digital radio all your available stations are listed alphabetically.
Internet capable
Up to 30 FM/DAB/DAB+ presets
MyEQ personalised equaliser setting
80 watt speaker output
Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
Small display
Design might not appeal to all
Faces stiff competition
Relatively expensive for VQ
Where to buy

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