The 7 Best Latin Music Radio Stations For A Fiesta In The UK

The UK benefits from a wonderfully diverse broadcasting landscape. Radio stations throughout the country cover everything from talk show programs to news broadcasts and incredible musical playlists.

Though many stations focus on broad music genres like pop, hip-hop, dance, and rock, some take a more niche approach to programming.

Latin music radio stations, for instance, offer UK residents and visitors an opportunity to tune in to some sensational songs and powerful ballads from across the globe.

These channels allow you to explore everything from salsa and merengue to tropical rhythms.

Certain subgenres, like Spanish-language pop, have proven pretty popular over the years, reaching top-40 charts and playlists nationwide.

Today, we will explore some of the best Latin music radio stations in the UK, offering you the opportunity to join the fiesta.

The UK’s Top 7 Radio Stations for Latin Music

Latin music in the UK can cover various musical styles, from salsa music and Reggaeton to Latin jazz, Latin pop, and mambo.

While some UK radio stations focus exclusively on the Latin theme, others combine Latin songs with playlists that include other types of world music and unique genres.

Let’s look at some of the best stations worth exploring if you’re hunting for passionate Latin lyrics and tunes.

1. Fiesta FM

Stacks of vintage colorful radios in the sunlight
Fiesta FM is the perfect station to tune into Latin music in the UK.

A community radio station based in Southampton, Fiesta FM is a little-known radio channel specializing in various Latin music genres.

Fiesta FM was built on founder Felix Pastor’s passion for music and Latin culture. The station boasts a versatile weekly schedule, which includes various programs produced to appeal to all kinds of listeners.

During weekdays (Mondays to Fridays), listeners can enjoy shows like the Community Hour, showcasing insights and music requests from local fans, and dedicated genre-driven shows like Reggae Roots, Magic Marlow, and Youth Club Disco.

On weekends, the Fiesta FM channel focuses more heavily on high-octane, high-energy musical playlists. Popular shows include Rumba 4U Live and Fiesta Sizzlers on Saturdays.

On Sundays, the station airs sports-related commentary programs and talk sessions.

Frequency: FM: 95 MHz

Website: Fiesta FM

2. Latin Radio (Radio Latina)

Advertising itself as the UK’s number one Latin music station, Latin Radio serves listeners both within the UK and around the world.

This is one of the few channels in the UK market to focus on playing 100 percent Latin music. Playlists include a variety of genres, such as Reggaeton, bachata, salsa, merengue, Afro-Latino, and guaracha.

Part of what makes Latin Radio such an attractive station is its commitment to serving its community.

The staff members at the network are constantly looking for ways to help new and upcoming artists emerge into the scene.

Plus, the network has a relatively strong presence online, connecting with listeners through several social media channels.

This could be the ideal station if you’re looking for various Latin music styles blended with engaging DJ sessions and unique programs.

Frequency: Online Only

3. Rinse FM

Dancing to Latin music in a crowd with laser lights
Rinse FM is known for its eclectic music variety, including Latin music.

Rinse FM, another community radio station with a significant presence in the musical landscape is located in London, England.

The station is one of the most versatile on this list, playing genres from jungle to house, garage, dance, and Latin music.

While Rinse FM is best known for helping drive the growth of the UK garage scene, the diverse range of playlists ensures something for everyone on this channel.

Notably, Rinse FM started as a pirate station and is considered one of the most influential pirate stations ever. Even John Peel recommended listening to the station in 2004.

If you’re a big fan of Latin dance, rap, and pop music, this will likely be your perfect station. It’s brimming with unique songs from established and up-and-coming artists and live club sessions.

Frequency: FM: 106.8 MHz

Website: Rinse FM

4. Mi-Soul

Digital radio station Mi-Soul doesn’t focus exclusively on Latin music. Still, it offers a variety of genres to choose from.

Alongside the occasional Latin hit, you’ll find plenty of soul music, R&B, house, and reggae tunes.

The station was founded in 2015 by Gordon Mac, formerly known for Kiss FM and Colourful Radio, with his business partner, Martin Strivens.

Though this channel might not be as well-known as other major radio leaders in the UK, it’s home to some famous presenters.

DJs on the station include legendary names like Jazzie B, Greg Edwards, and Ronnie Herel.

This is the station for you if you’re looking for a fun collection of musical experiences combining laid-back tunes with dance anthems.

Frequency: DAB: 12A

Website: Mi-Soul

5. BBC Radio 1Xtra

Person sitting on a couch in a bright room with their legs crossed with a portable shortwave radio in their lap
You can enjoy smooth Latin music on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

BBC Radio 1Xtra is owned and operated by the BBC. It’s another relatively diverse digital station for music lovers from all backgrounds.

It primarily broadcasts urban music, with playlists featuring songs from the hip-hop, R&B, and house genres. However, it’s also home to various styles of Latin, North American, and Caribbean tunes.

BBC Radio 1Xtra broadcasts regular programs with well-known presenters in between musical sessions.

Some of the notable hosts on the channel over the years have included Benji B, Tiffany Calver, Kenny Allstar, and Nadia Jae.

The station must also broadcast regular news bulletins on weekdays and weekends, so you can expect to hear regular updates from major events in the UK and worldwide.

Frequency: DAB: 12B

Website: BBC Radio 1Xtra

6. Reprezent

Based in Brixton, South London, Reprezent is a relatively unique youth-led radio station designed to appeal to audiences between 18 and 25.

The channel is home to various musical genres, from Latin pop and dance music to hip-hop, grime, and alternative tunes.

Reprezent was launched with a mission to provide a platform where young people could showcase their talents and discuss the social issues that influence their lives.

It aims to challenge stereotypes about the youth of the UK and help young people represent themselves in society.

The station has more than 140 young presenters and a massive 110 shows on its roster. It’s also one of the few channels in London to broadcast completely original content between 8 a.m. and 3 a.m.

The rest of the nightly broadcasts consist of user-curated playlists.

Frequency: FM: 107.3 MHz

Website: Reprezent

7. Unity Radio

First launched in 2010, Unity Radio is an independent multi-platform station in Manchester.

The station has an excellent reputation for playing urban music and cultural programs. It plays a significant role in its community.

For more than a decade, Unity Radio has committed to helping young people showcase their talents on the airwaves, producing various events and programs for teens to explore.

The station’s programming features local, national, and international dance and urban music choices.

There are plenty of opportunities to listen to Latin tracks from genres like Latin pop, Reggaeton, and Latin dance.

Unity also hosts various exclusive events for well-known artists from the garage, dance, and urban landscapes.

Frequency: FM: 92.7 MHz

Website: Unity Radio

Finding the Best Latin Radio Stations in the UK

While there may not be as many dedicated stations for Latin music in the UK radio landscape as there are for other genres like house, pop, and dance, there’s still a thriving community out there.

If you can’t find the music you love on the stations above, remember that many popular stations like BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, and Smooth Radio occasionally play Latin tracks too.

Plus, you can always check out some online radio stations throughout the UK if you’re looking for an entirely Latin-focused playlist. Good luck finding the perfect soundtrack for your fiesta.

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