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Roberts Elise DAB Radio review

The Elise DAB/FM radio is a versatile and easy to use radio comes with nine station presets including a favourite station button, so you’re never more than one touch away from your favourite. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Compact, portable design
Clear display
Easy-to-use buttons
Limited features
No Bluetooth streaming
No alarm clocks



Roberts is one of the most popular radio companies in the UK for a reason. 

This is a brand that takes audio performance to the next level, delivering sensational style, quality, and features – often for a relatively reasonable price. 

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one partner for your audio experience, like the Roberts Blutune 200, or you need something with retro charm, like the Revival, there’s something for everyone.

The Roberts Elise, for instance, is a compact DAB radio, perfect for use in the bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else you might think of, for that matter.

This portable and versatile radio is easy-to-use, with a range of handy features – including a favourite station button.

What’s more, the Elise doesn’t keep you tied down to a plug socket, with the option to power your device by battery charge.

Let’s take a closer look at the Roberts Elise DAB radio.

Roberts Elise DAB radio review: Design and build

At first glance, the Roberts Elise radio probably isn’t going to take your breath away. It’s slim, sleek and stylish – sure, but it also lacks some of the compelling retro appeal that comes with other Roberts products.

If you like the fun vintage charm of the Roberts Rambler for instance, then you might find the Elise a little lacking.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Roberts Elise DAB digital radio isn’t attractive.

It still comes in a choice of colours to suit your style, with a convenient titled section on the top of the device that makes it easy to find the buttons you need.

Those buttons include a number of dedicated preset buttons, so you can track down your favourite channel in an instant.

The central display is clear and easy to read, with information on the channel that you’re listening to.

Additionally, the Roberts Elise also comes with a tactile volume control too, which is great for people who aren’t used to fiddling with tiny buttons.

There’s also the option to use automatic or manual tuning, depending on your needs.

For the sake of versatility, the Roberts Elise radio is small and lightweight enough that you can take it with you wherever you go – including into the garden.

There’s also a handy headphone socket included for private listening purposes.

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Roberts Elise DAB radio review: Features

If you’re looking for the most advanced Roberts radio on the market, then the Elise isn’t it. There’s no internet radio available, and you’re not going to get a Bluetooth connection so that you can stream your favourite content on-the-move.

However, that doesn’t mean that this charming little radio isn’t worth your time.

Whether you choose to use it mains-powered or battery powered, you’ll have access to excellent sound quality, powerful volume, and a great selection of channels to listen to.

The Roberts Elise DAB radio comes with DAB+ and FM signals, as well as the option to set up to 9 station presets, with custom preset buttons and a “favourite station” button too. This is a portable radio intended to fit into your lifestyle.

For a price tag of around £70, you can expect features like:

  • Clear and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Tuning buttons
  • Rotary volume dial
  • 9 presets and multiple preset button
  • Line output socket
  • Headphone socket
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Compact and portable design
  • DAB, FM, and DAB+ wavebands

Unfortunately, the Roberts Elise is missing a few rather basic features.

For example, you can’t set an alarm on your radio, which means that it’s not going to make a great bedside companion. And, there’s no Bluetooth functionality or energy-saving option to manage your battery life.

Roberts Elise Radio Review 3
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Roberts Elise DAB radio review: Performance

Overall, the Roberts Elise radio is one of the more basic products in the Roberts portfolio, offering a simple and straightforward way to listen to modern radio on the move.

This portable DAB radio is great for those in search of out-of-the-box functionality without a huge learning curve.

You’re not going to need to worry about things like tracking down the Roberts Elise DAB radio manual every time you want to do something new.

However, this simplicity does come at the expense of a few necessary features, like alarm clock functions and Bluetooth streaming.

On the plus side, the Roberts Elise does have various positive points to offer, including a headphone output, and a convenient automatic tuning option.

Sound-wise, despite a relatively small size, the Roberts Elise DAB digital radio also delivers pretty acceptable audio and great volume.

You’re not going to fill your entire house with music using this device, but you should be able to enjoy a smooth and consistent experience every time you switch the Elise on.

Roberts Elise DAB radio review: Verdict

If you’re looking for a very basic DAB radio from Roberts that you can use without mains power, then the Roberts Elise radio may well be a good option for you.

However, in our opinion, there are a wide variety of better, more comprehensive options on the market from Roberts that can give you more functionality for a similar price.

There’s no alarm clock included with the Elise, and you won’t be able to stream your own music to the radio either. And while this product is portable, the battery life doesn’t last nearly as long as some other similar devices.

While you do get fantastic audio quality – as is the norm with Roberts, that might not be enough on its own to convince you to buy the Elise.

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Roberts Elise Radio Review 1
If you like the simple things in life then the Elise DAB/FM RDS digital radio might just be the radio for you. Easy to use, the Elise comes with 9 station presets including a favourite station button, so you are never more than one touch away from your favourite radio programme.
Build quality
Compact and portable design
Decent enough sound quality
Great DAB and DAB+ connectivity
Easy-to-use buttons
Favourite station button included
Battery or mains power available
Clear display
Limited features
No Bluetooth streaming
No alarm clocks
Where to buy

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