Revo SuperSystem Review

Revo SuperSystem review

SuperSystem is the evolution of the classic home stereo, re-imagined by REVO for the age of digital music and wireless audio streaming. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Excellent sound quality
Smartphone app included
Easy to set up and control
Not portable
Relatively expensive
Design has acquired taste



If you’re looking for something that will satisfy all of your music streaming needs, then an all-in-one device like the Revo SuperSystem could be the answer. 

Designed by the experts at Revo Radio, the Revo SuperSystem internet radio is a state-of-the-art package, filled with updated functionality, connectivity, and technology. The SuperSystem was designed to compete against the Ruark R2 Mk3, another leading all-in-one machine on the market today. Since 2015, the station has been delivering exceptional sound quality to people all across the UK. 

With the SuperSystem, you can cover all of your audio base’s, with the option to access music from around the globe, or stream your favourite content from a smartphone app. Today, we’re going to explore the functionality, performance, and incredible design of the Revo Radio SuperSystem from top to bottom. Read on to find out more.

Revo SuperSystem review: Design

If there’s one thing that the Revo Radio brand always does well – it’s design.

Previously, the company won an award in 2015 for the SuperConnect radio. The heavier, more robust Revo SuperSystem is the bigger and better version of this award-winning unit. It goes beyond internet radio to deliver an all-in-one experience in an attractive retro package.

The compelling exterior ensures that this unit will blend well into just about any home design strategy. With a walnut cabinet and anodised aluminium fascia. There are black and white versions too, if you’re looking for something with a slightly more minimalist feel.

For the Revo SuperSystem DAB+, the company has chosen the range of materials available based not just how they look, but how well they support the quality of sound emitted.

One point worth noting is that this internet radio wasn’t designed to sit on a small bedside cabinet. It’s a large machine that will definitely fill a lot of space in your room, shaking the crumbs off your worktop in your kitchen counter as you play your morning tunes.

Revo SuperSystem Review 2
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Revo SuperSystem review: Connectivity options

The Revo SuperSystem is designed to be an all-in-one music machine. It’s no surprise then that it comes with access to a range of streaming options, including internet radio, DAB+, DAB, and FM with RDS. Overall, you’ll be able to access around 24,000 stations from across the world. It also features access to Spotify Connect, which means you get another 30 million songs to choose from.

Wireless streaming from a range of sources is also available through Bluetooth technology built into the Revo SuperSystem music player. You can rest assured that however you choose to play your music or talk shows, you’ll achieve CD quality from supported devices. Additionally, WLAN and DLNA technology allow for playback via NAS drives. 

There’s also a 3.5mm input available, headphone out, RCA out, optical out and in, and Ethernet connectivity too. If you want to add a USB stick to the mix, there’s a USB port, and you can also use that to charge your phone if you need to.

Revo SuperSystem review: Sound quality

The Revo SuperSystem Deluxe digital music system was created to be large and in charge. It’s intended to fill your entire house with music if needs be, with a wide-reaching sound that’s forceful enough to really make an impact.

The Revo SuperSystem sound quality is so compelling that it makes the machine one of the top-performing all-in-one systems on the market.

Importantly, there’s more to the Revo SuperSystem music player than volume. The sound quality is in-depth and detailed too. The machine is capable of picking up the smallest textures of each instrument and vocal in a song so that you can rediscover your favourite music from a brand-new perspective.

The engineering that went into this unit also means that you continue to access the same unbeatable music quality at any volume. Even if you crank the sound up all the way, you’ll be able to achieve the same composure with even the most complex tunes. The 15cm bass driver certainly helps to support this, ensuring that you can always obtain a rich and warm undercurrent in your songs.

The Revo SuperSystem radio is an excellent choice for audiophiles, though it’s probably a good idea to turn “loudness mode” off in the settings, if like us, you think that oversaturated bass is unnecessary. Remove loudness mode, and you’ll be more likely to achieve a tonally balanced sound level with no excessive emphasis on any part of the range.

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Revo SuperSystem review: Controls and display

Even the best radio all-in-one system can’t do much if you don’t know how to use it. Fortunately, the Revo SuperSystem music player is available to use in a variety of ways. The large knob on the top of the cabinet makes it easy to adjust the volume at a moment’s notice. There are also various buttons available for playback and presets too.

The system comes with a remote that you can use to manage the device from a distance, or if you prefer, you can always download the UNDOK app on your smartphone. This will allow you to manage your music wherever you are in the house and access a range of multi-room features too. You will need access to multiple Revo radio devices if you want to use the multi-room features, however.

The 2.7 OLED display is also available to give you an insight into whatever is playing, so you can use that to figure out what you want to do next with your system.

For those keen to access Bluetooth connectivity, the Revo SuperSystem connections also deliver Bluetooth as an option, which is quick and easy to access. You can set up your connection in seconds, and once you’ve done so, the performance is excellent – with very few dropouts and minimal interference to worry about.

Revo SuperSystem review: Additional features

To ramp up your musical experience even further, the Revo SuperSystem comes with a unique 80-watt amplifier that comes from two BMR flat-panel speakers on the device. This helps to deliver an amazingly powerful yet subtle sound experience. You can also use the system to provide your morning alarm call if you like.

The dual-alarm function comes with snooze and sleep functions built-in, and the box comes with multi-country power supply options too – although this machine is probably too big to take with you on the move.

Revo SuperSystem radio: Verdict

“Super” is definitely the right word to describe the Revo SuperSystem, with its exceptional sound quality, an incredible range of features, and compelling design. This fantastic piece of machinery is a sure fire hit for any home, brimming with excellent ways to entertain and amaze.

The only real issue with this machine is that it’s probably too big for a smaller room, as it would fill up too much space.

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Revo SuperSystem Review
The Revo Supersystem features a detailed graphical OLED display and joystick control which adds a touch of modernity, while twin 3.5” BMR speaker drivers and integrated active subwoofer deliver 80W of clear digital audio with pin-sharp clarity and deep, satisfying bass.
Build quality
Excellent sound quality
Beautiful design for any home
Fantastic connectivity options
Bluetooth access available
Smartphone app included
Alarm systems available
Easy to set up and control
Too big for small rooms
Not portable (but that’s not the intention!)
Relatively expensive
The design might not appeal to every taste
Where to buy

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