Relish Radio Review

Relish radio review

It’s easy to overlook a lot of the “user-experience” focused radios on the market today as being basic tools with limited capabilities. While it’s true the Relish radio might not have some of the latest features on the market, like voice activation – it’s definitely one of the best radios we’ve seen.
Extremely easy to use technology
Designed specifically for vision and cognition issues
DAB and FM radio connection
Powerful audio with great volume
Looks beautiful
Not the most advanced radio on the market


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This Relish radio review will introduce you to one of the most accessible radios on the market, created by a team dedicated to simplicity and excellent sound. The Relish portable radio is a state-of-the-art product built to make life easier. 

Both a DAB radio and music player, the Relish radio promises to bring joy to all music lovers, including those with dementia, and Alzheimer’s. The specialist design enables people with various symptoms of cognitive decline to easily choose and listen to the music they want. 

Clearly separated buttons, playlist customisation options, and a host of other carefully-chosen design elements make the Relish radio one of the most appealing in the market if you need a radio for seniors, or people with memory loss.

Relish radio review: Design

The design of the Relish radio is probably one of the most compelling things about it. 

Unlike most radios for seniors and those with vision issues, the Relish radio is surprisingly attractive, with a beautiful “retro” appeal. The product looks like one of the higher-rated products on the market, with quality materials throughout, and a sleek, streamlined appearance.

Available in shades of modern, minimalistic grey, the Relish radio will suit the décor in almost any room. More importantly, the Relish doesn’t just “look good”. This state-of-the-art device is carefully constructed to improve usability.

Every aspect of the Relish radio, from the large, tactile volume dial to the clear labelling and the carefully positioned buttons, helps to empower older users. According to the Relish team, the product was built in collaboration with a community of dementia sufferers, offering feedback on their needs. 

This is one of the most attractive radios we’ve seen built specifically for those with visibility and motor control issues. It’s also helpfully portable, with the option to either plug your radio into the main outlet or use batteries.

Relish Radio Review
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Relish radio review: Features

Relish might not be one of the biggest global names in radio production yet — but it’s definitely on the path to stardom. This radio designed for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia was created with the greatest attention to detail from the Relish team. 

According to Relish, the brand is committed to creating products that bring joy to people of all ages, from all backgrounds. Relish believes in the healing power of music, and its ability to transform wellbeing, even in those with issues of cognitive decline.

The Relish radio was created to build on this belief, allowing all kinds of people to access the music they want with ease. Through two years of research, the Relish company has created a beautiful, yet practical radio for older users. 

Features include:

  • Personalisation panel for saving channels
  • DAB radio 
  • USB port
  • FM and digital mode
  • Headphone socket
  • DC power socket for adapter
  • High-quality sound performance
  • 2–3-watt speaker
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Contemporary aesthetic
  • Large letters for visibility
  • USB port for your own playlist
  • Easy-to-use buttons and volume dial

The Relish radio is also highly versatile, with the option to use either battery power or mains energy. This ensures you can easily take your radio with you from the bedroom to the living room, kitchen, and beyond.

Relish radio review: Performance

There are a few factors worth mentioning regarding the performance of the Relish radio. 

The first thing we should note is the user-friendliness of this device. As mentioned above, everything is custom-built to enable and empower senior users and people with visibility issues. The buttons are clear and easy-to-read, with great labelling. 

The easy-to-use volume dial is a delight for older users too, and there’s also a sound every time a button is pressed. This helps to ensure older people don’t accidentally make too many changes to their listening preferences. 

The most innovative aspect of the Relish radio’s performance is the personalisation. Rather than the stations being displayed with relatively confusing names, like Absolute Radio, you can set specific stations based on what’s easier for the person who’s going to be using the radio system. 

For instance, you might label something “Mum’s favourites”, or “1960s music”. 

There’s also a set of four pre-set stations which the user can easily access at the press of a button. Three of the set stations are radio channels, while the final option is the “My Playlist” option for playing music from an MP3 USB.

There’s a 3-watt speaker system too, which makes the Relish radio a relatively powerful device compared to some of tis competitors. You don’t have to compromise on sound quality just because you want a radio to be easy-to-use.

Relish Radio Review
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Relish radio review: Verdict

The Relish radio is a world apart from what many of us have come to expect when it comes to radios for the elderly. Usually, radios designed for ease-of-use aren’t always as attractive or as powerful as they should be. However, with the Relish radio, you don’t compromise on anything.

This is a radio with excellent sound, and amazing aesthetics – as well as the added bonus of user experience. You get the quality audio you need for listening to your favourite music, without having to worry about an ugly box in the middle of your room.

The more you use this radio, the more wonderful features you’ll discover, designed to make life easier. The volume dial even stays above 0 at all times, so there’s less of a risk someone will think the radio is off because they can’t hear it. 

Though this might sound like an odd thing to mention, the Relish also looks like a traditional retro – which can make it a lot more accessible to older people who would otherwise be confused by modern radio sets.

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Relish Radio Review
Relish radio review: Conclusion
This unique product really understands the target market its trying to reach. For older people and those with vision issues, it’ll be hard to find another similar radio with the same simplicity, functionality, and quality you get here.

It’s clear the Relish team has been inspired in the creation of this radio and guided by the people in the community they’re trying to serve.

The company believes in the power of music as a tool for improving the wellbeing of people with issues like dementia, helping them to connect with their past and their present through meaningful, emotional interactions.

We definitely recommend this radio as an excellent pick for usability and performance.
Build quality
Extremely easy to use technology
Designed specifically for vision and cognition issues
DAB and FM radio connection
Powerful audio with great volume
Looks beautiful
Not the most advanced radio on the market
Today's best deal

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