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Recordable DAB radio: Best DAB radio with record function

The best DAB radio with record function isn’t the common product it once was. With smartphones now capable of doing most of your recording for you, a DAB radio recorder can be harder to find. Fortunately, it’s not impossible.

Recordable DAB radio sets just aren’t as common as you might think. A digital radio recorder is extremely hard to find these days. If you want the extra benefit of a DAB connection, your options are reduced even further. Finding a DAB radio with SD card recording can be a little tricky, but we’re here to help.

Here’s your guide to the best DAB radio with record function, and the alternatives you can consider.

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1. Roberts Blutune 200

The Roberts Blutune 200 is one of the most attractive and versatile all-in-one radio systems on the market today. We’ve been lucky enough to conduct a full review of this device here at Radio Fidelity in the past, so we know first-hand just how excellent it can be. 

The Blutune 200 follows the trend set by Roberts for delivering excellent functionality and style in one incredible package. Similar to the Stream 94i, the Blutune combines a wooden surround for deeper bass and better acoustics, with a modern face and a set of tactile controls. The Blutune stands out as a lot more than just a DAB radio with recording facility. This device is also a CD player, Bluetooth speaker, and it’s capable of playing FM radio too. 

Of course, for all that functionality, you might expect that the price tag is going to be a little higher than what you’d get from other brands. 

The Roberts Blutune 200 is usually available for about £260, and for that price, you get:

  • Acoustically tuned design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Recording for SD and USB cards
  • FM, DAB and DAB+ signals
  • Radio and CD wakeup options
  • 20 preset stations
  • Remote control
  • Sleep and snooze timers
  • Bass and treble equaliser

With the Blutune 200, the Roberts brand has clearly gone above and beyond to deliver one of the best DAB radios with record function that money can buy. While this is unlikely to be your top choice if you’re shopping on a budget, it’s a system that offers all-in-one functionality with style. You get all the power you need to create genuinely incredible sound, as well as handy and convenient features like adjustable snooze and sleep timers. 

The sound quality, as you would expect from a Roberts radio, is phenomenal, and the ease of use is pretty impressive too.  Just keep in mind that the bright screen means that this tool might not be ideal for use as a bedside radio.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy recording options
  • Adjustable EQ and high-quality sound
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • DAB, FM, and DAB+


  • High price tag
  • Bright LCD screen makes it less ideal for a bedside radio
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2. Yaakin K1 personal DAB radio with record function

You don’t necessarily need to pay through the nose for a full audio system if you want a DAB radio with SD card recording, or another form of record function. Sometimes, you can stick to something a lot smaller and get the same, or similar results. 

For instance, the Yaakin K1 stands out as one of the best personal radios with an added record function. The system features an MP3 player with mini radio, an SD card system, and more. 

Although the Yaakin K1 isn’t nearly as attractive as the Roberts Blutune 200, it offers all the functionality you need if you’re looking for a way to start recording DAB radio. This compact portable radio is great for an active lifestyle, as it will fit seamlessly into your pocket. 

Additionally, you get the option to recharge your radio and take it with you anywhere, rather than just leaving the system plugged in at home. 

Yaakin even offers its customers extra peace of mind through a full 12-month warranty that protects you from potential damage to your device. 

For just under £35, features include:

  • USB rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of life
  • Integrated signal with built-in headphone antennas
  • Powerful bass, and carefully tuned sound
  • Portable and compact design
  • 12-month warranty
  • DAB radio with SD card recording
  • Auto scan tuning
  • Lockable buttons
  • 120 minutes of sleep time

Aside from being a useful DAB radio with record function, the Yaakin also comes with plenty of additional capabilities to make your audio life easier. You can enjoy the benefits of saving up to 60 preset stations. Additionally, your device will automatically set the time, so you can avoid fiddling around with it when the seasons change. 

The lockable buttons are a particularly handy feature of this device, as they ensure that you’re not going to accidentally change the station or the volume when the product is in your pocket. However, it’s worth noting that there are no instructions included, and tuning the radio can be a bit of a hassle.


  • Reasonably good sound quality for a pocket radio
  • DAB radio recorder with SD card slot
  • Excellent design with lockable buttons
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • 12-month warranty


  • No instructions, which means that the set-up is difficult
  • Tuning can be very awkward
  • Preset stations can be wiped occasionally
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3. Pure One Classic Series 2

When you’re looking for a DAB radio recorder in the UK, it makes sense to start with those classic radio brands that have been around for quite some time. Companies like Roberts and Pure often come out on top when it comes to delivering diverse functionality mixed with sensational sound. 

The Pure One Classic Series 2 is a lesser-known product in the Pure portfolio, but it’s still available to purchase from various locations around the world.

Although the Pure One Classic Series 2 digital radio recorder takes a slightly different approach to audio recording, we still thought it was worth including in this list. After all, this is a DAB and FM radio, with a “listen later” feature. The listen to later option means that you can save your favourite programmes or songs and play them back later with live recording. 

Other unique features of the Pure One Classic Series 2 include the intellitext system, which allows you to store scrolling text from participating broadcasters. 

For around £100, the Pure One Classic Series 2 features:

  • DAB and FM radio
  • Portable design
  • Listen later live recordable radio
  • TextScan and Intellitext
  • Adjustable treble and bass
  • Portable design
  • Clock display
  • ChargePAK for portability
  • 30 presets

Like many other products in the Pure portfolio, the One Classic Series 2 comes with the option to add a ChargePAK environmentally-friendly battery for recharging. You can also access an aux input for your MP3 or iPod, and pause and rewind your digital radio for up to 15 minutes if you want to listen to something again. 

If you want to use the system as a bedside clock, it also comes with a tone or radio alarm when powered by the mains. 

Although this is an excellent recording DAB radio, it’s also tough to get hold of these days, which might make it a less than ideal solution for some consumers.


  • Digital and FM radio
  • Record your favourite programmes
  • Control and pause radio
  • Adjustable treble and bass
  • Portable option


  • Hard to find these days
  • Alarm only works when mains powered
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4. GPO Brooklyn digital radio recorder

GPO is a brand that we don’t get a chance to talk about much here at radio fidelity. However, this company can sometimes deliver some genuinely incredible music systems. If you’re looking for a DAB radio with recording facility, and you want the combined benefits of an all-in-one audio machine, then try the GPO Brooklyn. 

Although this device doesn’t always deliver the same music quality that you might get from Roberts or Pure, it does have a lot to offer. 

This fully-portable device from GPO comes with a unique design that resembles the traditional 80s boom box. That means that you can listen to your favourite music and enjoy a dose of nostalgia at the same time. 

The product features a huge number of playback styles to choose from, including a CD player and a cassette player, with a recording function built-in. The recording service allows you to save your music to a CD, tape, or USB stick, rather than to an SD card, however.

Like the other all-in-one kit that we covered from Roberts, the wide range of features on the GPO also means that it comes with a  pretty high price tag. 

However, for around £200, you get features like:

  • A CD player and cassette player
  • Recordable DAB radio to a memory stick
  • External device connectivity via aux-in
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Fully portable design
  • Unique boombox design
  • FM, DAB, and DAB+ radio

There are a lot of things to like about this DAB radio with recording facility. It looks attractive if you have a passion for 80s nostalgia. Additionally, it’s nice to have the option to playback a cassette or CD from your old collection. Of course, the added digital radio recorder is crucial too. 

However, many people have complained that this device isn’t as great as picking up radio stations as it could be. Additionally, the CD player can be a little problematic at times.


  • Recordable radio function
  • Range of playback options, including CD and cassette
  • Unique design with lights 
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Fully portable


  • Not great at tuning
  • Problems with CD functionality
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5. Docooler GTMedia D2 recordable radio

Docooler is another brand that you’re unlikely to have seen here on Radio Fidelity before. However, we’re more than happy to explore the offers available from a multitude of different companies when it comes to giving our readers the ideal insight into the best DAB radio with record function. 

The GTMedia D2 is a portable radio, similar to the Yaakin K1 device that we covered above. 

This DAB digital radio recorder comes with a built-in speaker and headphone jack, so you can decide whether you want to listen with a group or enjoy your music privately. Additionally, you can opt for either using batteries, or using the rechargeable system to power your device. 

This DAB recorder comes with several convenient functions including a clock and sleep timer function, and an easy interface with presets available for your favourite stations. 

With a price of just under £55, you get plenty of functionality from this device, including:

  • Loudspeaker and headphone jack
  • Portable and durable design
  • Clock and sleep timer functionality
  • Preset radio stations
  • Battery operation and rechargeable lithium battery
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Small and lightweight 
  • Digital radio recorder

Overall, there’s not a lot that’s particularly special about this recordable DAB radio system at first glance. Aside from the card slot included for recording, it looks like a standard pocket radio, similar to something you might get from Pure. 

The sound quality for this device is only very basic however, which is probably why it hasn’t gained a lot of attention yet. Although you will be able to manage your music with this product, and enjoy recordings, you won’t get the same quality you would expect from a Roberts device.


  • Portable design
  • Capable of recording DAB radio
  • Preset stations
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Limited audio quality
  • No Bluetooth streaming

Alternatives to the best DAB radio with record function

As mentioned above, there simply aren’t a lot of DAB radios with recording facilities built-in anymore. Ultimately, most manufacturers assume that if you want to continue listening to the music that you hear on the radio, you’ll download it to your phone, or Spotify account. 

Additionally, many digital radio stations also share copies of the programmes that they play online so that you can check them out on the internet later. 

Because of this, it’s much easier to find a recordable radio solution that comes with access to only FM and AM radio, rather than DAB. Here are a few options with just FM, if you don’t mind giving up DAB to record your favourite tunes.

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1. Roberts CD9960 recordable DAB radio

As we’ve already mentioned in this article, Roberts is one of the leading providers of versatile radio systems in the UK market. Although there’s only one DAB radio with record function in the Roberts portfolio that we can find, they do offer other recording options. 

For instance, the Roberts CD9960 is a system very similar in style to the Roberts Zoom box. 

The CD9960 offers a traditional CD/cassette player style device that provides a multitude of playback options, including CD, cassette, and FM/MW, and LW radio. The deluxe version of the device includes full recording options, so that you can record straight from the radio to a CD or cassette. 

Additionally, you can record music from your CDs to a tape and vice versa. 

The Roberts CD9960 takes a slightly more traditional approach to record than a modern DAB radio with SD card recording. However, this product will still get the job done for many radio fans. 

For just under £70 features include:

  • Portable design with carrying handle
  • Stereo speakers with excellent volume
  • Programmable CD player
  • Deluxe cassette player
  • Recordable radio function
  • Battery or mains operation
  • FM, MW, and LW radio

The major downside of this Roberts radio is that it doesn’t come with the option to listen to modern DAB radio. Additionally, compared to some of the more modern products in the Roberts portfolio, the CD9960 also has a few issues with things like tinny sound and poor signal. 

Perhaps this is why the CD9960 is harder to find these days than many of the updated Roberts products, like the Zoombox or even the Roberts Skylark for CD and cassette playing.


  • CD and cassette player
  • Portable design with battery option
  • Stereo speakers
  • Recording function


  • No DAB radio
  • Somewhat tinny sound
  • Problems with the reception at times
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2. Sony CFDS70B classic recordable radio

Another alternative option for people searching for the right recordable DAB radio could be the Sony CFDS70B. This device comes from one of the leaders in audio and visual entertainment on the market today. 

Around the world, Sony is known for offering innovative and versatile products in a range of different environments. It’s no surprise then that the company offers a unique recordable radio device. 

Unfortunately, it’s not something that you can use with DAB radio. 

The CDFS70B is a classic style CD and tape boombox that resembles many of the older products that you may have had in your home during the 90s and early 2000s. This product comes with a full-range sound supported by mega bass. Additionally, there’s digital tuning for FM and AM stations, with the additional option to save up to 30 stations presets.

Like the Roberts radio above, the Sony offers a recording function through the option to save music to cassettes or CDs. Additionally, there’s an audio-in hack for connecting your phone or MP3 player. 

For just under £45, features include:

  • Great sound output with bass boost
  • Digital tuning for FM/AM stations
  • 30 station preset options
  • CD player with shuffle and program functions
  • Sleep timer
  • Built-in cassette tape deck
  • Recordable radio function
  • Audio jack for MP3 players
  • Battery-powered option
  • Portable with handle

Once again, this isn’t the most modern device on the market for those in search of recording functions. There’s no Bluetooth connectivity included, and you won’t be able to listen to your favourite DAB content. 

However, this Sony radio is a good compromise if you’re just looking for something that allows you to record from FM channels. 

The device is portable when it needs to be, and we like the fact that it comes with a number of preset options to help you find the channels that you love.


  • Up to 30 station presets
  • Portable and battery-powered
  • Recordable radio functionality
  • Digital tuning
  • Cassette tape deck


  • No DAB functionality
  • Bulky design
  • Buttons are a bit fiddly
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3. Steepletone 8-in-1 music system

Finally on our list of alternatives to the best DAB radio with record function is the Steepletone SMC386r 8-in-1 music system. This device was created to be your go-to solution to listening to virtually every kind of music – including vinyl records. 

Along with a record turntable, the product features a reliable CD player, a twin cassette player, and the option to tune in to FM and MW radio. The only thing missing is DAB or Wi-Fi radio.  

The Steepletone is a state-of-the-art device that’s sure to fit well into a number of homes. We like how comprehensive the system is, even though it’s lacking the DAB option. Additionally, the option to record to USB sticks and SD cards is a nice touch. You can even record from your vinyl or cassettes to another medium, like CD or digital file. 

There’s a remote control included to manage the entire system, and the stereo speakers are detached from the main body of the product so that you can place them around your home. There’s also the option to invest in a separate subwoofer. 

For just under £160, features include:

  • Bluetooth streaming 
  • Record turntable, CD player and dual cassette player
  • FM and MW radio
  • Recordable radio to SD card to stick
  • MP3 recording from various mediums
  • Remote control included
  • Headphone jack
  • Stereo speakers and optional subwoofer

If you’re looking for a solution that allows you to record and listen to music in a multitude of exciting ways, then you’re going to love the experience you get with the Steepletone. Aside from the lack of DAB connectivity, it’s one of the most versatile products that we’ve seen on the market. 

One other potential downside is that the CD tray has a habit of getting jammed from time to time. Additionally, the remote control included with this product tends to have a hard time connecting with the system. You need to be stood right in front of the player to change the volume.


  • Range of playback modes, including record turntable
  • Recordable radio to SD card and memory stick
  • Headphone jack
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Optional subwoofer


  • No DAB radio
  • Remote isn’t much good
  • The CD player can jam occasionally

Finding the best DAB radio with record function

Ultimately, finding the best DAB radio with record function isn’t as simple as it once was. Many companies aren’t offering recordable DAB radio products anymore, in the age of smartphones.

There are various ways that you can record and listen to music without having a recordable radio. For instance, you can track down the online version of the digital station that you’re listening to and download their files. 

Alternatively, you could record certain programs straight to your phone, although there’s a risk that you could lose some sound quality with this strategy. 

Alternatively, if you don’t mind giving up on DAB radio functionality, you could always consider using an FM radio with the recording function instead. There are plenty of those alternatives on the market, including the 3 options that we listed above. 

Overall, however, if we had to choose the best DAB radio with record function without compromising on any crucial features at all, we’d definitely pick the Roberts Blutune 200. Not only is this device one of the best all-in-one radio and music systems that we’ve had the chance to review, but it’s brimming with versatility too. 

It might be one of the more expensive options that we’ve covered in our DAB radio recorder list, but the Blutune will capture your favourite music and programmes with ease. What’s more, you get the quality you would expect from Roberts too.

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