Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

The top Christmas radio stations all year round

The top Christmas radio stations all year round are perfect for when you’re tired of waiting for the “most wonderful time of the year.” Although some people consider listening to festive tunes ahead of schedule bad luck, the right song can definitely add a spring to your step.

Let’s face it, one of the best things about the holiday season is the music.

Christmas songs old and new have a unique ability to make us feel better about the world. They fill us with childlike excitement, get us daydreaming about gifts and turkey, and bring us closer together.

After a horrible Monday in July dealing with heatwaves and a terrible boss, it’s no wonder some people seek out an early hit of Christmas joy.

Fortunately, whether you’re a complete Xmas fanatic, or you’re just looking for a break from the restrictions of the traditional calendar, there are options out there to help you.

Here are our top year-round Christmas radio stations.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

1.   Evergreen Radio

Available on the Apple and Google app store, online, and even through Alexa, Evergreen is one of the top Christmas radio stations all year round, playing your favorite Christmas tunes every day of the year with absolutely no advertisements.

You can enjoy commercial-free music 24/7, whether you’re looking for the best bangers in December or not.

This radio station is funded entirely by listeners, so if you really fall in love with it, you can show your support by donating to the Christmassy cause. You don’t have to pay to listen though – you’re also free to tune in regardless of whether you donate.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

2.   AccuRadio

AccuRadio is a website responsible for curating multiple radio streams in one place. There are special segments and music categories to browse through to find exactly what you want to listen to – even if you’re craving Christmas in July.

Great for radio stations that play Christmas music all year round, AccuHolidays has a list of top channels to choose from. You can pick based on your preferred genre of music, finding things like carols, traditional classics, and modern songs too.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

3.   Christian Broadcasting Network

The CBN is a pretty popular network for all kinds of music intended for Christian audio fans. There’s a special channel for those who want to listen to a Christmas radio station year-round, and you can tune in whenever you like on the website.

As you might expect, the music from this station is more classical and traditional. You’re not going to hear any alternative Christmas songs or rock and roll here.

Instead, you can expect options like Amy Grant, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. There are a handful of Christmas carols to discover too.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

4.   Christmas Radios

Simple but effective, this online year-round Christmas radio station isn’t just one channel playing holiday music – but several. Scroll through a list of “top stations” including CBN radio, Merry Christmas Radio, and Jul Radio – specifically for Christmas listeners.

This is a very popular choice for people looking to hear festive songs from different regions around the world. You can save your favorites, or just check out what’s popular right now.

Options like Radio Santa Claus are usually particularly popular, but there’s no shortage of additional options to choose from. The great thing about Radio Santa Claus is it seems like it’s hosted from Santa’s office in the North Pole.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

5.   Christmas FM

Christmas FM is another great answer to the question “what radio station plays Christmas music all year round?” Like some of the other top curation channels on this list, the website is packed full of different ways to listen.

You can even visit channels from around the world, where you’ll find festive music specific to the region.

There’s a channel available just for the US, so this is probably a good place to start if you’re looking for music you’re familiar with. We’d definitely recommend taking some time to browse through the other options for a little more variety.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

6.   That Christmas Channel

Boasting more than 50,000 listeners worldwide, That Christmas Channel is a regional Christmas station specifically for people in the US.

The cool thing about this station is it’s more than just Christmas songs. You’ll also hear shows and special guest segments from time to time too.

This all-year-round Christmas channel is ideal for all kinds of situations, including December parties. You’ll hear a variety of rock, pop, traditional, and even novelty Christmas tunes, and it’s available entirely for free.

This is a pretty fun channel, which tends to work best with apps like TuneIn radio.

However, you can also find a dedicated website online too.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

7.   Internet Radio

A good go-to choice for anyone in search of a specific genre of radio to brighten up their day, Internet Radio curates channels from all over the world. There are more than 100 stations to choose from, focused on Christmas music alone.

You just need to filter through your options by looking for “Christmas” to start browsing your options.

The cool thing about Internet Radio is the variety. There are tons of different channels to explore here, including options for other kinds of festive seasons, like Halloween or Valentine’s Day. You can also choose from specific kinds of Christmas music, like carols or pop music.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

8.   Always Christmas radio

So this is Christmas? It is on Always Christmas radio – all the time in fact. We like the ease-of-use of this radio station, which you can download to your phone or just access online.

There’s a constant stream of information available at the bottom of the screen to show you which songs are coming up next, so you don’t miss your favorites.

Though a little repetitive at times, it’s a great channel if you’re looking for something to liven up your mood, and you want to enjoy some top songs ahead of schedule. There are links to related channels and streams on the site too.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

9.   Surfmusic

Home to a huge number of live radio and web stations, Surfmusic is an ever-evolving platform for radio stations all around the world. You can search specifically for any genre of music – including “Xmas” songs.

The fun thing about this channel is you’ll also get an insight into the style of music playing from each station, and where it comes from.

If you’ve always wanted a way to access 80s Christmas hits any time of year, or you’re wondering what the top 40 Christmas songs are in München, this is the place for you. It’s also a great place to tune into music TV and news.

Listen here.

Christmas Radio Stations All Year Round

10.   Web Radio

One of the more popular internet radio stations available today, Web Radio is, like many of the options on this list, home to hundreds of live-streaming channels. You can check out the most popular AM or FM domains or access the dedicated “Christmas” section of the site.

Within the Christmas section, you’ll see a selection of online stations playing specific kinds of songs.

There’s access to options like Christmas classics, family Christmas songs, party music and more. You’ll also have a range of options for how you want to listen to the live stream. It’s a great place for overall variety.

Listen here.

Year-round Christmas radio stations

While listening to Christmas radio stations all year round might seem a little old at first – it’s a good way to brighten things up if you’re feeling a little down. After all, you’re not hurting anyone, unless you’re forcing them to listen to the same songs on repeat too.

If you can’t find a channel you love above, consider downloading some of your favorite Christmas tunes yourself, and adding them to your own guilty-pleasure playlist.

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