Pure Siesta Home Review 1

Pure Siesta Home review

The Siesta Home is the ideal sound system for many areas of the contemporary home, due to its space-saving design, combined with a wide range of valuable features. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Versatile performance
SoundSpace EQ included
Excellent volume
Fiddly remote control
No Wi-Fi connection
No Aux in or out



Smart speakers and intelligent assistants are quickly changing the way that we manage our audio at home. 

These days, you don’t necessarily need a big all-in-one device like the Pure Chronos to manage all of your music. A slim and compact product could provide you with a similarly comprehensive experience. 

As we continued to make our way through a complete review of the Pure portfolio, we came across an impressively modern and intuitive product called the Siesta Home.

One of the more recent additions to the Pure line up, the Home is a premium all-in-one music system, complete with Bluetooth, DAB, FM radio and even your own sleek CD player.

If you’re looking for a complete music playing solution that doesn’t compromise on features, but gives you the compact performance that you need, you could add the Siesta Home to list of potential options.

Read on to find out more…

Pure Siesta Home review: Design and build

The Pure Siesta Home is similar in style to the other products in the Siesta range, including the Siesta Rise and the intriguing Siesta Charge.

Though it is a little bulkier than your standard DAB radio and alarm clock, the Siesta Home is still sleek and streamlined enough to fit into virtually any room of your home with ease.

Featuring a large speaker system in the rear for excellent high-quality sound, a practically invisible CD port, and a clean, clear display, the Siesta Home is modern and stylish.

It’s clear looking at this product that Pure wanted something that could easily blend into your décor around the home. Yet at the same time, when you do capture a glimpse of this product sitting on a desk somewhere, it makes you take a second glance.

The backlit buttons are excellent for finding what you need at a moment’s notice. Additionally, like other products in the Pure Siesta line, the Home comes with a CrystalVue+ display.

That means that you get a fantastic digital display that automatically dims to reduce the distractions in your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

At first glance, the Siesta Home might not look like much. It certainly doesn’t have the immediate impact of some of the other products in the Pure line, like the Evoke C-D6.

However, we think that this DAB radio system would be excellent for anyone with a passion for minimalism.

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Pure Siesta Home review: Features

Sleek and simple is the style that Pure has gone with for the Home DAB radio.

However, don’t let the streamlined and compact appearance of the Home fool you. There’s a lot more to this device than you might think – particularly when you start exploring the feature set.

First and foremost, the Siesta Home lets you listen to all of your favourite channels and shows with DAB and FM radio. There’s also CD functionality and Bluetooth streaming too.

Additionally, as you tap through the user-friendly interface on the Pure Home, you’ll discover a range of extra functionality options, including a headphone output for personal listening, the option to control your device via a remote control, and more.

There’s even 2 USB charging outputs available on your Home, so you can keep your phone powered without having to find an extra outlet.

Although the Home is quite at expensive, at just over £170, it’s an excellent piece of technology for people who don’t want to compromise on functionality or performance.

Features include:

  • Multiple alarm options with tone or channel playing
  • 40 station presets to choose from
  • DAB, DAB+ and FM radio
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Remote control from anywhere
  • 2 USB charging power ports
  • Kitchen and sleep timers
  • CrystalVue display with auto-dimming
  • Headphone output
  • CD player built-in

As one of the most modern devices in the Pure landscape, the Siesta Home comes packed full of features that will change the way that you think about your radio.

Whether you’re using the four alarms to manage your schedule, or the kitchen timer to help you cook – the Siesta Home has it all.

Pure Siesta Home Review 3
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Pure Siesta Home review: Performance

Whenever you’re choosing a clock radio or DAB system, it’s important to know that you’re getting something that’s easy to use and reliable. Fortunately, Pure is a brand that has no problem delivering quality, time after time.

The Pure Siesta Home’s user-friendly interface is great for beginners, even if you’re not used to DAB technology. You’ll be able to see the time and station information easily using the ultra-clear display.

What’s more, playing with your radio is easy when you have back-lit buttons to help you at night.

Additionally, you can also control your Pure Home from virtually anywhere with remote-control management.

However, it’s not just the simplicity and usability of the Siesta Home that makes it stands out.

This Pure Digital Siesta products also comes with SoundSpace EQ built-in to boost your listening experience.

Basically, this means that your radio optimises your audio output based on wherever you’re listening to your music. The SoundSpace EQ considers things like reverberation time and room size to provide a sound that’s intelligently suited to you.

Combine the smart tech built into this Pure Siesta clock radio with the 3-inch wide speaker for complete and immersive sound – and you get a fantastic all-around solution or home listening.

There are even added bass and treble controls so you can adjust how you listen to your music.

Pure Siesta Home review: Verdict

The Pure Siesta Home isn’t a product for casual radio listeners. It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other DAB radios on the market.

Additionally, the wide range of features means that you’re likely to spend a lot of time with the Pure Siesta manual.

However, we’d still recommend this fantastic product to anyone who wants an all-in-one DAB system for their home.

If you’re looking for excellent sound quality, mixed with simple functionality, and a range of additional features like USB charging ports – then you’re going to love the Siesta Home.

Just keep in mind that the remote control isn’t quite as responsive as it could be.

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Pure Siesta Home Review 1
Overall, Siesta Home enables you to listen to all your favourite FM and DAB+ digital radio stations, play a CD from your personal collection or stream music, podcasts or internet radio via Bluetooth. It also features four alarms, sleep timer, kitchen timer and backlit buttons for versatility in every room.
Build quality
Versatile performance for any home
40 station presets
Auto dimming and clear display
Bluetooth streaming
SoundSpace EQ included
Treble and bass controls
Excellent volume
Range of alarm options
Backlit buttons for ease of use
3 year warranty
CD player built-in
USB charging ports (2)
Remote control can be fiddly
No Wi-Fi connection
No Aux in or out
Where to buy

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