The 9 Best Talk Radio Stations In Philly, From News To Sports

Talk radio is one of the most popular forms of radio broadcasting in the US and worldwide today.

It allows listeners to tune into insightful shows on exciting topics, phone-in sessions, and sports and news commentary. Talk radio combines education with entertainment.

While the podcasting landscape has exploded in recent years, giving people another way to listen to people chat for entertainment, talk radio’s emotional authenticity has kept the medium alive.

In fact, in 2019, talk radio was ranked as the most popular format for broadcasting channels in the US, accounting for around 9.5 percent of the national radio market.

There are plenty of fantastic talk radio shows worth checking out for Philadelphia residents, whether you’re interested in comedy, drama, or sporting insights.

Here’s your guide to some of the top talk radio stations available in Philly.

The 9 Best Talk Radio Stations in Philadelphia

While Philadelphia might prefer adult contemporary, pop, and classic rock radio formats to talk radio in general, there are still some great options for listeners who want to switch musical playlists for something a little more conversational.

We chose the following talk radio stations based on their overall appeal, their listener numbers, and of course, their fantastic history in the broadcasting world.

1.     WPHT

A radio switchboard and other equipment bathed in bright blue light in Philly
WHPT aka Talk Radio 1210 has been on the air since 1922.

Easily one of the better-known talk radio stations from Philadelphia, WHPT, or Talk Radio 1210, launched in 1922 and belongs to the Audacy company.

The station broadcasts across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, focusing primarily on sports commentary and conservative talk programming.

Throughout the week, from morning to midday, the channel broadcasts shows hosted by local personalities, discussing national issues and news from within Delaware Valley.

Later in the afternoons and evenings, the station is home to various popular nationally syndicated shows from leading names like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity.

During the weekends, WPHT becomes more of an advice-focused channel, airing shows about real estate, money management, health, and even law.

There’s also the popular Sounds of Sinatra program on Sundays, ideal for those who want some easy listening.

Frequency: AM: 1210 kHz

Website: WPHT

2.     WHYY

WHYY might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a versatile collection of playlists and different kinds of content.

This public radio station is a charter member of the National Public Radio group, contributing various programs to the national network.

First signing on in 1954, WHYY achieved significant fame and fortune in Philadelphia.

The channel produces award-winning shows like NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and the Radio Times program with Marty Moss-Coane.

Alongside news and local updates, WHYY also broadcasts niche-focused content like Voices in the Family with Dr. Dan Gottlieb and You Bet Your Garden, an organic gardening call-in show.

The channel is also home to The Pulse, a show that focuses on stories related to health and science.

Frequency: FM: 90.9 MHz

Website: WHYY

3.     WNTP

Two radio hosts in a home studio with plants in the background
WNTP is one of Philly’s biggest commercial talk radio stations.

The Salem Media Group owns WNTP, a popular commercial radio station in Philadelphia that follows a conservative talk format.

Most of the programming on the channel comes from other stations in the Salem network, including syndicated shows from hosts like Mike Gallagher, Hugh Hewitt, and Charlie Kirk.

WNTP is well-known for its morning show, hosted by Christ Stigall, and regular commentary on news and local updates from across the US and Philadelphia.

The station even brands itself with the name The Answer.

Alongside an active radio playlist, WNTP has an interesting website where people can check the latest national news stories and purchase tickets for upcoming events hosted by the channel’s most famous presenters.

Frequency: AM: 990 kHz

Website: WNTP

4.     KYW

KYW is the go-to station for people looking to stay updated with what’s happening in Philadelphia.

This commercial AM station is one of the US’s oldest continuously operating radio stations today. It started life in Chicago before moving to Philadelphia in 1934 (hence the unusual call sign).

Today, KYW is the flagship station for the Audacy company, best known originally for airing a continuous stream of news and updates from across the United States.

However, in 2022, KYW broke away from its all-news format to simulcast a game from the 2022 World Series featuring the Philadelphia Phillies in collaboration with WPHT.

On-air staff for the channel include Wally Kennedy, the news anchor, and Rich Gunning, who produces traffic and transit information content.

Frequency: AM: 1060 kHz

Website: KYW

5.     WIP FM

Heading over to the world of sports, we have WIP-FM, a commercial radio station owned by the Audacy brand.

The station is one of the most popular for sports lovers throughout Philadelphia because it’s the flagship broadcasting company for the Philadelphia Eagles Football network.

It’s also the flagship station for the MLB Philadelphia Phillies.

WIP programming includes shows hosted by local presenters on days and evenings, and listeners can also tune into programming cast directly from CBS Sports Radio overnight.

On-air staff includes well-known presenters such as Joe Ritchie (the morning show), Hugh Douglas, and Sonny Hill.

The WIP FM station was also home to the Nick & Artie syndicated show, a famous American sports entertainment show that ran between 2011 and 2014, with commentary on sports and entertainment news and interviews with celebrities.

Frequency: FM: 94.1 MHz

Website: WIP

6.     WDAS

Headphones on a microphone and a radio switchboard in the background with golden lighting
WDAS started in New Jersey as WIAD before moving to Philly.

Otherwise known as The Gambler, WDAS is owned by the massive iHeartMedia brand.

The station initially launched as WIAD in New Jersey and focused on the entertainment landscape with various talk shows and programs.

Today, the station is dedicated purely to sports coverage and is an affiliate of Fox Sports Radio.

Accompanying sports coverage and commentary, listeners can expect to hear a variety of local programs geared toward sports betting.

The channel even launched The Daily Tickets, an afternoon show hosted by WPEN personality Sean Brace. Brace described The Gambler as the “future of sports radio.”

More local programs have recently been added to the station’s lineup, such as What Are the Odds by Eytan Shander and Cheesesteaks and Controllers by Jason Fanelli.

In 2020, the station became the flagship channel for the Philadelphia branch of Major League Soccer.

Frequency: AM: 1480 KHz

Website: WDAS

7.     WPEN

Another well-known radio station licensed to the Philadelphia market, WPEN is a commercial FM station owned by the Beasley Broadcast Group.

It’s otherwise known as The Fanatic and follows a sports radio format, acting as the flagship station for the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, as well as the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers.

WPEN features shows from local hosts throughout the days and evenings and nationally syndicated programs from the ESPN radio network on weekends and weeknights.

It’s also affiliated with the wider ESPN network.

Interestingly, WPEN was the only FM sports station available in Philadelphia for the first two years of its life until the CBS Radio rival WIP moved into the FM network.

Frequency: FM: 97.5 MHz

Website: WPEN

8.     WURD

One of the more interesting talk radio stations for Philly listeners on this list, WURD is an AM station that broadcasts a talk format specifically aimed at African Americans.

The station began broadcasting in 1958 as a daytime-only AM simulcast of the WFLN-FM station.

However, after several changes to the station’s formatting, Walter P. Lomax Jr. eventually took over, changing its programming and call sign.

Today, the station is popular among those looking for a diverse insight into African American culture and everyday people’s issues.

Throughout the day, listeners can tune into shows covering various topics, from politics and social issues to community affairs throughout Philadelphia.

Frequency: 900 kHz

Website: WURD

9.     WPIC

Finally, WPIC is a commercial radio station owned by Cumulus Media, which airs the talk radio and news format.

Weekdays generally begin with an insight into the local morning news, followed by syndicated conservative talk shows from names like Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro.

Throughout the day, WPIC broadcasts shows presented by local hosts, such as The Ron Errett Show, The Mercer County Bulletin Board, and The Bombeck Show.

The station also provides commentary on local high school basketball and football matches throughout the year.

The varied weekend playlists on WPIC include shows covering topics like law, religion, health, and money and dedicated music and talk shows for Greek, Polish, and Italian communities.

Frequency: AM: 790 kHz

Website: WPIC

Tune Into Talk Radio in Philly

Philadelphia has plenty on the airwaves, whether you’re interested in local sports commentary, insights into national politics, or various fun and interesting programs.

Above are just a handful of the best talk radio channels in the Philly region. However, there are plenty of other great options for AM and FM listeners.

Have fun experimenting with the airwaves and finding the talk radio shows that speak to you!

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