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Pure Siesta S2 review

Siesta S2 is the ideal bedside DAB radio alarm clock from Pure, with DAB/DAB+ and FM, you can wake to all of your favourite analogue and digital radio stations in crystal clear quality. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Clear dimmable display
Multiple alarm options
Textured snooze buttons
No USB ports
No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
No sound customisation



Here at Radio Fidelity, we think that everyone should have a bedside alarm clock radio.

There’s something fantastic about being able to fall asleep and wake up to your favourite stations every day. 

What’s more, we think that it’s a lot easier to get motivated on a grey Monday morning when you’re woken up by the radio, instead of an annoying buzzing sound. 

Of course, to get the best bedside experience, you’re going to need to find the right DAB alarm clock to transform your mornings and evenings. 

Pure, one of the leading companies for radio technology in the UK can definitely help with that. 

For customers in search of the ultimate alarm clock radio, Pure offers the “Siesta” range – a selection of beautifully-designed and eye-catching compact radios. 

Here’s your guide to one of the most affordable products in the Siesta line, the Pure Siesta S2.

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Pure Siesta S2 review: Design and build

We started our Pure Siesta S2 review the way that we begin all evaluations of the country’s leading radio technology – by considering the style. 

As you might expect if you’ve seen other products like the Charge and Home from Pure, the Siesta S2 looks very similar to the rest of the Siesta range. At first glance, you probably won’t be able to distinguish it from the flagship Siesta Rise

However, if you’re conducting a comparison between the Pure Siesta Rise vs S2, it’s worth noting that the S2 comes with fewer preset options, and fewer colours to choose from. 

The S2 is only available in either “Graphite” or “Polar“. That’s black or white to you and me. 

In both shades, the Siesta S2 looks fantastic. The compact style, similar to the Rise makes it a fantastic addition to your bedside table without taking up a great deal of excess space. 

Additionally, the large rear speaker ensures that you get plenty of volume from a small device. 

And, like other products in the Siesta collection, the Pure Siesta S2 comes with a CrystalVue display that’s easy to see from any angle. 

The clear display provides instant access to information about the time, the programs or stations you’re playing, and more. You can even see how many alarms you have set at any given moment. 

Also, the screen automatically dims at night, so you’re less likely to be woken up by any blaring lights.

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VQ Hepburn Mk II DPure Siesta S2 review: Features

The Pure Radio company specialises in offering amazing products that combine sensational style, with excellent sound performance and modern features. The Siesta S2 is no exception to that rule. 

After a quick glance at the Pure Siesta S2 manual, you’ll have no problem setting up your radio and adding your favourite stations to one of the 10 station preset options available.

There’s also a large textured snooze button on the top of the Pure Siesta S2 that we were particularly fond of when testing this product. The unique texture means that you don’t even have to open your eyes when you want five more minutes in bed; you can just feel the snooze button out. 

As one of the cheaper options in the Pure Siesta DAB alarm clock lineup, the S2 is available for just under £70, which we think is incredibly reasonable considering the high-quality performance and rich features that you get. 

Some of the capabilities you’ll find built into the Siesta S2 include:

  • FM, DAB, and DAB+ radio
  • Support for up to 10 saved pre-set favourites
  • Auto-dimming display with CrystalVue clarity
  • Excellent audio performance with a 2.5-inch speaker
  • User-friendly controls
  • Textured snooze button for easy access
  • Automatic time setting for daylight savings time
  • Headphone output
  • 2 colours to choose from
  • Sleep timer

The sleep timer included with the Pure Siesta S2 makes it an ideal choice for people who like to listen to music as they fall asleep. You can decide exactly how long you want to leave your radio running for and trust the Pure alarm clock radio to turn itself off at the right time. 

Although many Pure radios come with more than 10 presets to choose from, we think that 10 channels that you can access easily is probably more than enough for a lot of casual listeners who want a simple bedside radio.

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Pure Siesta S2 review: Performance

When you purchase a DAB alarm clock from a company like Pure, which offers a 3-year warranty as standard, you can usually rest assured that you’re going to get a great experience. 

We were expecting excellence when we conducted our Pure Siesta S2 review, and we weren’t disappointed. 

Offering one of the best alarm clock radio options on the market today, the Pure Siesta S2 is simple and convenient. 

Although there aren’t any extra features like internet radio or Bluetooth streaming to tap into, this means that you can get your alarm clock radio up and running in no time, with very little hassle. 

This device is reliable, easy to use, and compelling for a range of users. We even think that the user-friendly controls and textured buttons would make the S2 a good choice for older users too.

Whether you’re using the headphone output included with the Pure Siesta S2 or you’re relying on the custom 2.5-inch full-range speaker, you can expect an excellent quality of sound too. 

The digital amplifier in the Pure Siesta S2 makes the sound quality a lot more impressive than anything you would get from similar, low-cost, compact alarms. 

It’s a bit of a shame that there’s no option to adjust the EQ for your sound. However, if you’re simply looking for a basic DAB radio and alarm for your bedside table, you might not need that functionality.

Pure Siesta S2 review: Verdict

Overall, just like the rest of the Siesta range from Pure, we think that the Siesta S2 DAB alarm clock is an excellent purchase.

Well-suited to those who want the value and exceptional performance of a Pure radio, without paying a fortune, this relatively affordable radio will wake you up with a smile on your face each morning.

The textured snooze button and dimmable display mean that waking up (at the time you choose) and going to sleep each night will be a simple, dream-like experience.

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Pure Siesta S2 1
The Siesta S2 range of DAB radio alarm clocks are available in a graphite or cool white finish, designed to complement the decor of your bedroom. Switch on to Digital Radio DAB digital radio brings you a diverse range of great content in highly-detailed, digital-quality sound much of which is only available on digital radio.
Build quality
Clear dimmable display
Multiple alarm options
Sleep timer
Textured snooze buttons
Headphone output for private listening
Excellent sound quality
DAB+ and DAB connectivity
Automatic time setting
No USB ports
No Bluetooth connectivity or Wi-Fi
No sound customisation
Where to buy

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