Roberts Rambler BT

When it comes to sound quality, we weren’t expecting to be blown away. While Roberts Radio often impress with their sound, the Rambler is a small radio with only a mono speaker. While you can’t achieve a particularly dramatic volume with the Roberts Rambler BT, the sound is crisp and clear – much better than you would expect for the size.



The first thing you need to know about the Roberts Rambler BT is that it’s incredibly easy to use. This is a tool that Roberts has created for people on the go who want to have access to their favourite tunes wherever they are. Connecting to your smartphone or another Bluetooth device takes a matter of seconds, and finding the right frequency for the radio is simple too.

We’re impressed by the fact that you can do so much with this little device and have an attractive piece of kit to keep on your bedside table too. You have to remember with the Roberts Rambler BT is that you’re paying for form as well as function here.

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