Roberts Stream 94i

the Roberts Stream 94i comes with the same exceptional sound quality that most consumers have come to expect from the Roberts brand. The setup consists of two small drivers on the front of the machine and a larger unit on the back that acts as a subwoofer.

The 94i provides an excellent combination of clarity for your spoken stations, and there’s a lot of bass available – considering the size of the unit – when you’re listening to music.



Today, this machine stands out as one of the best DAB radios at its price point on the market.

There’s plenty of wireless features to simplify the way that you listen to music – including a fantastic smartphone app. Aside from fantastic functionality, the Roberts 94i radio also provides pretty decent sound, with added bass thanks to the subwoofer, and clarity when you’re listening to talk radio.

All in all, it’s a welcome piece of musical machinery.

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