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  • Roberts R9993 Review 1

    Roberts Classic R9993

    The Roberts Classic R9993 is one of the more popular tools in the Roberts portfolio for a number of reasons. It’s small, sleek and portable. You get that same high-quality Roberts sound from the moment you tune into your preferred radio station.

  • Roberts Chronologic VI Review 1

    Roberts Chronologic VI

    The thing to remember about this particular clock radio is that it was designed as a clock first, and a radio after. It’s not going to fill your house with music – but it will get you up when you need to be awake.

    If you’re looking for something relatively simple that won’t break the bank, there’s nothing wrong with the Roberts Chronologic VI. You still get a crisp and clear quality of sound, combined with plenty of great alarm functions too.

  • Roberts Blutune T2 Review 1

    Roberts Blutune T2

    The Roberts Blutune T2 combines performance and style with a compact design that means it’s a perfect fit for almost any room. With great connectivity and sound quality, as you’d expected from a brand such as Roberts, this portable little device doesn’t compromise.

  • Roberts Ortus 2 Review 1

    Roberts Ortus 2

    The Roberts Ortus 2 radio is designed to combine the convenience of a bedside alarm with a portable radio, in one neat package. It’s pretty, functional, and all-around easy to use. The Roberts Ortus 2 radio alarm clock comes with all the features and sound quality you would expect from Roberts, as well as a few surprise features to enjoy.

  • Roberts Ortus 1 Review 1

    Roberts Ortus 1

    The Roberts Ortus 1 is the DAB alarm clock radio from Roberts intended to combine easy listening with a fun way to wake up every morning and relax in the evenings.

    If you need a device that you can set to suit your schedule, as well as something that you can rely on to provide excellent performance via sensational speakers and a high-quality build, this is the radio for you.

  • Roberts Play Radio 1

    Roberts Play

    The Roberts Play is an attractive device, it’s well-made and brimming with useful features. If you want to listen in peace, there’s even a handy socket so you can listen with your own headphones. However, it definitely feels as if the radio could do with a few extra capabilities.

  • Roberts Revival Uno Review 1

    Roberts Revival Uno

    If you’re looking for an attractive piece of home décor that doubles up as an amazing sound system, then the Uno may be right up your alley.

    The Roberts Revival Uno will give you the sound quality that you love, and it’ll do it with style too.

  • Roberts Rambler Review 1

    Roberts Rambler BT

    When it comes to sound quality, we weren’t expecting to be blown away. While Roberts Radio often impress with their sound, the Rambler is a small radio with only a mono speaker. While you can’t achieve a particularly dramatic volume with the Roberts Rambler BT, the sound is crisp and clear – much better than you would expect for the size.

  • Roberts Radio Classic R9954 Review 1

    Roberts Radio Classic R9954

    If you’re searching for a reliable and straightforward analogue radio, without digital functionality, then you’ll love the Roberts R9954. It’s not the most impressive or mind-blowing portable radio that we’ve ever seen, but it looks good, it sounds good, and it performs surprisingly well.

  • Roberts Revival iStream 3 Review 1

    Roberts Revival iStream 3

    When it comes to features, the Roberts Revival iStream 3 does just about everything you would expect. Though it might look old-fashioned, it’s not lacking in modern functionality. For instance, the latest version of the arrival allows for easy pairing with Alexa, so you can set high-quality music playing with just your voice.

  • Roberts Blutune 200 Review 1

    Roberts Blutune 200

    The Blutune 200 provides a fantastic combination of aesthetic appeal and sound performance in a compact machine that will fit well into virtually any room of your home.

  • Roberts Stream 67 Review 1

    Roberts Stream 67

    The Roberts Stream 67 is just the latest in a selection of consistently wonderful products from the Roberts Radio brand. This state-of-the-art one-box solution to all your radio, streaming and CD listening needs looks and sounds just as good as anything else you’d find in the Roberts portfolio.

  • Roberts Sports DAB 5 Review

    Roberts Sports DAB 5

    The Roberts Sports DAB 5 is designed to only be heard and not seen. Its small frame allows you to hide it in your bag or pocket, having only the earphones extending from it.

  • Roberts Stream 94i Review 1

    Roberts Stream 94i

    the Roberts Stream 94i comes with the same exceptional sound quality that most consumers have come to expect from the Roberts brand. The setup consists of two small drivers on the front of the machine and a larger unit on the back that acts as a subwoofer.

    The 94i provides an excellent combination of clarity for your spoken stations, and there’s a lot of bass available – considering the size of the unit – when you’re listening to music.

  • Roberts Revival RD70

    The Roberts Revival DAB radio is far from the most advanced retro radio on the market today. However, that doesn’t make it any less compelling for lovers of all-things retro. If you’re looking for features like a beautiful full-colour display to keep you up-to-date with information on your go-to stations and albums, and Bluetooth connectivity for easy online access – this could be your perfect listening partner.

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