Roberts Ortus 1

The Roberts Ortus 1 is the DAB alarm clock radio from Roberts intended to combine easy listening with a fun way to wake up every morning and relax in the evenings.

If you need a device that you can set to suit your schedule, as well as something that you can rely on to provide excellent performance via sensational speakers and a high-quality build, this is the radio for you.



The Roberts Radio Ortus 1 has plenty to offer. This small but mighty device comes with built-in DAB, DAB+ and FM connectivity that means you can listen to your favourite radio stations wherever you are. There’s also the option to adjust your listening for bedtime, with a function that automatically fades your audio out slowly when you reach the end of your sleep timer.

It’s a DAB alarm clock that gets the job done when you want a reliable and attractive bedside companion.

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