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Roberts Rambler BT review

Roberts has brought back the much-loved, classic 1970’s Rambler so you can incorporate this retro trend into your home. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Attractive, portable design
Easy to use
Good battery life
Limited in volume
Can be fiddly
Quite expensive



Do you love all things retro?

Are you addicted to the warm feelings of nostalgia that you get whenever you see an old-fashioned television in a shop window or a radio with a tuning dial?

Then, like us, you’re probably a huge fan of the Roberts Radio brand.

The reason that Roberts radio stands out from scores of other radio manufacturers today is that the company has a talent for combining the luxury and elegance of the past with the functionality of the future. Nowhere is that skill more evident than in the beautiful Bluetooth-enabled Roberts Rambler.

An update from the original Roberts Rambler radio, the Rambler BT is a stunning audio device which mixes years of radio heritage with convenient features like Bluetooth connectivity.

With the Rambler, you can stream your favourite music straight from your phone, listen to podcasts, and find your preferred channel through a selection of FM, DAB, and DAB+ bandwidths too.

Want to learn more about the Roberts Radio Rambler? Read on for our full review.

Roberts Rambler BT review: Design and build

If there’s one thing that we just can’t resist with a Roberts radio, it’s the incredible style. These products are made to not only sound incredible but look amazing too.

If you’re a fan of the Roberts Revival (like we are), then you’re going to love the Roberts Rambler BT, which features a very similar vintage appeal.

The Rambler BT looks as though it was plucked straight from a living room in the 1960s, with a choice of soft sage green or duck-egg blue colours available.

The side panels on the rambler are made of solid oak wood, to give you that amazing deep sound that Roberts enthusiasts love and add to the product’s visual appeal.

The bold chrome and black speaker grille on the front of the Rambler brings a touch of modernity to the item while capturing the eye wherever you are in the room.

At the same time, the bulky buttons and tactile knobs on the top of the machine make controlling your music a breeze. Simple, straightforward, and equipped with a leather carry handle for portability, the Roberts Rambler BT radio has it all.

For those who don’t like to be tied down when they’re listening to their music, the portability feature in the Roberts Rambler is sure to be a huge plus. The machine is designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible so that you can take it with you on your next adventure.

What’s more, you can power the system via the mains or batteries, depending on where you are. There’s even an extendable aerial to boost your chances of a great signal.

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Roberts Rambler BT review: Features

The Roberts Rambler BT is essentially a refreshed version of the already much-loved Roberts Rambler original. You get most of the same features that you would get from the traditional model, combined with the added benefit of Bluetooth.

The Roberts Rambler radio allows you to play music easily on a range of frequencies, including FM, DAB, and DAB+. What’s more, with the new BT addition, you can also stream content directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop too.

Easy to use, the DAB radio system fuses retro design features with a host of ways to make your listening life easier. There’s even space for up to 20 station presets, so you can find the things you like to listen to instantly.

Alongside its radio function, the Rambler also comes with a host of features to help get you up in the morning. There are multiple alarms to choose from and a snooze timer for those who need a quick and easy bedside radio.

You can choose whether you prefer to wake up with a buzzer, or to your beloved radio stations. The compact size of the device means that it fits neatly onto most bedside tables.

Features include:

  • FM/DAB/DAB+ radio connections
  • 20 pre-set station options available
  • Dual alarms with gradual volume increase
  • Sleep function with timer
  • Aux-in for playing music from your phone
  • Stereo headphone jack for private listening
  • Carrying handle for portability
  • Dimmable LED display with multiple settings
  • Mains or battery-powered
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Roberts Rambler BT review: Performance

We know that the Roberts Rambler BT radio looks great and that it comes with a lot of handy features for your listening pleasure – but how does it perform?

The first thing you need to know about the Rambler is that it’s incredibly easy to use. This is a tool that Roberts has created for people on the go who want to have access to their favourite tunes wherever they are.

Connecting to your smartphone or another Bluetooth device takes a matter of seconds, and finding the right frequency for the radio is simple too.

All of the buttons on the Rambler are clearly labeled, and you’ll have no problem figuring out how to set alarms and turn off the display when you don’t want too much light in your bedroom as you’re going to sleep.

When it comes to sound quality, we were expecting not to be particularly blown away. While Roberts Radio are often very impressive with their sound, the Rambler is a very small radio with only a mono speaker.

However, while you can’t achieve a particularly dramatic volume with this diminutive radio, the sound is crisp and clear –- much better than you would expect for the size. Even on the move, you won’t have to deal with tinny or distorted sound.

Roberts Rambler BT: Verdict

In our opinion, the Roberts Radio Rambler looks fantastic, sounds fantastic, and comes with plenty of functionality for such a small radio. We’re impressed by the fact that you can do so much with this little device and have an attractive piece of kit to keep on your bedside table too.

The only real downside is the high price of the Rambler. You have to remember that you’re paying for form as well as function here. If you’re looking for something high-quality, functional, and super attractive, and you don’t mind paying a little extra for it, you should definitely try the Roberts Rambler.

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Roberts Rambler Review 1
With the Roberts Rambler, you can enjoy up to 20 stations anywhere you choose thanks to its leather strap and battery operation option. The Rambler's miniature size belies a powerful speaker, and its portability ensures you don’t miss a minute of sports action or favourite radio programme.
Build quality
Attractive compact and portable design
Easy to use with plenty of additional features
Good battery life and mains operation available
Excellent sound quality for the size
Range of listening options including Bluetooth
Limited in volume
Top mounted display can be fiddly
Quite expensive
Where to buy

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