DAB Radio Not Picking Up Stations

Why is my DAB radio not picking up stations?

It’s a question many of us radio lovers have asked. Sometimes you can fix the problem by switching your radio on and off or retuning your radio connection.

Other times, you need to look into ways of improving your signal strength. 

DAB radio is an excellent way to enjoy a broader range of high-quality channels. So, what do you do when your DAB connection is letting you down?

Today, we’re going to look at some quick solutions and strategies you can consider when you’re struggling with DAB radio stations not available for listening or a poor DAB reception.

DAB radio stations not available? Try this

Most of the time, DAB reception offers an excellent performance with minimal issues.

However, if you’re struggling with a DAB radio not working as it should, finding the source of the problem is often a process of elimination. 

Since the second digital radio network launched in 2016, some people adding DAB functionality to their cars discovered certain stations have moved to a new frequency. This could mean your radio simply can’t find the channels you used to listen to. 

If you’re easily tracking down stations like Classic FM, but you’re struggling to find things like Planet Rock and Absolute 80s, try rescanning your radio network. Conducting a new scan will help you to find any stations which have moved onto a new frequency. 

If you still notice certain DAB radio stations not available, try using a digital radio coverage checker. These only services are ideal if you’re using a DAB radio at home, as they can help you to find the best coverage areas in your house. 

You can even move your radio around to see if the poor DAB reception improve. 

In your car, your access to DAB radio stations will differ depending on where you are. It might be worth rescanning for new channels every so often.

DAB Radio Not Picking Up Stations

Poor DAB reception and other issues

If moving your radio around to find new reception areas doesn’t work, and you’re struggling to find additional channels, you have a few options.

You can try to improve DAB radio reception by using a new, stronger aerial in your car or investing in an aerial for your home. 

Aerials and antennas are designed to improve the signal of your radio systems. 

If you don’t receive the missing stations after improving your signal, it might be certain stations just aren’t available to you. In this case, you might need to look for other ways to listen, such as using an FM or internet radio. 

A few of the other issues you can troubleshoot include:

Transmitter problems

Transmitter faults can cause DAB radio problems. The easiest way to check for issues with a transmitter is to use an online checking system. This option from the BBC shows you which DAB services are available at your location. 

Notably, the service only checks network DAB stations, not local or national radio. 

Warnings and works

Check whether there are any warnings or works could be causing an issue. Some radio stations update their equipment at times. Weather and mechanical problems can also affect your service. 


DAB radios use multiplex technology to group various services. For instance, your BBC networks are grouped in the same multiplex. Local and national radio often appears on a range of commercial multiplexes. 

If you have an issue with your tuning, this could be causing your DAB radio problems. Turning your radio on and off sometimes solves the problem.

If switching your radio off and auto tuning it with the built-in system doesn’t work, you could look into a full rescan. You can follow the instructions provided by the company you bought your radio from to do this. 

Essentially, the process is like restarting or system restoring your radio.

How to improve DAB reception: Quick tips

Usually, if you notice your DAB radio not picking up stations, the problem will come down to poor tuning or reception. There are a few things you can do to improve your DAB reception, depending on the kind of system you have. 

If you have a portable DAB radio, look at the aerial.

Is the telescopic or integrated antenna on your radio fully extended? Can you try moving the entire system around to see whether there’s a better position you can use?

In most circumstances, you should find the telescopic aerial provided will give you the boost you need. 

However, if you always have a poor DAB reception, it might be worth looking at an external alternative. 

Even in good reception areas, an external aerial can solve a range of DAB radio problems. The right aerial is great for improving DAB reception, and it improves your chances of a better audio quality too. The stronger your frequency strength, the better channels sound. 

Good options might include:

  • FirstE DAB antenna: This amplified portable antenna is ideal for boosting DAB signal in your car, with an easy magnetic installation. 
  • Freeview TV aerial: This indoor DAB radio aerial will improve signal strength for your radio stations, while also enhancing TV connectivity too. 
  • Bingfu DAB radio antenna: Try this antenna if you’re looking for an indoor radio antenna to improve your DAB performance in minutes. 

To help with improving a poor DAB reception, look in your instruction manual. Some radios come with a signal strength display option. This allows you to check the strength of your signal in any given area. 

You can watch the signal strength and see how it changes as you move the aerial around.

DAB Radio Not Picking Up Stations

Troubleshooting other DAB radio problems

If the issue with your DAB radio isn’t resolved when you install a new aerial or change the position of the system, there may be another problem.

An external aerial can improve DAB radio reception, but some radios still won’t achieve the right outcomes – even with careful tuning. 

If you’re struggling with a DAB radio not picking up stations, you may need to reassess the situation.

How old is your DAB radio? Is it possibly time to upgrade to a slightly better model? Perhaps something about the device is broken.

If your DAB radio is new, you might want to recheck you set up everything correctly. You may have missed something during the initial tuning process. 

Other issues to consider include:

Damaged cables

Whether in a car or in your home, radios can occasionally suffer from damaged electricals. Water can get into cables and cause poor reception issues. Cables and wires can fray or suffer from diminished performance over time.

Car radios

Radio reception can drop when you’re on the move thanks to changes in your position or topography. If you always lose signal in a specific area, it might be where you are causing the problem – not your radio.


Radio signals are often affected by changes in the weather. High pressure or storms can make it tougher for radio frequencies to travel as they should. You might need to wait until the weather changes before you can do anything to solve this problem. 

Avoid retuning your radio when the weather is bad. This could cause you to lose access to stations.

Lost multiplex reception

When most of your DAB and DAB+ stations are working, but a few connected stations are struggling, the problem could be with a multiplex. The multiplex may be having problems which will eventually be solved by an engineer. 


Unwanted signals around your home and car can interfere with the signals going to your radio. When interference is high, it’s tougher to get the kind of quality stations you’re looking for. 

Good luck finding the source of your DAB signal issues. If, however, your DAB radio is still not picking up stations, and you want help choosing the right DAB radio to invest in, or you need to find a new antenna, browse through Radio Fidelity.

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