AM Radio Done Right: LA’s Top 15 AM Radio Stations

There’s nothing better than blasting the radio as you drive through Los Angeles. You’ll feel the wind in your hair as you listen to your favorite tunes.

Although finding the best channel on the radio can be a little challenging, there are countless stations, each with a specific type of programming.

So, if you’re looking for LA’s top 15 AM radio stations, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through the most popular broadcasts.

We’ll also cover what type of format these channels follow.

Best 15 AM Radio Stations In LA

The radio is a significant source of entertainment when you’re out on the road. Yet, it’s never fun to spend time jumping from channel to channel trying to find something you like.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best stations in the city.

We’ll discuss their history and what they can offer you as a listener.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into LA’s AM radio stations.

1. KFI

Stacks of vintage colorful radios in LA in the sunlight
KFI is one of the longest-running AM stations in LA and the first to use clear-channel broadcasting.

● Frequency: 640 kHz.

● Format: News/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1922

● Broadcast area: Southern California

● Number of listeners: 459,400

● Owner: iHeartMedia

KFI has a rich history in the Los Angeles area. It was one of the earliest stations to set up shop in the city.

Other than that, KFI was the first to broadcast using clear-channel. This means that the station has the highest protection from interference possible.

Because of that, it provided listeners with crisp audio.

KFI covers most of the important news that goes on in the area. Yet, that’s not all it offers. It serves as one of the entry points for the Southern California Emergency Alert System.


● Frequency: 570 kHz.

● Format: Sports

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1924

● Broadcast area: Southern California

● Number of listeners: 279,500

● Owner: iHeartMedia

KLAC is a joint venture between iHeartMedia and the Los Angeles Dodgers. As you can imagine, this station mainly focuses on sports broadcasts.

It also serves as the LA affiliate of Fox Sports Radio.

On top of that, the station is the home of many influential radio personalities. These include Matt “Money” Smith, Fred Roggin, and Rodney Peete.


● Frequency: 870 kHz.

● Format: Talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1933

● Broadcast area: Southern California

● Number of listeners: 87,600

● Owner: Salem Communications

KRLA follows the conservative talk format and offers listeners plenty of exciting content. During weekdays, the channel broadcasts The Morning Answer.

This is a show hosted by Jennifer Horn and Grant Stinchfield. It covers many topics like finance and the political climate.

The best part is that the show is caller-driven. That means you’ll be able to share your thoughts with the host and all the listeners.

During weekends, the broadcast is much more lighthearted. The station will transmit talks about pet care and legal advice.


Teal blue retro radio against a bright neon pink background
KTNQ was founded in 1925 and plays Spanish sports and news broadcasts.

● Frequency: 1020 kHz.

● Format: Spanish news/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1925

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: 72,100

● Owner: Univision Communications

The story of KTNQ starts with J. Frank Burke. He was a liberal news analyst and commentator.

Burke began the channel by sharing his views on American progressiveness and tolerance. KTNQ would cover serious issues like racial inequalities.

Then, the station would switch to a Spanish format at noon to broaden its reach. This allowed the Hispanic community to feel like they were part of the conversation.

Now, KTNQ covers recent news and sports events in Spanish.


● Frequency: 790 kHz.

● Format: News/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1925

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles area

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Cumulus Media

KABC has been around for many years. During this time, it has made a name for itself as one of the best stations when it comes to news.

The channel follows the political climate and provides commentary on the situation.

Not only that, but KABC is home to many conservative talk shows. These include The Ben Shapiro Show, The Dan Bongino Show, and The Michael Knowles Show.


● Frequency: 1260 kHz.

● Format: Classical

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1947

● Broadcast area: LA County, Southern California, Greater LA

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters

KMZT stands for K-Mozart. This channel broadcasts classical music.

It’ll play recordings of some of the most popular symphonies in the world. Because of that, you can drown out the sound of LA traffic with soothing tunes.

Plus, during the holiday season, the channel broadcasts festive music. For that reason, many people listen in to hear their favorite Christmas songs.


● Frequency: 1300 kHz.

● Format: Asian

● Scope: Local (Chinese programming)

● Established: 1948

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Multicultural Radio Broadcasting

KAZN started as a small station aimed at the Latinx community. It offered Spanish-language broadcasts of Dodgers games and various talk shows.

Then, in 1988, NetworksAmerica bought out the stations and switched up the format. The company converted the channel into a multilingual Asian hub.

The KAZN transmitted shows in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Tagalog at the time. By 1998, the channel focused its efforts on Mandarin speakers in the LA area.


Collection of old radios on a table
KAHZ once played oldies but today is a simulcast of KAZN.

● Frequency: 1600 kHz.

● Format: Asian

● Scope: Local (Chinese Mandarin)

● Established: 1947

● Broadcast area: Pomona Valley

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Multicultural Radio Broadcasting

KAHZ began its journey as a broadcast to raise awareness of community issues. It featured shows sponsored by local organizations like hospitals.

After that, the station jumped to a country music format. However, this wouldn’t last for long. A few years later, KAHZ changed to playing oldies year-round.

By 1987, the channel mostly broadcast news and talk shows about current events. Yet, this would only be the case until 2005.

After that, KAHZ became a simulcast of KAZN. That means it dropped its original content and transmits whatever’s on the other channel.


● Frequency: 830 kHz.

● Format: Sports

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1986

● Broadcast area: Southern California

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Los Angeles Angels

When it first launched, KLAA was a Spanish-language news outlet. It covered serious issues happening all around the globe.

Then, the station converted its format into a more child-friendly one. This would come to an end when Radio Disney began airing.

Since KLAA couldn’t compete in the children’s radio market, it switched lanes. Today, the channel is one of the greatest sports stations in the area.

10. KGBN

● Frequency: 1190 kHz.

● Format: Korean religious

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1959

● Broadcast area: Orange County, California and Greater LA

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Korean Gospel Broadcasting Network

KGBN is one of only four channels that transmits an entirely Korean broadcast. Although, it wasn’t always that way.

The station was an Orange County Top-40 powerhouse back in the 1960s. After that, it focused on album-oriented rock music for a brief period.

Then, by the 2000s, the station aired Christian music, among other religious shows. These broadcasts were available in a few different languages.

That includes Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Thai, and Chinese. Yet, now it mainly broadcasts Korean Christian shows.

11. KDIS

● Frequency: 1110 kHz.

● Format: Contemporary hit radio

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1942

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: The Walt Disney Company

KDIS has been a landmark in the music industry for many years. When the channel launched, it started with a pop music format.

The station featured songs from various genres, including rock and classical. This would last until 1945, when KDIS shifted to a country music format.

After that, Disney bought the channel and turned it into a children’s station.

12. KIRN

Close up of old radio interface
KIRN broadcasts ethnic Iranian talk shows.

● Frequency: 670 kHz.

● Format: Ethnic Iranian

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1984

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles area

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Lotus Communications

During the 1980s, KIRN operated using a Top-40 hits format. This would help the channel build up a listener base and gain popularity.

Then, in the 1990s, the station switched to sports talk. It featured the latest news in athletic events.

Although, this wouldn’t be nearly as popular as the music format. So, KIRN began airing brokered shows for a brief period.

Finally, the channel became the only Persian-language radio station in the country. It broadcasts talk shows that discuss the ins and outs of being Iranian and living in the States.

13. KOSS

● Frequency: 1380 kHz.

● Format: News/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1962

● Broadcast area: Antelope Valley

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: High Desert Broadcasting

KOSS has had many call signs throughout the years. For instance, in 1987, it went by KHJJ and followed a news format.

Then, it would take on the mantle of KWJL and adopt a Spanish oldies style. This continued for about seven years until the channel returned to a talk format.

Although, it would change its name yet again to KOSS. With this designation, the channel focuses on hard-hitting journalism.

However, it also shares some sports news.


● Frequency: 900 kHz.

● Format: Spanish Christian talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1963

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Multicultural Broadcasting

Robert Burdette and his wife Gloria started KALI-AM in 1963. They were former KTLA contract engineers with a passion for music.

So, they began the channel to express their love for jazz. Sadly, the station took a different direction when Robert suffered a stroke in 1994.

When Multicultural Broadcasting acquired the channel, it changed the programming to ethnic shows.

The broadcasts focus on a religious point of view and are available in a few languages. These are mainly in Spanish and Mandarin.

15. KYPA

● Frequency: 1230 kHz.

● Format: Korean news/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1927

● Broadcast area: Los Angeles metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Woori Media Group

KYPA was one of the first stations in the United States to adopt a 24-hour broadcast schedule. Because of that, this channel was a fan favorite.

People could tune in at any time and listen to their favorite music. The station played recordings of all sorts of genres.

That includes R&B, classical, soul, jazz, and gospel music.

Today, KYPA is one of four channels that broadcast in Korean. It features talk shows that cover the important aspects of living in America as a foreigner.

Wrapping Up

You’re in luck if you’re looking for LA’s top 15 AM radio stations. There are many channels you can tune into to get the latest news.

The most popular examples include KMZT, KAZN, KAHZ, KTNQ, and KOSS. Each one provides a unique perspective on the world around us.

Plus, a few of the stations provide shows in many languages.

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