NYC’s Top 11 AM Radio Stations to Listen to Today

If you’re looking for NYC’s top 11 AM radio stations to listen to today, we’ve got you covered.

This article will take you through some of the most popular broadcasts, so let’s get going.

Top 11 AM Radio Stations in New York

There are countless AM radio stations in New York. Each one of them provides a specific type of broadcast to its listeners.

In this section, we’ll go over the most popular stations and what they offer.


Colorful radio station with bright lighting, an open computer, and a sign that says on air in red
WINS was founded in 1924 and broadcasts talk across NYC.

● Established: 1924

● Frequency: 1010 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: 5 million

● Scope: International

If you’re a news enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of WINS. This broadcast features an all-news format.

Its talk shows cover weather, traffic updates, and various aspects of life. That gives listeners a well-rounded view of the world.

What makes WINS special is its dedication to accurate and up-to-date coverage. The channel works hard to ensure all its shared stories come from trusted sources.

Also, WINS frequently hosts shows that discuss breaking news from all over the world.

That means it’ll help listeners stay on top of relevant events.


● Established: 1921

● Frequency: 770 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: 3.7 million

● Scope: Local

Turn on WABC for an overview of all the interesting events happening in NYC.

The programming covers politics, current events, music, and pop culture. Because of that, many people rely on WABC to keep track of the world around them.

Plus, the talk shows on the channel feature some of the most influential names on the radio. That includes Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern.

Besides that, WABC holds regular charity events and fundraisers for local matters. The channel will shed light on serious issues and pose solutions.

You should also keep in mind that the channel follows a conservative talk format.


● Established: 1924

● Frequency: 880 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listerners: 2.4 million

● Scope: Local

WCBS has a long, rich history in New York City. For instance, it was one of the first stations to broadcast in stereo.

Because of that, the channel quickly became a fan favorite.

WCBS also offers a wide range of discussion topics to its listeners. You can tune in to find out the latest news in sports and entertainment.

On top of that, the broadcast covers serious journalistic topics. It’ll run specials on some of the most significant moments in history.


Hand adjusting DAB+ radio in car without internet in NYC
WOR-AM broadcasts syndicated and local radio shows for NYC’s faithful.

● Established: 1922

● Frequency: 710 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: 1.9 million

● Scope: Local

WOR-AM is one of the most versatile channels on our list. It broadcasts a mix of local and syndicated radio shows.

One of the most popular shows is The Sean Hannity Show. It follows a conservative host talking through the political issues of the day.

Other than that, WOR is the home of Coast to Coast AM, a late-night talk show.

It covers entertainment news along with more exciting topics. For instance, one of the episodes talks about conspiracy theories and paranormal activity.

Finally, this channel helped kick-start the career of many influential radio personalities. Some of WOR’s most notable hosts include Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald and John Raymond Gambling.


● Established: 1987

● Frequency: 660 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: 1.5 million

● Scope: Local

WFAN is one of the most popular AM stations in New York.

The channel offers talk shows and expert analysis of all major sports leagues. These provide viewers with insight into player performance, among other factors.

WFAN is the home of Boomer and Gio, a talk show hosted by former NFL player Boomer Esiason and Gregg Gianotti.

Over the years, this became one of the most popular morning shows in the city.


● Established: 1922

● Frequency: 1050 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: 1.3 million

● Scope: Local (Hispanic/Latinx)

Just like WFAN, WEPN is an all-sports radio channel. The station started as a music broadcast.

It experimented with different formats until it landed on country music in 1973. Although, this would only last for a while.

By 1987, WEPN shifted its focus to sports-based content. It offers listeners play-by-plays of national games and extensive coverage of local teams.

For a few years, WEPN exclusively catered to the Hispanic community. It would broadcast sports news in Spanish to reach a wider audience.

However, as of 2019, the channel returned to an English format. Yet, you should be able to find a few talk shows in Spanish.


● Established: 1924

● Frequency: 820 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: 700,000

● Scope: Local

WNYC has been a staple in New York radio for many years. During this time, it provided listeners with critical news and entertainment coverage.

It carries local and national talk shows that discuss all aspects of relevant events.

Besides that, this channel is the property of New York Public Radio. Because of that, it’s non-profit and non-commercial, focusing on educational programs for the betterment of the community.

Since it’s been around for such a long time, WNYC has been able to shape the cultural landscape. It did that through hard-hitting journalism and a strong desire to tell the truth.

In addition, WNYC makes sure that everyone has access to the information it shares. The channel boasts multiple streaming services.

These contain archived audio of individual program segments.


New York City skyline with a blue and orange sky
WBBR airs financial and business programming and is Bloomberg Radio’s flagship station.

● Established: 1922

● Frequency: 1130 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: 400,000

● Scope: International

If you fancy yourself an entrepreneur, then tune into WBBR.

This broadcast delivers high-quality business news and financial programming.

It covers all the important details of the business world.

For example, the channel hosts corporate executives to give you an inside look at how to run a company.

Plus, economists and analysts come to WBBR to discuss the current business climate. That makes it the ideal channel for investors and finance professionals.

Besides that, it’s the flagship station of Bloomberg Radio.

Other than traditional radio broadcasting, WBBR offers additional sources of entertainment. That includes a digital service and podcasts.


● Established: 1927

● Frequency: 1280 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: 100,000

● Scope: Local (Hispanic/Latinx)

The USA has a large Hispanic population. So, to make radio accessible to them, WADO offers an entirely Spanish broadcast.

Since it was one of the first to cater to the Latinx community, its popularity skyrocketed.

Today, thousands of people depend on WADO to get their daily news.

It serves as an essential voice for the Hispanic community in New York.

On top of that, the channel’s format aims to inform and entertain its listeners. That means you’ll get coverage of news, music, sports, and talk shows.

WADO focuses on issues that affect our daily lives. That includes political news and financial debates.

Plus, there are more lighthearted segments that talk about health and lifestyle.

10. WZRC

● Established: 1925

● Frequency: 1480 kHz.

● Broadcast area: New York metropolitan area

● Listeners: N/A

● Scope: Local (Cantonese)

WZRC started as a portable radio station for the New Jersey National Guard. Then, the channel turned its focus toward more educational shows.

Yet, it wasn’t until 1940 that WZRC found its true calling. Today, this broadcast offers one of few foreign language programs.

The majority of the coverage on the channel is in Cantonese.

WZRC shares discussions of news, sports, and music. Plus, this content caters to a diverse audience with varying interests.

The broadcast hosts well-known names in Chinese-speaking communities. Because of that, it quickly became a trustworthy source of information.

WZRC offers live streaming on its website and mobile app to expand its audience base. So listeners can tune into the conversation no matter where they are.

11. WMCA

● Established: 1925

● Frequency: 570 kHz.

● Broadcast area: Tri-State area

● Listeners: N/A

● Scope: Local

WMCA has worn many hats throughout its lifetime. It started with an eclectic lineup.

It broadcasted dramas, music, and baseball games for the first few years.

Then, during the ’70s and ’80s, the channel shifted gears. It hosted a show featuring DJs known as The Good Guys.

They’d play the top-rated music of the time and discuss current events. For example, WMCA was one of the first channels in New York to broadcast a song by The Beatles.

WMCA would take a more conservative turn. By 1989, the station changed its broadcast again to a Christian format.

After that, it became one of the primary religious stations in New York.

It mainly discusses teachings of the bible and various other talk programs.

Besides that, WMCA shares a few Christian songs now and then.

Wrapping Up

Here are our top picks if you’re looking for NYC’s top 11 AM radio station to listen to today.

If you want a well-rounded broadcast, go for WINS or WABC. These cover everything from entertainment to news.

Yet, when you’re after sports programming, WFAN and WEPN are better choices. They focus on athletic activities in all their forms.

Finally, for a Christian format, tune into WMCA.

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