Best Hip Hop Radio Stations

Best hip hop radio stations: The world’s top hip hop stations

The best hip hop radio stations are a must-have for true hip hop music lovers. Tuning into a hip hop radio station is a great way to get hyped up on your favorite songs on the morning commute. These stations are also an excellent resource if you’re looking for new tunes.

Though hip hop has a massive impact all over the world, it’s particularly popular in the US – especially right now. Around a third of all the music streams in 2020 were from hip hop and R&B artists. Demand for catching, meaningful, and engaging hip hop tunes is definitely rising. 

Despite the ever-growing popularity of the hip hop genre, it can be surprisingly tough to find good hip hop stations without a little research. 

If you’ve been struggling to find the music you love on your radio, don’t worry. We’re going to be looking at some of the best hip hop radio station producers in the US today, so you can keep your groove.

1. HOT 97

Available: Online or 97.1 FM (New York City) 

Widely regarded as the number one hip hop radio station, WQHT (or HOT 97), is a commercial station in New York City. The station, hosted by Mediaco Holding and operated by Emmis Communications claims to be the world’s first station dedicated entirely to hip hop music. 

HOT 97 started life as an experimental station, and quickly evolved to become a trendsetter in radio history. Today, it’s the go-to station for influencers and trendsetters in the NY hip hop space. 

According to HOT 97, the station is a representation of all the culture, diversity, and personality of New York City. 

Although certainly not the biggest radio station on the market, the HOT 97 broadcast is perfectly sized to remain agile and experimental with the music it plays, while attracting amazing talent. You can even interact with the radio station on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


Available: Online or 105.9 FM (Los Angeles)

Branded as Power 106, KPWR is a commercial radio stations in the Los Angeles, California region. The station, owned and operated by the Meruelo Group, uses the rhythmic contemporary format common among hip hop broadcasters. 

Interestingly, Meruelo media (est. 1986) is the largest minority-owned media company in South California.

While you can enjoy a fantastic range of shows from KPWR on the FM broadcast if you’re local to Los Angeles, it’s definitely worth checking out the website too. The company regularly produces a host of videos and interviews speaking directly to major DJs and hip hop icons.

KPWR even has its own selection of morning shows, with some fantastic local celebs to host them. Plus, you can enter a range of contests and get involved with events too. 

3. One Love

Available: Online 

Easily one of the most popular online radio hip hop music stations, One Love is a multi-media platform designed to celebrate and support innovative music and art. 

Focused heavily on the hip hop, R&B, and rap scenes, One Love can easily attract a wide range of listeners with its huge selection of songs. The station is also host to a fantastic selection of shows. 

The positive personality of the One Love station is part of what makes it such an appealing choice for music lovers. The group keeps a close eye on the hip hop scene, regularly introducing a wide variety of new and upcoming artists, so you can support the newbies. 

Plus, you still get plenty of classic hip hop musical hits too. 

The decision to host One Love entirely online also means you can access music all day, every day, regardless of where you are in the US. It’s ideal for people who can’t go without a daily soundtrack.


Available: Online or 104.5 FM (Dallas, Texas)

A leading hip hop radio station in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, KKDA-FM has actually been around for more than 46 years at the time of writing. The heritage urban contemporary station is owned by the Service Broadcasting Corporation (alongside KRNB).

Competitively, KKDA has a cross-town rivalry with another urban station known as “The Beat”, or KBFB, which has used the “traditional” direction of KKDA’s music to their advantage. The KKDA FM group are also particularly popular for their long-time morning driving show.

The show, titled “Skip Murphy and the Home Team” was ranked as the number one morning show in the drive-time slot for almost a decade. Over the last few years, various popular personalities on the show have moved to other stations, however.


Available: Online or 97.9 FM (Dallas Texas)

Since we looked at KKDA-FM in our list of hip hop radio stations, it’s only fair to look at the competing urban radio station too. Licensed to Dallas, KBFB is owned by the Urban One company, in the North Dallas area. 

The station has a long history, tracing all the way back to October 1946. It was the first FM radio station to hit the air in Texas.

Otherwise known as Kera-FM, the station made history in Texas broadcasting, and now operates as a popular urban contemporary station. The urban contemporary style only began in 2000, after the station was purchased by Radio One. 

Interestingly, since the mid-2000s, the KBFB group started broadcasting on HD radio, though it didn’t have a secondary HD multi-cast until 2014.


Available: Online or 93.5 FM (Los Angeles)

KDAY is a radio station licensed to Redondo Beach, California, serving the greater Los Angeles area. Owned by Meruelo Media, KDAY follows the classic hip hop radio station format. First signed in 1948, the station has evolved dramatically over the years. 

At one point, this station was a “business format” radio channel, before it was resurrected once again on 93.5 FM with its old-school hip hop vibes. Though the group experimented with more urban hip hop and talk-show styles in the past, it eventually returned to classical hip hop again in 2008. 

Today, the station has a range of fantastic shows for people who love listening to old-school and classic hip hop tracks. However, you might not find the widest selection of new songs in the hip hop genre available on KDAY.

7. The Box

Available: Online or 97.9 FM (Houston)

Better-known as KBXX in some parts of Houston, Texas, The Box airs a rhythmic contemporary radio format, constructed largely of R&B and hip hop music. Owned by Urban One, KBXX forms part of a three-station cluster with the KROI station in Seabrook and KMJQ in Houston.

The morning show for KBXX is one of its most famous features, having been hosted by Madd Hatta since early March 2001. Although you can definitely tune in if you’re local to Texas, you’ll get more than just music if you have time to visit their website. 

The KBXX site highlights the interactivity between the station and its fans, with tons of call-in and contest options. The Box is currently the only hip hop station in the greater Houston area, and it’s all about developing a sense of community in the hip hop scene.

8. Streetz

Available: Online or 94.5 FM (Atlanta)

Dedicated entirely to hip hop radio station music, Streetz 94.5 FM delivers some of the best urban music to locals in the Atlanta area. While this station is extremely popular for locals, it’s also a fantastic source of music for people all around the world with a love of hip hop.

The station designation, W233BF has evolved quite a bit over the years, swapping hands until it finally became the possession of the Edgewater Broadcasting Company. In 2015, the station also began simultaneously casting on WIPK FM in northwest Georgia. 

Aside from plenty of contemporary urban hip hop music, Streetz does its best to deliver a wide range of local artists, so you can check out some of the latest musical magic coming from the local area. It’s a great way to tune in to some up-and-coming artists.

9. WHUR 96.3

Available: Online or 96.3 FM (Washington)

An urban contemporary radio station within the Washington DC area, WHUR-FM is one of the top hip hop stations available in the US. 

Unlike most of the hip hop music radio stations listed here, WHUR is owned and operated by Howard University, making it one of the only commercia stations in the US to be owned by a university or college

WHUR is also the only independent and locally-owned station in the Washington DC area. One of the most appealing parts of this station is the “Quiet Storm” program, which long-time listeners have consistently rated one of the number one evening shows since 1976. 

For those with a passion for mystery, a WHUR personality named Bobby Joe Horn disappeared in August 1977 under mysterious circumstances. WHUR also earned Urban station of the year from the National Association of Broadcasters in 2016.

10. Power 105.1

Available: Online or 105.1 FM (New York city)

Not to be confused with KPWR, WWPR-FM is an urban station licensed in the New York City area and owned by iHeartMedia. The station broadcasts from studios in the AT&T building in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. 

Its transmitter is located within the Empower State building, and the station is the flagship of the nationally syndicated Breakfast Club morning show.

Great for fans of contemporary music, hip hop radio stations and R &B, Power has a huge listener base both on a local level, and internationally. Besides a fantastic selection of rap and hip-hop musical shows, the station also boasts a range of shows which you can also download as podcasts. 

Interestingly, the morning show for the Power radio station has also been identified as the “World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show”.

11. WHTA

Available: Online or 107.9 FM (Hampton) 

Otherwise known as HOT 107.9, this Atlanta station is excellent for hip hop fans. A commercial radio station owned by Urban One, WHTA focuses primarily on hip hop music, but it also has a range of R&B and urban music options to explore too. 

The programming includes plenty of insights into the latest upcoming music in the hip hop scene. You’ll also have a range of fantastic programs to listen to, such as the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. 

One of the things which makes the WHTA station particularly interesting is it’s where a number of famous people found their start.

The station launched the career of actor and rapper Ludacris, who was previously known as the on-air personality “Chris Lova Lova” with the station.

12. V-103

Available: Online or 103.3 FM (Atlanta)

Frequently called “The People’s Station”, V-103 is the ultimate home for all things hip hop and urban contemporary in Atlanta. One of the highest-rated radio stations in the market, both locally and internationally, Atlanta’s station has been number one in a number of rating polls.

The V-103 commercial radio station currently produces a range of programs, from shows designed to help you find the latest hip hop songs you can’t live without, to morning and talk shows. There’s also the Frank Ski and Wanda Smith morning show, which is very popular in Atlanta.

Aside from offering lots of great music, V-103 has earned a lot of popularity over the years for its commitment to sharing news and insights into the hip hop world. You might even learn some things that would otherwise be missed by other radio shows.

13. Wild 94.9

Available: Online or 94.9 FM (San Francisco)

A commercial radio station located in San Francisco, California, Wild 94.9 provides listeners with an incredible mixture of urban classics and hard-hitting rap music. Although the shows are sometimes controversial, the station has gained a lot of attention over the years. 

More than just a hip hop station, Wild also produces pop and top 40s shows, so it might be a good pick if you’re looking for a little more variety in your music. The station also has some stiff competition in local stations, but they’ve always been able to compete. 

This channel is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a wide range of musical styles, not just your standard hip hop.

14. 102.1 FM

Available: Online or 102.1 FM

We couldn’t have a list of the best hip hop radio stations without mentioning the channel identifying itself as the ultimate hip hop station. 

Owned by Audacy, this station has plenty to offer all kinds of listeners. You can tune in locally in the Greensboro area, on 102.1 FM, or you can listen through the web instead. 

Personalities commonly associated with the station include names from Terrence J to Madd Hatta. The late Tre Black, otherwise known as Tre Bien, went on to achieve amazing success after his time with this station, though unfortunately passed away later. 

This station is frequently associated with various moments in hip hop history. If you’re looking to find a station where you can connect with the origins of the hip hop industry, and learn about some of the classic songs of the landscape, this could be the place for you.


Available: Online or 934.5 FM (Ontario, Riverside)

If your idea of the best hip hop radio station is one that goes beyond the latest hits and top songs to introduce you to all kinds of classical music too, KDEY-FM is an excellent choice. This commercial radio station is licensed to Ontario California, and broadcasts classic hip hop songs.

The music today includes a lot of rhythmic and urban music, with plenty of interviews with some amazing hip hop experts too. You can tune into a range of radio shows, or just relax with some of your favorite golden oldies form the best ages of hip hop.

Choosing the best hip hop radio stations

There’s no shortage of fantastic hip hop radio stations available on the web, and on your radio system today. Hopefully, the stations above will give you some insights into the best places to seek out not just contemporary music in the modern hip hop space, but classic songs and artists too. 

Notably, a lot of the songs above are also excellent for listening to radio shows if you want something a little different between all the music and jamming sessions.

Remember, don’t be afraid to skip through some frequencies the next time you’re playing around with your radio or checking out local channels in your car. Some of the best radio stations for hip hop are dedicated to a specific area in the US. 

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