The Best 10 Talk Radio Stations in LA to Listen to Today

If you’re looking for the best 10 talk radio stations in LA to listen to today, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go through the most popular channels in the city.

We’ll also cover what type of talk shows they host.

Top 10 Radio Stations to Listen to Today in LA

Typically, most people will use the radio to listen to music. They turn the device on when they can’t decide what song to play.

Although, that’s not all radio stations have to offer. Many channels in the LA area host a wide range of talk shows.

These are usually both entertaining and educational. You’ll learn new information while you kill time on your way to work.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the popular stations in LA.


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KPCC-FM was established in 1957 and specializes in public radio and talk, including the program AirTalk.

● Frequency: 89.3 Mhz.

● Modulation: FM

● Format: Public radio/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1957

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: 540,300

● Owner: Pasadena City College

If you’re interested in broadening your horizons, then check out KPCC-FM. This channel hosts talk shows that discuss many topics.

One of the most popular broadcasts is Larry Mantle’s AirTalk. This is a call-in show with a massive following.

That’s because listeners can join the conversation and share their opinions. The broadcast offers a platform that allows callers to talk to perfect strangers.

Because of that, you’ll listen to the issues facing the average citizen.

Besides that, KPCC hosts The Loh Down on Science With Sandra Loh. This segment shares information about physics, biology, and chemistry.


● Frequency: 640 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Talk radio

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1922

● Broadcast area: Southern California

● Number of listeners: 459,400

● Owner: iHeartMedia

KFI-AM is one of the oldest radio stations in the city. It’s been around for over 100 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

The channel started its journey as an entertainment broadcast. It featured many artists and comedians over the years.

This would change in 1988. KFI stopped airing music and focused on more talk-oriented content.

This quickly developed into the channel we know and love today. It broadcasts shows with local hosts that discuss various topics.

For instance, the channel provides listeners with frequent weather updates and traffic reports.

To top it all off, KFI is the home of the syndicated show Coast to Coast AM.


● Frequency: 99.5 MHz.

● Modulation: FM

● Format: Christian/talk and teaching

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1985

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: 121,700

● Owner: Salem Media Group

When it first launched, KKLA offered a Christian music format to its listeners. People in the LA area could tune in and hear their favorite praise and worship songs.

As the years went by, the station developed into something more. Instead of airing only music, KKLA began broadcasting short talk segments.

These would discuss Christian teachings and religious points of view. This increased the channel’s popularity and pulled in many more listeners.

Because of that, KKLA decided to expand its talk broadcasts. Most of the station’s lineup now consists of local Christian call-in shows.

They cover several religious and conservative political issues. The station reserves Sundays for ministries.


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KEIB-AM broadcasts Fox News Radio updates and shows from Glen Beck and Sean Hannity to more than 89,000 listeners.

● Frequency: 1150 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1927

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: 89,100

● Owner: iHeartMedia

KEIB-AM has one of the most diverse playlists on our list. For starters, every hour will begin with an update from Fox News Radio.

Because of that, you’ll be able to keep track of what’s going on around the world.

Then you can sit back, relax, and listen to one of the countless syndicated shows on the station.

These programs include:

The Sean Hannity Show

● The Glenn Beck Program

● The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

● The Ramsey Show

● The Michael Berry Show

These are only some of the broadcasts that you can enjoy on KEIB. Each one will give you a different perspective on our world’s issues.

In addition, the station switches up its format during weekends. Instead of full talk shows, it airs reports covering the news highlights that week.


● Frequency: 870 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Conservative talk radio

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1933

● Broadcast area: Southern California

● Number of listeners: 87,600

● Owner: Salem Media Group

KRLA was a music channel for years. People from all over Southern California would tune in to listen to the latest hits.

It wasn’t until 2001 that the station switched formats to talk radio. Today, KRLA broadcasts a few different segments.

For example, it airs a local wake-up show on weekdays called Morning Answer. This program discusses the latest news along with current events.

Aside from that, KRLA carries plenty of nationally syndicated shows. That includes The Mike Gallagher Show and The Charlie Kirk Show.

The station provides listeners with regular national news updates. This is courtesy of Townhall News, a politically conservative website.


● Frequency: 1020 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: News/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1925

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: 72,100

● Owner: Latino Media Network

J. Frank Burke launched KTNQ with one idea in mind. He was a commentator and news analyst who focused on American progressiveness.

Because of that, the station was a hub for liberal thinkers looking for a news outlet.

After that, KTNQ spent a little time operating using a Top 40 music format. It hosted many DJs and broadcasted countless songs.

This wouldn’t last for long. A few years later, the channel switched to a Spanish format. It covers the issues the Hispanic community faces in our world today.

Plus, a few lifestyle and entertainment shows discuss daily news. To top it all off, KTNQ is the Spanish flagship station for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Nowadays, the station is one of the few channels that broadcast talk shows in Spanish.


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KABC was one of LA’s first channels to broadcast all talk, all the time.

● Frequency: 790 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1925

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Cumulus Media

KABC was one of the first stations to adopt an all-talk-around-the-clock format. In 1960, the channel switched and became one of the most popular broadcasts in the area.

Since then, KABC has hosted many incredible shows. These programs talk about all sorts of topics, from news to entertainment.

Some examples include:

● Red Eye Radio

● The Dan Bongino Show

● The Michael Knowles Show

● The Ben Shapiro Show

On top of that, the channel is the home of local hosts John Philips and Leo Terrell.

KABC also airs plenty of sports content. In fact, it’s the flagship station of the USC Trojans football and men’s basketball radio networks.


● Frequency: 90.7 MHz.

● Modulation: FM

● Format: Public radio/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1959

● Broadcast area: Southern California

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Pacifica Foundation

KPFK boasts an eclectic schedule of broadcasts. For instance, the channel airs shows about art, public affairs, and current news.

Yet, that’s not all. The station aims to promote the study of political and economic problems. This is to raise awareness of issues in our society.

Besides that, KPFK dissects the causes of racial, philosophical, and religious antagonism. The channel dives into the reasons behind bigotry.

While KPFK is mainly an English channel, it airs Spanish shows five days a week. That means you get to choose which language you want to listen to.


● Frequency: 740 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Christian talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1952

● Broadcast area: Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Crawford Broadcasting

KBRT has a similar history to KKLA. Yet, rather than praise and worship, the station went more contemporary.

It broadcasted current Christian songs to appeal to a younger audience. Then, the channel switched to a Christian talk format to boost listener engagement.

Today, it hosts numerous shows with a religious background. Most of them provide the audience with sermons and other teachings from pastors.

Although, not all the content has religious undertones. Some programs like The Bottom Line offer more diverse broadcasts.

This show talks about education, health, finance, and legal issues. Not only is this segment incredibly informative, but it also reaches a wide listener base.

That’s because the KBRT signal can travel to almost all AM radios in California.

10. KIRN

A star at street-level view on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
KIRN once aired Top 40 music, but is today an ethnic Iranian talk station.

● Frequency: 670 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Ethnic Iranian/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1984

● Broadcast area: Greater Los Angeles

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Lotus Communications

KIRN started out as a Top-40 music station. It would air the hottest hits of the moment.

It couldn’t compete with similar channels, so it changed its format to talk radio.

This started with a short segment on Sundays, then expanded and took over the whole station. For a while, KIRN focused on entertainment news and current events.

That wouldn’t last long, though, because the broadcast would convert to sports talk later.

After that, when Lotus Communications bought out KIRN, it became a simulcast. It meant that it would air brokered-time programs.

The format would continue until 2001, when KIRN became Radio Iran. This made it the first and only Persian-language radio channel in the country.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for the best 10 talk radio stations in LA to listen to today.

Tune into KEIB-AM, KRLA-AM, or KABC to get the latest news. All of these channels should be able to give you an in-depth look into current events.

Other than that, KKLA and KBRT are the way to go for Christian content.

There are also a few talk show stations that broadcast in foreign languages. These include KIRN (Persian) and KTNQ (Spanish).

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