Chicago’s Top 10 Talk Radio Stations to Listen to All Day

This article will introduce you to Chicago’s top 10 talk radio stations to listen to all day, so whether you’re caught in traffic or looking for tunes to set the mood, you know what to listen to.

We’ll also cover what each broadcast can offer you regarding shows.

Best 10 Talk Radio Stations to Listen to All Day in Chicago

There are countless radio stations in the Chicago area. Some broadcast news talk shows while others focus on entertainment programs.

Since there are plenty of options to pick from, finding the best channel can be a challenge. To simplify your life, we’ve compiled a list of all the highest-rated talk shows in Chicago.

We’ll review the hosts of these segments and the topics they discuss.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of radio stations.


Two radio hosts in a home studio in Chicago with plants in the background
WBBM is one of Chi-Town’s top news stations for current events.

● Frequency: 780 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: All news/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1924

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: 864,100

● Owner: Audacy

WBBM may be for you if you’re looking for a fun way to keep track of the latest news. This channel hosts a variety of talk shows that discuss current events.

At the top of every hour, WBBM will air a news wheel to take you through all the day’s essential information.

For instance, you’ll get a rundown of the weather and traffic in your area. Other than that, you can also listen to sports coverage and business updates.

One of the highest-ranking shows on the station is Noon Business Hour. It features serious conversations on topics like public affairs.

WBBM broadcasts a few lifestyle talk shows. These cover subjects like real estate, eating habits, and the ins and outs of living in Chicago.


● Frequency: 91.5 MHz.

● Modulation: FM

● Format: News/talk

● Scope: International

● Established: 1943

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: 445,100

● Owner: Chicago Public Media

WBEZ is an educational radio station that airs news segments and talk shows.

It’s one of the few stations in the area with an international scope. That means it broadcasts shows from overseas.

For instance, it transmits some programming from the BBC World Service.

Other than that, the channel produces more than one nationally syndicated show. These are Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and This American Life.

To keep its educational content exciting, WBEZ relies on different program formats. Some of the most popular include news segments and quiz shows.

They keep the audience on their feet while providing them with invaluable information.

This all happens during the week. Yet, the station takes on a more relaxed format when the weekend comes around.

Instead of talk shows, it features music and other entertainment content.


● Frequency: 720 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: News/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1922

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: 339,500

● Owner: Nexstar Media Group

The call sign for this channel stands for World’s Greatest Newspaper. So, it should come as no surprise that it boasts hard-hitting journalism and talk shows.

Most of WGN’s broadcasts consist of local talk segments. They feature hosts like Bob Sirott, John Williams, and Lisa Dent, to name a few.

These programs dive into news headlines, the weather, and traffic reports. Therefore, plenty of Chicagoans rely on WGN to stay on top of current events.

The station also airs a few nationally syndicated shows, but this doesn’t happen often.

You can use the channel to get the latest news about your favorite sports teams. WGN covers most major games in Chicago.


Two people having an interview on the radio
WMVP went on air in 1926 and serves the Chicago metro area, broadcasting the best in sports news.

● Frequency: 1000 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Sports/talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1926

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: 232,000

● Owner: Good Karma Brands

Staying on top of sports news can take time and effort. Countless games are going on with hundreds of different players.

So, if you need help keeping up, tune into WMVP. This station broadcasts all sorts of sports content.

First up, it’ll air statistics of matches and the final scores of games. Other than that, it covers all major athletic events in the area.

Although, that’s not what makes WMVP special. The station boasts a variety of talk shows. Each one will cover a specific aspect of sports.

For example, there are many programs dedicated to play-by-plays. These take you through every step of a game while an expert analyzes each move.


● Frequency: 890 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Talk radio

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1924

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: 161,600

● Owner: Cumulus Media

Sears founded WLS back in 1924. The call sign stands for World’s Largest Store.

When it launched, the channel was a retail outlet for Sears. People would call in and order different products from the store’s catalog.

This quickly changed after the American Broadcasting Company bought the station. After that, the channel became a hub for the Top 40 hits of the moment.

That continued until 1989 when WLS converted to a talk format.

The majority of the broadcast features syndicated conservative shows.

For instance, the lineup includes The Ben Shapiro Show, The Mark Levin Show, and Red Eye Radio. These programs run on weekdays.

The segments for Saturday and Sunday are different. They feature hosts Steve Cochran in the morning and John Howell in the afternoon.


● Frequency: 1690 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: African-American-oriented talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 2003

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: 47,500

● Owner: iHeartMedia

WVON is one of the newest radio stations on our list. It’s only been around for about 19 years.

When it launched, the channel played pop music from various artists.

It also aired live band performances from Cicero’s Olympic Ballroom.

Then, WVON shifted toward sharing urban music. Its playlists consisted of R&B, soul, and jazz. Because of that, it quickly became a heritage station for the African-American community.

It focused on promoting artists of color and sharing their music with the world. This developed into a talk show format.

Instead of only sharing songs, WVON added a few segments to its lineup.

These consisted of programming that appealed to African-American audiences. The shows discuss many topics of all kinds.

For instance, they cover political issues and current events.


Man and woman at a radio station looking at one another while leaning into a suspended microphone on TalkSport
WRLL is a Latinx talk station that airs The Voices of Latin America Show.

● Frequency: 1450 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Spanish variety

● Scope: Local

● Established: 2003

● Broadcast area: Chicago market

● Number of listeners: 41,900

● Owner: Midway Broadcasting

If you’re looking for Spanish talk shows, your best bet is WRLL. This station focuses on serving the Latinx community.

It does that by dissecting a wide range of topics and issues. For example, a popular show on WRLL talks about spending habits and how they can affect your health.

Don’t miss The Voice of Latin America Show, which details the community’s political issues today.

The channel doesn’t exclusively share serious news. At the end of each day, WRLL will play relaxing music to help you recover from a long day.


● Frequency: 1050 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Talk, full service

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1947

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: 6,500

● Owner: Alpha Media

Like many other radio stations, WLIP started out as a music channel. For a few years, it broadcasted using a Top 40 hits format.

After that, the station converted to an adult contemporary and oldies style. During this time, a few talk shows joined the lineup.

These discussed different aspects of music. Over the next couple of years, the shows would develop into more advanced programs.

For starters, their discussion topics branched out to include more diverse themes. Besides that, WLIP increased the number of talk hosts on the channel.

Today, the station broadcasts talk shows all day, with a few reruns in the afternoon. Plus, on weekends, it transmits brokered programming.


● Frequency: 820 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Progressive talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1923

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Newsweb Corporation

WCPT stands for We’re Chicago’s Progressive Talk.

As you can guess, this channel hosts some of the most liberal programs in the area.

This wasn’t always the case with WCPT. At first, this station mainly broadcasted religious content due to the management at the time.

It wasn’t until Newsweb acquired the station in 2001 that the talk show format came about.

Now, WCPT is an affiliate for many syndicated broadcasts.

Some examples include:

The Stephanie Miller Show

● The Thom Hartmann Program

● The Rick Smith Show

● Democracy Now

These shows discuss everything from politics to psychology.


● Frequency: 560 kHz.

● Modulation: AM

● Format: Conservative talk

● Scope: Local

● Established: 1927

● Broadcast area: Chicago metropolitan area

● Number of listeners: N/A

● Owner: Salem Media Group

Before WIND became the channel we know and love today, it underwent several phases.

First up, it aired popular music for a few years.

After that, it switched to a Spanish-language format. The station focused on music during this time, with a few talk shows squeezed between songs.

However, it quickly turned into a predominantly talk-oriented channel.

There are quite a few stations that broadcast using the conservative talk format. Yet, WIND stands above all the others.

For starters, the channel’s lineup features many exceptional hosts. These include Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, and Jay Sekulow.

Each can give you a whole new perspective on everyday issues.

Aside from that, WIND airs a couple of local talk shows. These will provide listeners with current event highlights.

A great example of that is Chicago’s Morning Answer.

Wrapping Up

There are many great options if you’re looking for Chicago’s top 10 talk radio stations to listen to all day.

Right off the bat, you can tune into WBBM, WBEZ, or WGN. All three feature a variety of shows that can keep you entertained while you wait in traffic.

For more sports-oriented content, head over to WMVP. Finally, if you prefer listening to Spanish talk shows, then WRLL is the way to go.

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