Pure Evoke H6 Review 1

Pure Evoke H6 review

With its handsome looks, brilliant colour screen and Bluetooth connection, is the Pure Evoke H6 the ideal DAB digital radio? Let’s find out…
Beautiful aesthetic
Carry handle for portability
Full-colour display
Limited volume for large size
No remote control



We always love an opportunity to check out one of the leading devices from a sensational company like Pure Radio here at Radio Fidelity. Though not everyone will appreciate Pure’s style, we find the Evoke series to be an excellent representation of the company’s unique aesthetic.

The Pure Evoke radios all come with a unique combination of modern functionality and elegance. 

As one of the leading DAB radios on the market today, the Evoke H6 gives listeners an opportunity to listen to their favourite songs through a set of modern, high-performance speakers.

The Evoke H6 comes with DAB and DAB+ signals as well as FM for more traditional listeners. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity so you can play your preferred podcasts and owned music from your smart phone too.

Pure claims that the Evoke H6 is the “Best of British sound”. We thought we’d put that claim to the test. Read through our Pure Evoke H6 review to learn more.

Pure Evoke H6 review: Design and build

If there’s one thing that we just can’t resist about a Pure radio here at Radio Fidelity, it’s the style. Though we personally have a soft spot for things like the Roberts Revival, with its smooth vintage look, the Pure Evoke still appeals to our inner yearning for retro.

The combination of a sleek white face, bold speakers, and a set of tactile tuning knobs is enough to leave us feeling nostalgic.

Overall, the Evoke H6 will probably remind you a lot of the other products in the Pure Evoke line – particularly the Evoke C-D4. The Pure H6 is a little smaller than the CD-4, but it features many of the same traits, including a series of easy-to-use buttons and a robust wooden casing.

We chose the Pure Evoke H6 oak version to test ourselves, but the Walnut option is just as attractive.

Although there’s no CD player included with the Pure Evoke H6, it does come with Bluetooth streaming so you can still play your own content. Additionally, we love the fact that like the H4, the Evoke H6 comes with a snooze handle.

That means you just have to tap the carry handle at the top of the device to turn your alarm off for a while when you want to sleep for longer.

If you do want to use the handle for more than just snoozing reasons, there is an option to convert your Evoke H6 digital radio into a portable DAB kit.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase the ChargePAK F1 separately to do this, which means paying another £30 for about 30 hours of continuous playback without an outlet. You can choose to get the ChargePAK as part of an all-in-one set from retailers like Amazon too.

Pure Evoke H6 Review 2
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Pure Evoke H6 review: Features

So we know that the Pure Evoke H6 looks good – but what else is there to love about this device? After all, like many of the devices from Pure Radio, this product isn’t exactly cheap. You don’t want to be paying just under £200 for looks alone.

Fortunately, the Evoke H6 is more than just a pretty face. This device has been carefully built to offer exceptional performance and stereo sound to customers all across the UK.

Within the Pure Evoke H6, you’ll find a great combination of DAB and FM channels to browse through using a state-of-the-art full-colour screen. You can even see the artwork for each radio channel or album you play via Bluetooth right there on the screen.

With a practical button design and easy-to-understand menus to get you started, the Pure Evoke H6 is intuitive and easy-to-use even if you’re a beginner to DAB radios. What’s more, the whole device is digital tick approved, so you can rest assured that it’s ready for the future too.

If you don’t like the music or programs that you find on the DAB or FM radio signals, you can always use your Evoke H6 as a wireless speaker with Bluetooth connectivity too. We found it very easy to get our connection set up for podcast streaming purposes.

Features include:

  • 2.8-inch colour TFT display
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Digital tick approved
  • Easy to use interface
  • Slideshow artwork 
  • Alarm and clock features
  • Snooze handle
  • Headphone output and aux input
  • Optional portability with ChargePAK
  • 40 station presets
  • Kitchen timer
  • Sleep timer
  • DAB, DAB+ and FM radio

Excellent for use all around the home, the Pure Evoke H6 comes with a range of convenient capabilities to improve your listening experience. With the Evoke H6, you can set timers for your kitchen cooking, or put your radio into standby after a certain time period.

That second option is excellent for when you’re listening to radio while falling asleep with your headphones.

Pure Evoke H6 Review 3
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Pure Evoke H6 review: Performance

So we know that the Pure Evoke H6 has a lot of great features and that it looks pretty good too. Now, all we need to do is check that it performs as well as expected for a leading Pure Radio device.

When it comes to usability, the H6 pretty much has everything covered. Like other items in the Pure Evoke series, you’ll find an intuitive interface on this device, with a screen that’s easy to navigate, and plenty of handy presets.

The vibrant display and button layout is simple to use for virtually anyone – even if you don’t have a lot of experience with digital radio systems. What’s more, the fact that you only have to tap the handle on top of this Pure Radio to snooze the alarm means that you won’t struggle to use it when you’re half asleep either.

From a sound quality perspective, the Evoke H6 holds up too. Like other items in the Evoke H range, the H6 comes with the premium speakers that previously appeared in the Evoke C-D range.

These high-powered speakers come with class D amplification and class-leading performance. The rear enclosure and acoustic port also ensure that you get the same quality sound wherever you position your radio – even if it’s against other furniture.

Just remember that like many radios, the Pure Evoke H6 can deliver sensational lossless sound, but only to a certain extent. You may need additional speakers to add extra volume to this device.

Pure Evoke H6 review: Verdict

If you’re looking for a compelling DAB radio with plenty of unique features to offer and a great design, this could be it. We loved the Pure Evoke H6 for its stunning design and attention to detail.

Sometimes, it’s the little things, like the ability to snooze your alarm using a handle rather than a specific button that makes a huge difference.

However, the Pure Evoke H6 also suffers from some of the standard issues of the Evoke line. For instance, if you want to make your device more portable, then you’re going to need to pay extra for a ChargePAK, which is a pain for some customers.

Additionally, the volume on your H6 will be limited, although you can rest assured that your sound will stay clear at any level.

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Pure Evoke H6 Review 1
The Evoke H6 can be used as a stereo wireless speaker with your laptop, smartphone or tablet devices. Simple to connect with your smartphone or tablet and Evoke H6 will allow you to stream your favourite podcasts, internet radio and music apps in high detailed stereo sound.
Build quality
Good sound quality
3-year warranty included
Easy to use design
Beautiful aesthetic
Carry handle for portability
Snooze by tapping the handle
Full-colour display
Bluetooth streaming
Easy DAB connection
Expensive, particularly with the ChargePAK
Limited volume for quite a large radio
No remote control
Where to buy

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