Australia’s 8 Most Popular Christian Radio Stations in 2023

Christian stations are prevalent among older demographics, with around 33 percent of listeners between 30 and 64 tuning in regularly.

In Australia, the demand for Christian radio is impressively high. Christian broadcasts reach nearly two million Australians every week.

Additionally, 95 percent of listeners say tuning into their favorite religious stations positively impacts their lives.

Plenty of radio stations are worth checking out in the Christian niche, whether you’re searching for inspirational stories and sermons, family-friendly talk shows, or just Christian-focused music.

Today, we’re sharing some of the most popular Australian Christian radio stations in 2023.

The Top 8 Australian Christian Radio Stations in 2023

Exact listener figures are challenging to find for some specialist radio stations, such as those with Christian programming.

With that in mind, we’ve based this list of the top Australian stations on the channels with the broadest reach and strongest reputation.

Here are just some of the best options to consider this year.

1. Vision Christian Radio

Christian radio host in Australia in the background with a microphone in the foreground
Vision Christian Radio began in 1999 and broadcasts widely throughout Australia.

Australian narrowcast station, Vision Christian Radio, is a channel operated by the Vision Christian Media Group, a United Christian Broadcasters affiliate.

The station broadcasts Christian music and talk-show programs from studios in Brisbane to a network of over 720 AM and FM frequencies.

First launching in 1999 as Vision FM, Vision Christian Radio started life with only one transmitter in Queensland.

By 2001, it had established over 40 transmission sites, and 156 by 2004. The network’s growth was heavily influenced by purchasing 16 HPON licenses throughout Western Sydney, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Vision broadcasts a single national programming feed to 780 towns, cities, and suburbs in Australia, featuring contemporary Christian music and educational shows.

Frequency: AM: 1820 kHz Brisbane

Website: Vision

2. Hope 103.2

Based in Sydney, Hope 103.2 was founded as 2CBA by Reverend Vernon Turner in 1979.

The station was one of the first community radio channels in the region, and it advertised itself as the first full Christian FM station in Australia.

The station delivers a mixed format of easy listening, hot adult contemporary music, and Christian content. Listeners can also tune into call-in sessions, competitions, and Christian devotionals.

Hope targets a broad audience with family-friendly shows and positive, motivational messages. It also covers various news topics, with bulletins concerning local stories.

Frequency: FM: 103.2 FM

Website: Hope 103.2

3. Sonshine

Nonprofit community radio station Sonshine is based in Perth, Western Australia.

It offers a variety of adult contemporary mainstream music, Christian news, and playlists. Segments also frequently feature interactions with community guests.

Sonshine’s playlists typically include current hits and music from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s, helping it reach a broad audience of around 451,000 monthly listeners.

The community-licensed station was established in 1988 and is now owned by Good News Broadcasters.

Sonshine also offers an on-demand service, allowing listeners to tune into their favorite programs online or access live streams via mobile apps.

Frequency: FM: 98.5 MHz

Website: Sonshine

4. 96five Family Radio

Microphone with a computer keyboard, bible, and cross in a radio station
96five is a family-friendly station with a variety of Christian music.

Located in Brisbane, Australia, 96five is a Christian community radio station funded by donations, fundraising, sponsorship, and advertising.

The station is a family-friendly broadcaster with programs and music designed for people of all ages.

Playlists often consist of music from both mainstream and contemporary Christian artists. The schedule also features a variety of family segments and messages from ministry figures, which air on an hourly basis.

Plus, there are special programs available, like Focus on the Family.

96five is a dedicated community station organizing various community outreach programs and initiatives through its ministry. It also has multiple partnerships with many international nonprofits.

Frequency: FM: 96.5 MHz

Website: 96five

5. 89.9 The Light

The Light is a Christian community radio station located in Melbourne and one of the biggest Christian broadcasters in the region.

The station attracts more than one million monthly listeners and has grown consistently since its launch in 1977.

The Light has its dedicated news service, with hourly updates shared throughout the day.

Additionally, it simulcasts the Nine News Melbourne reports at 6 p.m. each weekday.

Alongside news segments, The Light also broadcasts Christian and censored secular music. The genres usually cover a range of pop, modern rock, and gospel. Sometimes, the playlists include adult contemporary music from approved artists.

Frequency: FM: 89.9 MHz

Website: The Light

6. 1079 Life

First launched in 1993, 1079 Life was introduced to the public as Alta Mira FM.

The station is located in Adelaide, South Australia. It has a reputation for being a catalyst for local talent. Brenton Ragless and Kate Collins both got their start in the media on the channel.

On this station, listeners can find contemporary adult music from leading artists, Christian songs, and gospel.

There’s also a variety of shows to tune into, such as breakfast and drive-time shows, as well as sports, music, and talk programs throughout the week.

Life has won several awards for community engagement, excellent interviews, and commentary. It also simulcasts live news updates regularly.

Frequency: FM: 107.9 MHz

Website: 1079 Life

7. Rhema FM

Man wearing a red shirt and a jacket talking into a microphone broadcasting Christian radio in a room with a bright window and plants
Rhema FM is several stations in one network that broadcasts talk shows and music playlists.

Rhema FM is a network of Christian radio stations established by the United Christian Broadcasters group in Australia.

Each station is independently run, with local programming designed for various audiences.

Rhema is one of the more versatile Christian networks on this list.

The programming on most stations generally includes various music playlists and talk shows, with Christian messages infused into the mix. The stations also broadcast regular segments.

Rhema is available in Tamworth, Newcastle, Wide Bay, Mount Isa, Manning Great Lakes, Central Coast, and Port Macquarie.

Frequency: FM: 94.9 MHz central cost

Website: Rhema FM

8. Faith FM

Faith FM is a network of Christian radio stations throughout the Australian region.

The station specializes in motivational, inspirational, and Christian-focused content. Common programming includes educational sessions, sermons, and regular talk shows.

Each Faith FM station broadcasts music from Christian artists and groups for different tastes. Faith has a selection of podcasts available on its website from well-known presenters and regularly hosts live events.

The station also regularly broadcasts news updates to regions throughout Australia.

Frequency: FM: 87.6 MHz, 87.8 MHz, and 88.0 MHz

Website: Faith FM

The Best Christian Radio Stations for Australia

Hopefully, the list above has given you options for finding your next Christian-focused channel.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly programming, unique sermons, and stories, or just a wide selection of contemporary and classic playlists, there’s something for everyone on Australia’s airwaves.

Remember, you can also find a wide range of digital stations in Australia by searching online for Christian radio channels.

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