AM Radio Stations in Philadelphia: The Best 18 To Know About

In the internet age, some people might think that radio isn’t as influential as it once was.

While that’s true to an extent, radio stations can offer you a lot if you have the right attitude.

For what it’s worth, nothing beats being part of a collective experience. Knowing that someone else, somewhere, is listening to the same show you’re listening to can warm your heart.

So, if you’re looking for quality radio content, where should you go? Well, if you live in Philly, this list is for you.

We’ve gathered the best 18 AM radio stations in Philadelphia so you can enjoy a transcendent audio experience.

The Top 18 AM Radio Stations in Philadelphia

Let’s see what each of these stations can bring to that table and why you might want to give them a listen.

1. Philadelphia’s BIN 610

Close up shot of an AM/FM radio with volume controls in Philadelphia
BIN 610 is one of the biggest stations in Philly and is its first Black Information Network.

As one of the oldest channels on this list, BIN 610 has seen it all.

It started with a traditional music format, playing rock and roll, pop, and adult contemporary music. Then, it became an all-sports radio channel for a while.

The station featured some of the most prominent radio personalities in the field, like Joe McCauley, aka “the Morning Mayor.”

Now, it’s known as the first Black Information Network (BIN) in Philly, covering black news with an objective view and an authentic voice.

This station has become a trustworthy news source through interviews, wide news coverage, and critical examination.

2. Family Radio 950

For one station, Family Radio has quite a diverse, rich history.

Not only did it adopt several formats throughout its broadcasts, but each format was completely different.

It started with Italian-language programming but then switched to the traditional music format, covering music by Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee.

It then became one of the most popular live-audience talk radio stations.

Now, it’s settled on a Christian talk format.

Whether through Christian music, hymns, or Bible teachings, the station aims to show you what the gospel is all about.

3. KYW Newsradio 1060

What’s interesting about KYW is that it wasn’t always a Philadelphia radio station.

The Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company originally started it in East Pittsburgh to promote their radio receivers.

KYW was one of the first stations to adopt an all-news format. Ironically, the station that didn’t start in Philadelphia now has in-depth coverage of the city’s weather, traffic, and sports news.

With over 1.2 million weekly listeners, KYW is one of the most influential stations in Philadelphia today.

4. Fox Sports The Gambler

Old scratched AM radio interface with a red needle tuned into a station
Fox Sports The Gambler will help you stay up-to-date with gambling games.

Fox has gone through more rebrandings than most stations on this list. With each rebranding, it adopted different formats.

It was a Black-oriented station in its early days, playing R&B and jazz and tackling civil rights issues related to the African-American community.

Then, it switched to the Latino population of Philadelphia, playing Spanish tropical music. The station then adopted different formats before settling on its current sports talk.

Now it’s the biggest source for all things sports in Philadelphia. Not only will you get the latest sports news, but, as the name suggests, you can learn everything about gambling during games.

5. 990 The Answer

Similar to Fox Sports, The Answer has gone through various rebrandings. It constantly switched from Christian radio to music programming to an all-sports format.

The station settled on an all-news format, covering all sorts of local and international news.

The Answer’s experienced crew offers call-in segments, detailed analyses, and in-depth interviews on all the newsworthy events in Philly.

Whether it’s finance, technology, or health, the station will give you an expert opinion and keep you informed on the latest happenings.

6. WURD 900AM

If you’re an avid follower of WURD, then you know the station found little success with its earlier formats.

However, now it’s one of the biggest stations focused on empowering the Black community.

It uses podcasts and holds live events to inform and educate people on the true spirit of the African-American community.

7. WFIL AM 560

WFIL was one of the biggest rock and roll stations of its time.

It featured some of the industry’s prominent personalities of that time, like George Michael and Dave “The Rave” Parks.

It’s undergone numerous changes since then and adopted different formats, from adult contemporary and country music to oldies.

The station finally settled on a Christian talk format, focusing on family, Evangelical programs, and Bible teachings.

8. WHAT – El Zol 1340 AM

AM interface up-close showing a red needle hovering near the 53
El Zol 1340 AM or WHAT broadcasts Latino entertainment, including music, traffic, and news.

Branded initially as WHAT, this station has had a massive cultural influence.

It’s one of the first radio stations to hire a Black crew and adopt an African-American all-talk format.

Today, El Zol continues to encourage cultural authenticity, as it leans heavily towards empowering the Latino community in Philadelphia.

With music, news, political discussions, and traffic reports, El Zol covers every aspect of Latino life.

9. Relevant Radio – WWJZ 640 AM

Due to logistic restrictions, it took a lot of work for WWJZ to make its debut.

Once it did, though, it played a variety of music genres, covering artists like Doris Day, Frankie Laine, and Tommy Dorsie.

At one point, it adopted the Radio Disney format, airing Disney-related shows and popular pop and R&B music.

Rebranded as Relevant Radio, the station is now known for its Christian programming.

It broadcasts various shows with one purpose: to show how faith plays a part in people’s everyday lives.

10. WPHE AM – Radio Salvacion 690

Unlike most radio stations on this list, Radio Salvacion has had a clear target audience from its early debut: Hispanics.

It’s also one of the few stations that stuck to its initial format throughout most of its lifespan.

From early on, the station leaned heavily on a Christian format. Through worship songs, Bible examination, and intercessory prayers, the purpose of this station is to fulfill its audience’s spiritual needs.

It’s not just about radio, though. The station also covers the traditions of various churches and informs people of any live events in them.

11. WJFP 740 AM

Despite changing management a few times, WJFP had been the Christian Station for the longest time, featuring the likes of George A. Palmer’s Morning Cheer.

Now it’s known as Philly’s Free Speech station, covering every newsworthy event in Philadelphia and the neighboring communities.

With in-depth coverage and engaging discussions, WJFP aims to keep you informed on the latest happenings in town.

12. WWDB 680 AM

AM radio numbers in blue on black with high frequencies
WWDB 680 AM plays multi-language programming in Philly.

Due to indecisive management, WWDB had a rocky start when it debuted. Despite featuring prominent radio personalities, it didn’t settle on one format, switching from an all-talk to urban gospel music programming.

Then, it switched to a Spanish sports format before returning to the old all-talk format.

WWDB combines informative and entertaining content to cover current events, self-help, real estate news, and more.

The station’s purpose is to reflect Philadelphia’s true spirit. You can still enjoy their German or Polish programming if you don’t speak English. It just makes sure there’s a place for everyone.

13. Gospel Highway 11

Gospel Highway has been in the business for a long time.

Back when it was called WNAP, it adopted a traditional Top-40 format. Right from the get-go, it gave the more established radio stations a run for their money.

Afterward, the station adopted different formats, from contemporary Christian music, to news and information, before settling on its current format.

As the name suggests, Gospel Highway has become Philadelphia’s biggest source of gospel music.

Whether it’s classic, contemporary, or instrumental gospel music, the station’s massive library will satisfy you to the core.

14. WPWA – Radio Poder 1590

When it first launched, WPWA had one goal in mind: to be an all-rounder. Not only did the station play music, but it also covered weather, sports news, and more.

Although it changed multiple times and adopted different formats, the station remains dedicated to its goal.

It’s become a family radio station known for its Christian format, covering church traditions, Bible teaching, etc.

However, it keeps things fresh by covering global news, business, nonprofits, and more.

The best part is that if you miss any of their shows on the radio, you can catch them on their Facebook page.

15. WEMG 1310 AM

WEMG frequently changed management and adopted different formats. Unfortunately, though, it couldn’t find great success in many of these endeavors, not until it adopted its current format.

Now, WEMG is known for its massive Spanish music library, covering popular hit music from different genres.

The station’s influence does not stop at radio, though. It also supports Latino communities by sponsoring various events and festivals, like the Hispanic Fiesta in Philly.

16. WISP 1570 AM

A silver and black radio with red lighting
WISP is one of Philadelphia’s biggest AM talk stations.

Like WEMG, WISP had quite a rough start in its early days.

The station kept rocking back and forth, switching between different formats.

The station didn’t do well, whether it was country music, adult standards, or a news/talk format.

Then, everything changed when it was bought by Holy Spirit Radio Foundation. It’s become one of Philadelphia’s biggest Christian radio stations.

Through regular news, interviews with clergymen, and live events, WISP aims to keep you engaged in the Catholic community of Philadelphia.

17. WNJC 1360 AM

Despite not having a celebrated history, WNJC has always tried to stay on top of its game.

It’s one of the earliest stations to feature the renowned host Rush Limbaugh. It also frequently switched formats.

It went from country music to Spanish programming to the current multicultural format.

What sets this station apart from most on this list is that it broadcasts its shows and music in Spanish and English.

Whether through news coverage, stimulating discussions, or engaging music, WNJC aims to positively influence its listeners.

18. WFYL 1180 AM

WFYL’s main purpose is to give its audience as much value as possible—not in one particular field but in general.

The station covers different aspects of our everyday lives with various shows.

If you’re interested in grabbing “gold nuggets” and walking a religious path, Art Kardos’s ALL IN! has got you covered.

Listen to AMERICA/LINCOLN RADIO JOURNAL for up-to-date national news.

Ultimately, WFYL aims to keep you informed on every newsworthy event in your community.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the best AM radio stations in Philadelphia. With the city’s celebrated radio history, these stations will bring you more value than you might think.

Whether it’s music, news, politics, or religion, Philadelphia’s AM stations aim to make you an active, mindful member of your community.

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