The Talk of the Town: Phoenix’s Best 10 Talk Radio Stations

With the rise of digital media, Phoenix’s talk radio stations offer fresh and engaging perspectives on the issues that matter most to you.

Whether you’re craving the latest political insights, eager to stay up-to-date on sports news, or seeking business advice, there are talk radio stations in Phoenix that offer lively discussions, insightful interviews, and expert analysis.

Tune in and join the talk of the town as we discover the best talk radio stations Phoenix has to offer!

Phoenix’s Best 10 Talk Radio Stations

Regarding gauging talk radio station popularity, Nielsen’s audio rating and TuneIn favorites are like the cool kids’ popularity rankings and fan club membership counts.

They give us a glimpse into which talk radio stations are rockin’ the airwaves and winning hearts.

With the help of these tools, we’ve listed Phoenix’s 10 best talk radio stations.

1. KJZZ 91.5 FM

Two radio hosts in a home studio in Phoenix with plants in the background
As an NPR affiliate, KJZZ 91.5 FM plays music and talk. It’s an award-winning station beloved by many.

KJZZ 91.5 FM isn’t your typical radio station. This listener-supported NPR affiliate features an eclectic mix of news, jazz, and blues that will entertain you for hours.

With over 64,000 favorites on TuneIn, KJZZ is one of the most popular radio stations in the area and, according to Nielsen, has an impressive 6.4 AQH rating.

But KJZZ is more than just a radio station; it’s a community.

The station has won numerous awards for its programming, including several regional Edward R. Murrow Awards and a prestigious Peabody Award.

The team at KJZZ is dedicated to providing high-quality journalism and thought-provoking content.

Check out one of their shows, including:

All Things Considered

● APM Marketplace

● BBC Newshour

● BBC World Business Report, and many more.

KJZZ has it all, whether you’re looking for the latest news, smooth jazz, or in-depth interviews with local and national personalities.

And with its commitment to community engagement, this station is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals who share your love of great music, fascinating stories, and meaningful conversation.

2. KTAR News-Talk 92.3 FM Live

KTAR News-Talk 92.3 FM Live is the ultimate source of talk and news for Arizonans who want to stay informed and entertained.

This station features local and national news, sports, and politics.

KTAR isn’t all work and no play. The hosts and reporters on this station know how to have fun while keeping their listeners informed with witty banter, hilarious segments, and engaging interviews.

With regular giveaways and contests, listeners can even win cool prizes while staying up to date on current events. No wonder Nielsen had them at 2.9 AQH and over 60,000 favorites.

From Edward R. Murrow Awards to Associated Press accolades, this station has been recognized time and again for its exceptional reporting and storytelling.

Listen to KTAR News-Talk 92.3 FM Live for hard-hitting news and a good laugh!

3. KKNT 960 AM The Patriot

Radio hosts having a discussion around a table
The Patriot will make you feel good about being an American, especially if you have conservative values.

Coming in hot in third is KKNT 960 AM The Patriot.

With about 32,000 favorites, KKNT 960 AM The Patriot has a rich history focusing on conservative and patriotic programming.

In 2002, the station first launched as KXAM, with a mix of local and national talk shows.

In 2006, it was rebranded as The Patriot and shifted to a more conservative talk radio format.

Over the years, KKNT has become a popular destination for listeners interested in conservative politics, national security, and traditional American values.

In 2010, the station hosted the first-ever Arizona Tea Party Convention, featuring Sarah Palin and Joe Arpaio as keynote speakers.

The event drew thousands of attendees and put KKNT in the national spotlight as a leading voice for the conservation movement.

The station has won multiple awards for its programming, including Best News/Talk Station by the Arizona Broadcasting Association.

Today, KKNT remains a reliable source of conservative news and commentary for its loyal listeners.

4. KMVP-FM Arizona Sports 98.7 FM

Founded in 2012, Arizona Sports has become the go-to station for sports fans across the region, delivering round-the-clock coverage of all the latest news and scores.

Tune in to hear some of the biggest names in sports radio, including Doug & Wolf, Bickley & Marotta, and Burns & Gambo, as they offer expert analyses and insights on the teams and athletes that matter most to Arizona fans.

Arizona Sports 98.7 FM has about 30,000 favorites in TuneIn with a 2.3 AQH Nielsen score.

The station isn’t just about game recaps and highlights; it’s also a hub for community engagement and philanthropy.

From charity events to youth sports programs, Arizona Sports is committed to positively impacting the local community.

5. KFNX 1100 AM Live The Pulse of Arizona

A group of radio hosts in Phoenix sitting around and talking and smiling at a bright, sunny radio station with a brick wall
KFNX 1100 AM is a locally-owned talk station that plays music from the 1940s through the ’60s.

Are you feeling the pulse of Arizona? You certainly will if you tune in to KFNX 1100 AM!

This locally-owned radio station that serves metro Phoenix has been airing talk shows and bringing in expert guests since 2003.

But KFNX isn’t just about talk – it’s also about music! The station is known for its Music of Your Life program, which features classic hits from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s.

The Pulse of Arizona has shows such as:

Imus in the Morning

● The Ingraham Angle

● A Call to Rights

● CZ The Day and many more.

Did we mention that KFNX is the only radio station in Arizona that broadcasts crystal-clear AM stereo sound?

That’s right! If you want to hear your favorite shows and music in high-quality sound, KFNX is the place to be. No wonder it has over 20,000 favorites in TuneIn.

6. KDUS NBC Sports Radio 1060 AM Live

KDUS has delivered the latest news, scores, and expert analysis since 1953.

KDUS has a winning mix of local and national coverage, expert analysis, and engaging personalities.

It’s not just local sports coverage that makes KDUS a fan favorite (about 16,000 favorites in TuneIn).

As an affiliate of NBC Sports Radio, KDUS offers listeners access to some of the biggest names in sports media. From the Dan Patrick Show to the Rich Eisen Show and everything in between, KDUS brings you the best in national sports talk and analysis.

So, if you’re ready to take your sports fandom to the next level, tune in to KDUS NBC Sports Radio 1060 AM.

7. KIDR 740 AM En Familia Radio 11.4K Favorites

Woman talk radio host talking into microphone while male radio host holding coffee is in the background
KIDR 740 AM is a Hispanic channel that focuses on family togetherness.

En Familia Radio is a Spanish-language radio station broadcasting on KIDR 740 AM.

The station is known for its family-oriented programming and devotion to traditional Hispanic values.

En Familia Radio has been on the air in Phoenix since 1999 and was originally owned by Entravision Communications Corporation. In 2014, the Salem Media Group, a Christian media company, acquired the station.

Today, En Familia Radio, with about 11,000 favorites in TuneIn, offers a variety of programming, including talk shows, music, and religious content.

Some of its most popular programs include:

Enfoque a la Familia (Focus on the Family),

La Hora de la Salsa (The Hour of Salsa), and

La Hora de la Verdad (The Hour of Truth).

8. KNUV 1190 AM La Onda 1190

Next up is KNUV 1190 AM, commonly known as La Onda 1190, with over 9,000 TuneIn favorites.

La Onda means “The Wave” in Spanish. It’s a radio station aimed at Hispanic listeners in the Phoenix area.

The station first went on air in the early 1980s and originally had a country music format.

In 1988, Radio Unica Communications purchased KNUV and switched it to Spanish-language talk and music.

Today, La Onda 1190 provides a wide range of programming that appeals to the Hispanic community. This station covers Mexican and Latin American news, talk shows, music, and sports.

Phoenix’s Hispanic community loves La Onda 1190. The station is still a vital news, information, and entertainment source.

So, if you’re looking for a radio station that will keep you connected to the Hispanic community in Phoenix, La Onda 1190 is the station for you.

9. KFYI 550 News/Talk

KFYI 550 AM is a news/talk radio station that’s been around since 1922. That’s right, KFYI 550 AM station has been on the airwaves for nearly a century!

Over the years, KFYI has changed call letters and owners. Nevertheless, it’s always been a big player in Phoenix.

The station was once a popular Top 40 music station before transitioning to its current news/talk format in the early 1980s.

Today, KFYI is owned by iHeartMedia and features national and local hosts who cover everything from politics to current events.

Some of the station’s most popular shows include:

The Rush Limbaugh Show

● The Sean Hannity Show

● The Ben Shapiro Show

● The James T. Harris Show

KFYI 550 AM, with about 8,000 TuneIn favorites and a 3.0 AQH Neilsen score, is worth checking out if you want the latest Arizona news and happenings.

10. KXXT 1010 AM Family Values Radio

Two women radio hosts talking, looking at each other, and smiling
Family Values Radio, aka KXXT 1010 AM, swapped from a Spanish Christian channel to broadcasting in English.

Family Values Radio 1010 AM KXXT has over 3,000 TuneIn favorites.

This station promotes conservative Christian values and family-centered programming, perfect for those looking for wholesome content on the airwaves.

Originally a Spanish-language Christian radio station until the early 2000s when it switched to English, KXXT offers a mix of national and local shows on faith, family, parenting, and culture. This is all from a Christian perspective.

These programs provide listeners with the tools they need to lead meaningful lives.

KXXT 1010 AM is worth checking out whether you’re a devout Christian or looking for positive and uplifting content on the airwaves.


Phoenix boasts an impressive selection of talk radio stations that serve various interests and audiences.

From sports to politics and news entertainment, the 10 stations in this guide offer top-notch programming and engaging hosts that keep listeners tuned in daily.

And with their loyal fan bases, high TuneIn favorites, and impressive AQH ratings, it’s clear that these stations are here to stay and will continue to be an integral part of the Phoenix radio landscape.

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