Turn Up The Beat: America’s Best 14 EDM Radio Stations

EDM (electronic dance music) is one of the world’s most popular music genres, dating back to the 1960s.

While not as widespread as pop and hip-hop, the genre has millions of fans worldwide and countless talented artists and musicians.

EDM is an umbrella term that describes music produced electronically or with electronic components, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has dozens of subgenres.

House, techno, dubstep, trance, trap, and grime all fall under the EDM scene—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As EDM becomes increasingly popular, radio stations have created dedicated EDM channels for fans to listen to.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of America’s best EDM radio stations that embrace the spirit of dance music.

Let’s get right into it!

1. KNHC C89.5

People dancing to EDM radio with purple and yellow stage lights
KNHC C89.5 is one of the best-known EDM stations in the country and broadcasts out of Seattle, Washington.

● Available: Online, 89.5 MHz

KNHC C89.5 FM is one of the world’s longest-running EDM stations.

It launched its first broadcast in December 1969 and has been online since.

As of 2023, it serves over 150,000 weekly listeners in the Puget Sound region alone.

Based in Seattle, Washington, C89.5 is owned, monitored, and operated by the Seattle Public School District, Washington state’s largest public school district.

It plays general EDM during the day and genre-specific EDM, such as industrial, trance, or house, after 6 p.m.

C89.5 was recently listed in Billboard magazine’s Top 40 weekly in the Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart.

It’s likewise monitored by MediaBase and Neilsen and tracked as one of the eight stations on the Billboard Dance Chart.


● Available: Online, 92.7 MHz

WCPY is a radio station based in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

It plays a Polish language format known as Polski FM during the day and transitions into an EDM station known as Dance Factory FM at night.

WCPY went live in 1960 but only started broadcasting EDM music in 2001. It was in 2006 that Dance Factory FM became a permanent addition to the channel.

The program went from overnight airing on Saturdays to seven nights a week in 2007.

Though it mostly plays EDM tracks, the station has attracted a wide demographic of listeners.

It stays updated with the latest EDM hits. Still, it doesn’t forget about the classics, throwing you back to days of nostalgia unprompted.

3. Diplo’s Revolution

● Available: Online, Channel 52 (Sirius Satelite and XM Satellite), Channel 6052 (Dish)

Diplo’s Revolution is a global EDM satellite channel established in 2002.

It was formerly known as Electric Area until it was taken over by DJ Diplo, who curates the show.

The channel was named after his 2013 single “Revolution,” making its debut in 2018 as an EDM-focused channel.

Managed by Sirius XM Radio, Diplo’s Revolution broadcasts on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 52, Dish Network channel 6052, and XM Satellite Radio channel 52.

Aside from EDM, Diplo’s Revolution periodically broadcasts songs from live festivals and live sets.

Diplo’s Revolution made its official debut on March 22, 2018, so it’s one of the youngest channels on this list.

4. ElectricFM

Hand spinning LED-illuminated radio equipment with a purple light
ElectricFM in New York is one of Shoutcast’s top 100 worldwide stations.

● Available: Online, 98.5MHz

Broadcasting from New York City, ElectricFM is one of the US’s most popular online dance radio stations.

It’s the number one most listened-to station on the Live365 platform and one of the top 100 stations worldwide on Shoutcast.

ElectricFM is independently owned and operated. It went offline in 2017 due to increasing royalty fees but made a massive comeback in 2020.

Since then, ElectricFM has improved its mobile app and made its website more accessible to global listeners.

5. SomaFM

● Available: Online, 88.8 MHz

SomaFM is an independently-owned, listener-supported multi-channel internet radio station.

It offers channels of various genres, from indie pop rock and jazz to intelligent dance music, electropop, and bass-driven electronic music.

When SomaFM partnered with Orban in 2005, it became one of the first internet broadcasters to support mobile streaming on EDGE/3G networks.

Since then, the network and its dozens of playlists have been recognized with various awards and honors.

SomaFM receives over five million listener hours a month; two million from the US and three million abroad.

It has over 9,500 CDs and 250,000 digital tracks in its music library, belonging to over 35,000 different artists.

6. Synthetic FM

● Available: Online, 107.4 MHz

Synthetic FM claims to be the “number one radio station for synth lovers,” and that isn’t too far from the truth.

While not as popular as other radio stations on this list, Synthetic FM offers a sizable library of minimal wave, cold wave, dark wave, EBM, vocoder, and electro songs for your listening pleasure.

Aside from EDM and synth wave, Synthetic FM also has a dedicated channel to New Italo Disco Music, a hybrid pop, electronic, and dance music subgenre that emerged in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Italo Disco channel (channel 2) mostly plays old-school EDM music.

7. Deep Space Chill

● Available: Online

Searching for background music to chill or meditate to? Deep Space Chill might be the station for you.

Deep Space Chill broadcasts an eclectic mix of space rock, progressive rock, classic rock, psybient chill, musique concrete, and EDM music.

The station plays EDM music from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. and a few psychedelic songs. You can listen to the songs from their website or the TuneIn app.

Channels are available worldwide, including Asia, Canada, Europe, and South America.


People dancing in a crowd listening to live EDM with foggy red and purple lights
KBPA in Texas has existed since the start of the 1970s and plays a hot mix of EDM.

● Available: Online, 103.5 MHz

If you live in Texas—or more specifically, the Austin Metropolitan Area—you’ve surely heard of the KBPA radio station.

Owned by Sinclair Telecable and operated under Waterloo Media, KBPA broadcasts EDM music of all genres, from electro-house to progressive.

It has been around since 1971 and remains one of Austin’s most tuned-in radio stations.

9. EDM Sessions

● Available: Online

EDM Sessions is an internet radio station dedicated to the electronic dance music industry and community.

It plays lesser-known EDM music and features live personalities and top DJs as special guests in its mix shows.

EDM Sessions is commercial-free and fee-free, entirely supported through listener donations and sponsorships.

Aside from EDM music, EDM Sessions regularly reports on the latest EDM news, including EDM events, up-and-coming EDM artists, hot singles, and live EDM concerts.

10. Chilltrax

● Available: Online

Chilltrax, aka “The World’s Chillout Channel,” is an online radio station specializing in chill beats, with genres ranging from electronic to downtempo and lounge.

It streams globally 24/7 without commercial breaks, making it one of the best radio stations to keep running in the background while working, hanging out with friends, or chilling by yourself.

11. Electro City

● Available: Online

As you might expect from the name, Electro City is a radio channel dedicated to electronic music of all genres, including EDM, synth wave, synth-pop, and many others.

The station is hosted by Linz-born musicians Robson and Chrizz, who offer two-hour live programs on the channel every second Thursday of the month (10 a.m. to 12 p.m.).

Electro City is intended for audiences and music creators who wish to steer clear of mainstream media and commerce.

The channel mostly features lesser-known artists and musicians, so Electro City is an excellent source if you’re looking to find performers outside the mainstream.

12. DanceMix USA

Man in green shirt DJing
DanceMix USA is an apt name for this beloved radio station.

● Available: Online

Sponsored by some of the biggest music advertisers in the states, including New Country USA, Hit Music USA, and ZIPDJ, DanceMix USA is the go-to station for anyone who loves to dance and party.

It features some of the greatest dance hits worldwide, with playlists focusing on artists like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and Calvin Harris.

Hosted by DJ Goofy Whitekid and DJ Riddler, among others, DanceMix USA offers uninterrupted streaming 24/7 with no ads.

So if you’re looking for a dance station with popular beats and talented DJs, you can’t go wrong with DanceMix USA.

DanceMix USA is available on most radio streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Live365, iTunes, Roku, and TuneIn radio.

It also has its own DanceMixUSA app, which you can download for free. The app is ad-free and doesn’t have commercial interruptions.

13. WBGF – Revolution 93.5 FM

● Available: Online. 93.5 MHz

Broadcasting from West Palm Beach, Florida, WBGF is a dance/EDM-based radio station that has been online since 1978.

The channel started as a regional Mexican station but flipped into mainstream rock in 2014 when JVC Media acquired it.

Three years later, ANCO Media took WBGF under its wing. ANCO soon took on the Revolution 93.5 branding and turned it into a channel dedicated to dance music.

Most of WBGF’s songs are requested by listeners, so you might discover a new genre you’ve never thought of before.

It also regularly plays the top 40 hits of the decade, so if you’re nostalgic, this is a station to turn to!

14. Energy 113 FM

● Available: Online, 113 MHz

For those looking to expand their EDM music taste, Energy 113 FM is worth tuning into.

This station covers nearly all music genres and styles, from EDM oldies to new-generation mixes.

Energy 113’s radio channels stream worldwide, reaching audiences across the US, Europe, Latin America, Canada, and Asia.

Its music channels are 100 percent free with minimal ad breaks and available online 24/7.

Many of its radio channels feature exclusive content from famous EDM artists, daily shows with musical artists, and live performances.

Listeners can access 113’s comprehensive playlists on the website and radio app, as well as Apple TV, Apple Music, Live365, iTunes, Roku, and TuneIn radio.

Choosing the Best EDM Radio Stations in the USA

There you have it, folks; 14 of the best EDM radio stations you can tune in to today!

From classic EDM to synth wave to disco, you’ll find no shortage of songs in the stations above.

Music is subjective, so choosing the best EDM radio station depends on your preference.

If you’re a DJ looking to introduce fresh beats to your audience, tune in to stations that regularly play Top 40 EDMs, like KNHC C89.5, Diplo’s Revolution, and SomaFM.

If you’re not one to jump on the hype train and simply want to discover new music and new artists, tune in to lesser-known radio stations like Electro City and EDM Sessions.

And if you’re looking to chill, Chillrax and Deep Space Chill are no-brainers.

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