Pure Evoke H4 Review 1

Pure Evoke H4 review

The Evoke H4 DAB radio with Bluetooth brings you crystal clear digital radio and Bluetooth music streaming. Easy to use and simple connectivity to popular portable devices, Evoke H4 is the ideal DAB digital radio and wireless speaker that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. But, is it any good? Let’s find…
Good sound quality
Fantastic colour display
Bluetooth streaming
Limited volume
Quite expensive
No remote control



Designed and optimised by UK engineers, Pure radios are some of the most impressive audio tools in the marketplace today. Offering an excellent combination of sensational sound quality and beautiful aesthetic appeal, Pure is a brand that always seems to impress

Like other leading companies in the radio landscape such as Roberts and Ruark, Pure offers a wide variety of different solutions to choose from, including DAB radios, portable audio systems and complete sound systems with their own CD players.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the Pure Evoke H4. The Evoke H4 is a DAB radio with FM and DAB+ streaming, as well as a full-colour display and Bluetooth connectivity.

This digital radio system is very similar in style to the rest of the Evoke series, although it comes with a few distinct features that are worth checking out too. For those who want an even more luxurious experience, there’s even the option to upgrade to the Pure Evoke H4 Prestige version.

Pure Evoke H4 review: Design and build

At first glance, the Pure Evoke H4 looks just like the rest of the DAB radios available from the Pure Evoke range. If you’ve checked out our review for the Pure Evoke C-D4, then the H4 probably looks very familiar.

The biggest difference is that the Evoke H4 is smaller than the C-D4, and it doesn’t include its own CD player.

Another point worth noting about the design of the Pure Evoke H4 is that it comes with a colour display which makes the system a lot easier to use.

The Evoke H4 features a 2.8-inch display with an ultra-clear screen where you can quickly skip through a multitude of excellent channels and streaming options. You’ll even have the option to showcase the artwork of different stations and albums as you play your music.

Another thing that makes the Pure Evoke H4 radio stand out is the presence of a handy metal carrying handle. Though personally, we think that this device is a bit too chunky and expensive to take with you on your weekend camping trips – it’s still easier to transport than the Evoke CD-4.

If you do decide that you want to make this radio system portable, then you can use the ChargePAK F1 adapter to get up to fifty hours of portable listening without connection to an outlet.

Unfortunately, the ChargePAK isn’t included with your Pure Evoke H4 purchase. That’s a big shame, as the optional portability would have really helped this DAB radio to stand out.

On the plus side, although you don’t get portability as standard, you do get the incredible classic design of the Evoke series, and a sensational wooden casing. We tested the walnut option and have to say that the wooden casing really adds to the depth and timber of the device.

Pure Evoke H4
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Pure Evoke H4 review: Features

The Pure Evoke H4, like many of the tools available from Pure Radio today, comes with technology that has been carefully tuned by UK engineers.

That means that you’re not just getting an attractive piece of technology, you’re also getting something custom-designed to make your music sound better. Whether you’re listening to DAB+ radio stations or podcasts over Bluetooth, the Evoke H4 has you covered.

The Evoke is an all-in-one system for music streaming and digital radio. One of the things that we liked most about this device, is that unlike some DAB devices, it’s very easy to use. You can scroll through channels with ease using the large ultra-clear screen.

What’s more, thanks to digital tick approval, you get the benefit of knowing that you’ll have endless channels to choose from for years to come.

The Evoke H4 also has a very practical design, so you can use it for a range of different reasons. You might keep it on your bedside so you can use the two alarms to manage your schedule.

Alternatively, the automatically updating clock makes it a fantastic accessory for your living room or kitchen too.

Oh – one extra thing we loved too is that you can just touch the handle instead of finding the snooze button. How convenient is that when you’re exhausted after a long Friday night?

For a price of around £150, you’ll get features like:

  • Headphone output
  • Auxiliary input
  • ChargePAK optional portability
  • Easy to use button layout
  • Slideshow artwork with colour display
  • 2.8-inch display
  • Advanced audio engineering
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Digital tick approval
  • DAB, DAB+ and FM radio
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Multiple alarm choices
  • Snooze handle
  • Up to 40 preset options

The snooze handle and built-in sleep timer make this device a particularly useful choice for people in search of the ideal bedroom radio. However, we think that the compelling design of the Pure Evoke H4 or the Pure Evoke H4 Prestige would fit well in any environment.

a top-down picture of the evoke h4 with a light wood color
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Pure Evoke H4 review: Performance

Before you rush out and buy yourself a Pure Evoke H4 DAB radio, you’re probably going to want a bit more information about how it performs. As mentioned above, from an ease-of-use perspective, the Evoke H4 is an excellent device.

The Bluetooth connectivity is easy to set up, so you can start streaming music from your laptop or phone in no time. Additionally, you can even connect your radio to your TV!

We particularly liked the fact that Pure Radio has gone above and beyond to offer sensational usability with things like a practical button layout and a snooze handle for when you don’t want to search for the right button first thing in a morning.

From an audio quality perspective, the Pure Evoke H4 is pretty impressive too. The H4 features some of the best speaker technology from Pure, the same as what you would find in the C-D range. This high-quality system comes with Class D amplification for excellent volume.

Additionally, you can still enjoy great audio wherever you put your radio. The amplifier is positioned so that you still get good volume if your device is on a shelf, against a wall, or on your bedside table.

Pure Evoke H4 review: Verdict

If you’re looking for a bedside radio that offers a range of convenient features and great sound quality, then the Evoke H4 is an excellent choice. The appreciate the appearance of this radio, as well as its compact design and useful screen. However, we can also see why some Evoke H4 reviews aren’t entirely positive.

Having to pay an extra £30 for portability is a huge ask when you’re already spending £150 on your radio.

Additionally, the fact that there’s no remote control option is a bit of a pain, particularly if you don’t want to walk over to your radio whenever you want to change the channel. What’s more, although the volume of this Pure radio is quite good, it’s not going to blow you away either.

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Pure Evoke H4 Review 1
Whether listening to your favourite DAB radio stations, or streaming music or podcasts from your smartphone, Evoke H4 brings out the best in your audio and is ideal for all family members to enjoy.
Build quality
Good sound quality
Digital tick approved
Comes with a 3-year warranty
Easy to use with plenty of presets
Snooze handle for convenience
Fantastic colour display
Bluetooth streaming
Only portable when you pay extra
Limited volume
Quite expensive
No remote control
Where to buy

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