Best Radio Station For Christmas Music

How to find the best radio station for Christmas music

If you’re looking for the best radio station for Christmas music, this article was created for you. Here’s your guide to the best station to listen to during Christmas.

For festive fanatics, the arrival of Christmas tunes on the radio is something to look forward to each year. The arrival of All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey signals the arrival of the holidays for many music fans.

It’s becoming more common for radio stations around the world to start playing Christmas tunes a little earlier than normal. 

Around 80 stations throughout the US launched their Christmas playlists in early November during 2020 to help lift spirits after a challenging year.

Today, we’re going to share some of the top options for the best radio station for Christmas music. If you’re already getting excited about hearing your top festive songs, it’s a good idea to be prepared. 

Tuning into the best Christmas radio station

Standard or all year?

First, it’s worth noting you have a couple of options for the best Christmas station.

If you’re happy to wait for the Christmas countdowns to begin, you should be able to tune into your favorite standard station at any point during mid-November to the end of December to hear Christmas classics. 

Here’s a list of some of the most popular music stations available today.

If you’re sticking to standard FM radio stations and you want a specific style of Christmas music, it’s best to look for a station specializing in your genre. The best rock stations in the US will usually stick to rock-style songs like It’s Christmas when getting ready for the season. 

Alternatively, you’ll be more likely to hear country songs with a festive theme on a country station.

The easiest way to guarantee you’ll get the style of music you love with the holiday theme is to tune into online radio. Online stations make it much easier to find the music you want – even if you want to listen to Christmas stations all year round. 

Some of the best Christmas stations will also allow listeners to download playlists and pre-recorded radio shows. 

What is the best radio station for Christmas music?

The best station to listen to during Christmas will depend on a lot of factors, including your preferences regarding style of music, and when you want to listen. 

Some of the top options we’ve found for the best Christmas radio station include:

SkyRadio Christmas

SkyRadio Christmas is actually a Dutch radio station specially dedicated to playing Christmas songs. The station plays festive music constantly, usually focusing on classic favorites and oldies. If you ever want to tune into a radio station and hear Christmas music in July, this is the place for you.

Best Radio Station For Christmas Music

Radio Christmas

A fantastic station for anyone who wants to give something back around the festive season. Radio Christmas operates entirely through the support of volunteers raising money to support vulnerable children throughout Central America. 

During the holiday season you can tune in, donate money, and attend events.

Classic Christmas music

Located in South Carolina, this radio station plays a host of classic Christmas songs, including all of the best-known tunes from around the world from Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and many others.

My Holidays

The My Holidays radio station focuses not just on Christmas music, but all kinds of holiday music for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Cinco De Mayo and many others. 

If you want to make sure you’re always prepared to be in the festive spirit – no matter what you’re celebrating, this could be the channel for you. 

Best Radio Station For Christmas Music

Christmas Oldies

Another station perfect for Christmas classics, the Christmas Oldies radio station plays songs from throughout the decades to help get you into the mood for the season. This channel won’t play any of the modern top hits, but it’s a good option if you love the classics and is a great pick. 

Christian Broadcasting Network

Designed more for those with a religious love of the holidays, the Christian Broadcasting network is packed full of tunes. You can listen into classic music from your favorite artists, or just enjoy some traditional Christmas carols. 

Always Christmas Radio 

As you might guess from the name, this Christmas radio station is dedicated to playing music all year around. If you’re tired of having to wait until after Thanksgiving to start prepping for the holidays, Always Christmas Radio has you covered with nonstop hits. 

Best Christmas radio station list

If you like a little variety in your radio sessions, you can always try finding a directory where you can access multiple streams and stations at once. 

There are tons of options like this out there. Most allow you to search for terms like “Christmas” to track down the channels playing the music you want in the moment. There are even options to filter through your choices based on things like location or music genre. 

Here are some of our top picks: 


AccuRadio’s AccuHolidays channel contains a list of holiday music stations where you can find Broadway songs, Celtic Christmas options, and carols alike. This is one of the most versatile options if you’re keen to stock up on tunes for the festive season. 

You can also create your own playlist from a variety of stations.

Best Radio Station For Christmas Music

Internet radio 

Another excellent option if you’re looking for a way to build a list of stations to tune into whenever you’re feeling festive. Internet radio allows users to search for the word “Christmas” and see all the channels online playing Christmas songs. 

This is ideal if you want to find internet options for Christmas radio in the holiday months or throughout the year.

Christmas radio 

The Christmas radio website offers nine different Christmas radio stations you can use to explore different types of music from rock and roll to Christmas classics. All of the stations available here have the same theme, but there are different genres available, so you can still shake things up. 

Surfmusic – live radio stations 

This website features tons of web television shows and live radio stations from across the digital landscape, so you can listen to all kinds of music whenever you like. 

There are various channels available specifically for holiday music, or you can just see what you find by tapping into some of the top trending streams. 


Another excellent choice for tracking down a wide range of Christmas radio stations at once, MyTuner has over 100 radio stations dedicated to Christmas music in the US alone. You can search for the music you want to listen to by state or region. 

And there’s the option to look for things like talk shows and Christmas podcasts too. 

So, there you have it, a wide range of the best radio stations for Christmas music, with plenty of different styles to choose from. No matter when or how you want to listen to festive tunes, you’re sure to find something in this list to appeal to your tastes.

Don’t forget to check out the other guides on Radio Fidelity for more insights into finding your favorite music on the radio. 

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