Dance To EDM’s Best New Tracks On These 10 UK Radio Stations

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best EDM radio stations in the UK.

The United Kingdom is home to various musical genres, ranging from popular worldwide classics like pop and hip-hop to slightly more unique subgenres.

EDM, or electronic dance music, might be a worldwide phenomenon today, but its routes begin in Europe, and the countless dance revolutions of the UK influenced its growth.

Today, EDM stands as one of the biggest music genres in the United Kingdom. It even has a subculture all of its own, attracting listeners from various backgrounds.

As of 2023, a Night Time Industries Association report found that EDM and electronic music attract the most attention at UK festivals nationwide.

Additionally, throughout 2022, dance music accounted for more than a quarter of all the top tracks in the country.

So, where do you go to find the latest tracks from the EDM scene?

Here’s your guide to the ultimate EDM radio stations in the UK.

The Best EDM Radio Stations in the UK: The Top 10 Picks

While the number of radio stations in the UK dedicated to EDM alone is limited, countless dance-heavy channels are worth exploring.

Many of these stations provide various tracks, from the latest EDM options to electronic hits, techno, disco, and even house.

Here are some of the best stations if you’re a fan of EDM.

1. BBC Radio 1 Dance

Man in green shirt DJing
BBC Radio 1 spins some hot EDM tunes.

Starting with a digital online-only radio stream from the UK, BBC Radio 1 is owned and operated by the BBC, running as a spin-off of the larger Radio 1 channel.

The station is perhaps the most popular in the country for dance hits, broadcasting classic and modern electronic dance music consistently via the BBC Sounds app.

The station was launched in 2020, as the BBC began experimenting with spin-off stations of their popular FM and DAB channels.

The stream offers various weekly entertainment options, including daytime shows from Arielle Free and Connor Coates on Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, daytime shows are hosted by a rotational selection of presenters.

The channel is home to many popular programs, including Radio 1’s Dance Party, the Dance Anthems show by Charlie Hedges, and Danny Howard’s Club Mix.

If you want an FM alternative, you can still find plenty of these shows and EDM music on BBC Radio 1 too.

Frequency: Online Only

Website: Radio 1 Dance Party

2. Capital Dance

Another digital-focused radio station in the UK, Capital Dance, is a national station owned by the Global company.

It runs as a spin-off of the Capital station, which is also an excellent option for listeners interested in contemporary hit radio.

Capital Dance first launched in 2020, following the establishment of another spin-off digital channel, Heart Dance, which looks at classical and contemporary dance and rhythm songs.

Following a successful initial launch, a breakfast show hosted by Rio Fredrika was added to the schedule in 2021, with a former presenter from Kiss, Charlie Powell, also joining the hosts at the same time.

The station is packed with dance-focused playlists, covering everything from EDM to house and various programs from well-known presenters.

As of 2023, the channel has an average weekly audience of just over 900,000 listeners.

Frequency: DAB: Digital One

Website: Capital Dance

3. Kiss FM

Known most simply as Kiss, Kiss FM is a British digital radio station available on FM and DAB channels and online.

Owned by the Bauer company, Kiss primarily targets the 15-34 age group and originally started life as a pirate radio station.

Launching in 1985, Kiss quickly became the UK’s first legal dance music and black cultural music radio station in 1990.

As of 2023, the station boasts a weekly audience of around 2.5 million listeners.

Today, the channel plays a variety of excellent dance-focused playlists, as well as programming from popular presenters in the UK landscape.

Since the 2000s, presenters have included Robin Banks, Bam Bam, Carl Cox, Hed Kandi, and other celebrity hosts.

Kiss also has a variety of sister stations worth exploring, such as Kisstory, for more traditional classic hits.

Frequency: FM: 97.2 MHz to 106.4 MHz

Website: KISS

4. Pulse 1

People dancing to EDM radio with purple and yellow stage lights
Pulse 1 is a niche UK radio station playing EDM, house, and electronica.

An independent radio station based in Leeds, England, Pulse 1 was launched in 1975 and is owned by the Bauer company as part of the broader Hits Radio network.

With around 130,000 listeners weekly, it’s not the biggest EDM station in the UK, but it’s still a great choice for local listening.

Pulse 1’s playlists primarily focus on a selection of different dance genres, from EDM and electronica to house music.

Local programming also appears on the station regularly, with sessions from well-known presenters making up various breakfast and drive-time shows.

The Pulse 1 station has its own breakfast show hosted by Mylo and Rosie, and it also broadcasts regular news bulletins from the local area.

Frequency: FM: 97.5 MHz and 102.5 MHz

Website: Pulse 1

5. Heart Dance

Owned and operated by the Global company as a spin-off station from Heart, Heart Dance broadcasts from the global studios in Leicester Square, London.

The station launched in 2019 and provides listeners with a rolling music service, playing old-school dance hits and club classics generally from the 1980s and following decades.

The station has presenters hosting shows at peak times throughout the weekdays and weekends. Still, it’s mostly an automated service with more music than anything else.

Heart also has a popular Club Classics show on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Popular presenters on the station include Toby Anstis, who handles breakfasts on weekdays and Friday evening Club Classics along with Pandora Christie.

Frequency: DAB: Digital One

Website: Heart Dance

6. Rinse FM

Another popular local choice for listeners in London, Rinse FM is a community radio station best known for playing a range of dance genres.

The playlists include songs from garage, grime, dubstep, house, jungle, and other popular genres in the UK landscape.

The station was founded in 1994 and operated as a pirate station until it was eventually given a broadcast license in 2010.

Interestingly, it was one of the first stations to offer exposure to artists like Dizzee Rascal. It became a popular station for dubstep market leaders.

Today, Rinse FM has a reputation as one of the biggest pirate radio stations ever to exist in London and perhaps the biggest grime station in the world.

Frequency: FM: 106.8 MHz

Website: Rinse FM

7. Flex FM

People dancing in a crowd listening to live EDM with foggy red and purple lights
Flex FM is a community station that’s great for funky tunes.

Also in London, Flex FM is another popular community radio station with a history in the pirate radio world.

Initially, the station was established as a breakaway channel from Don FM in 1992.

During this time, it followed in the footsteps of many pirate radio stations, playing jungle, drum and bass, UK garage, and EDM.

After a hiatus, Flex returned to the FM airwaves in 2009, broadcasting UK funky music, house, and dubstep.

DJs and MCs began appearing regularly on the channel, and the station was even featured in a special report about the World of Pirate Radio from the BBC.

In 2016, Flex officially applied for its legal license and began broadcasting legally as a community station in 2018, with a roster of new and original DJs and presenters.

Frequency: FM: 101.4 MHz

Website: Flex FM

8. Reprezent

Reprezent is a youth-focused and youth-led radio station based in South London, targeting people between 18 and 25.

The station started life with a one-month Restricted Service License, focusing on sharing stories related to the youth of London.

Eventually, the group applied for a community license in 2010, and now broadcasts live across London.

The station focuses on playlists that include a variety of EDM tracks, alternative music, hip-hop, and grime.

It also acts as a fantastic platform for new up-and-coming young artists to showcase their talent and discuss the issues affecting them.

The station has more than 140 young presenters and a variety of 110 radio shows to explore, with original broadcasts from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Frequency: FM: 107.3 MHz

Website: Reprezent

9. Select Radio

Formerly Select UK, Select Radio is a London-based radio focusing heavily on house music.

Like many of the local EDM radio stations on this list, the channel started as a pirate radio station and broadcasted for years on 99.3 FM.

The Select team only recently applied for a community radio license with Ofcom in 2020 and began broadcasting on November 2021.

Select is home to various DJs, including Paul Van Dyk, Roger Sanchez, Oliver Heldens, and Above & Beyond.

The station, now available on both DAB and FM channels, is an excellent place to find house, disco, and electronic dance music in equal quantities.

Frequency: FM: 94.4 MHz

Website: Select Radio

10. Eruption Radio

Hand spinning LED-illuminated radio equipment with a purple light
Eruption Radio is a London EDM station featuring DJ Zinc and Nicky Blackmarket.

Like many of the popular EDM stations on this list, Eruption Radio is based in London and broadcasts on DAB and online.

It’s also available as a pirate radio channel, though it has yet to apply for a community broadcast license.

Eruption launched in 1993 as a pirate station, broadcasting happy hardcore, drum and bass, breakbeat, and house music.

The station shut down briefly in 2012, then returned to the airwaves as an online station in 2019 with many of its original DJs.

Notable hosts and presenters on the channel include Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Hype, DJ Zinc, and Billy “Daniel” Bunter.

The station also offers a range of shows, including the Morning Glory breakfast show and the World of Rave show.

Frequency: DAB or online

Website: Eruption

The Best EDM Radio Stations in the UK

As one of the most popular music genres in the UK and worldwide, EDM has a great presence on the airwaves today.

For UK music lovers, there are many channels to choose from, including digital-only broadcasts and FM stations.

The options above represent just a handful of the fantastic EDM options available to dance fans today, so it’s worth checking local channels wherever you’re in the United Kingdom to find additional options.

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