The Best 10 Classical Music Radio Stations in the USA

While many music genres exist, few are as characteristic and timeless as classical music.

According to studies, classical music can relieve stress and improve concentration, so many people enjoy the genre while working, studying, or even chilling out and unwinding after a busy day.

One of the most convenient ways to enjoy this music is through the radio, and that’s where this guide comes in handy!

Today, we’ll walk you through 10 of the best classical music stations in the USA to tune in to.


Up close shot of classical music orchestra playing stringed instruments during a live concert with concentration on their faces
KUSC in Southern California is one of the largest classical music radio stations in the country.

Available: Online or 91.5 MHz (Los Angeles, California)

Let’s start with one of Southern California’s biggest radio stations for broadcasting classical music.

KUSC is a non-commercial, student-run radio station that plays classical music without advertisements.

The station was established in October 1946 by the University of Southern California and is still owned and operated by the university to this day.

In fact, it’s also one of the oldest classical music radio stations still broadcasting.

The radio station changed its format for brief periods throughout the years. Currently, the station broadcasts classical music and music-related programming, including requests, opera music, and weekend shows.

Additionally, the radio station airs special programming during morning, noon, evening, and overnight times, presented by various hosts.

While you can enjoy HD radio transmission through the 91.5 MHz frequency, you can also listen to the station’s music online through its official website and iOS and Android apps.


Available: Online or 105.9 MHz (Newark, New Jersey)

WQXR FM is a non-commercial radio station broadcasting classical music almost daily.

The radio station is licensed initially to Newark, New Jersey, but it serves New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas. In fact, WQXR FM is one of the radio stations with antennas located at the Empire State Building.

WQXR FM is owned and operated by New York Public Radio. This non-profit organization also owns the WNYC AM and FM talk radio stations.

One of the things that makes WQXR unique is that it focuses on classical works performed by living composers.

Besides classical music, you can also enjoy opera music through the station and its streaming-only channel, Operavore, which was launched in 2012.


Available: Online or 89.7 MHz (Raleigh, North Carolina)

WCPE, also known as The Classical Station, is a popular radio station dedicated entirely to classical music.

In fact, it’s one of the few radio stations that play classical music 24/7 without interruptions, making it a perfect choice for those who only want to hear classical music whenever they want.

The radio station is licensed to Raleigh, North Carolina, but its main signal extends from South Carolina to Richmond, Virginia.

The listener-supported radio station was launched in 1978 by the Educational Information Corporation, which owns and operates it today.

The Classical Station is known for its huge playlist of unique records, as it holds bookshelves of all the records it played since the early 1980s.

In fact, the station’s founder was awarded the North Carolina Award (the state’s highest civilian honor) for his efforts to maintain the radio station standing strong to this day.

WCPE streams its signal online, allowing you to enjoy its amazing music worldwide!


A large, opulent, golden orchestral hall featuring a classical music setup but empty chairs and instruments
WCRB in Massachusetts is a non-commercial classical radio station that was founded in 1948.

Available: Online or 99.5 MHz MHz (Lowell, Massachusetts)

WCRB is one of the longest-standing radio stations that mainly broadcasts classical music from various composers.

Like many stations on the list, this one is also a non-commercial radio station mainly funded by the listener’s community donations.

The radio station was originally licensed to Lowell, Massachusetts, but its studios are in Brighton, Massachusetts.

The radio station’s frequency mainly serves the greater Boston area, but you can also enjoy its music from anywhere via its online webcast.

The radio station was established in 1948 as WLLH-FM, which operated through 1330 kHz frequency.

The station later shifted its frequency multiple times when sold to different owners.

Today, the radio station is owned and operated by the WGBH Educational Foundation, which holds the licenses of many PBS stations in Massachusetts.


Available: Online or 88.7 MHz (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

If you want to enjoy classical music while listening to rare pieces, you should consider this one!

KCME is a public, non-commercial radio station licensed to Colorado Springs, but it also serves nearby metropolitan areas, such as Pueblo, Colorado.

The station has been around since December 1979, adopting a classical music format since its day one. The station is owned and operated by the Cheyenne Mountain Public Broadcast House.

The station plays classical and opera music all day long without interruptions or commercial breaks, so it relies mainly on listeners’ donations and community support for funding.

According to the station’s website, KCME has 41,000+ active weekly listeners and offers more than 40 programs.

KCME also has a subchannel that plays classical music and jazz varieties, including Latin jazz and blues.

The original channel dropped all other musical genres to focus solely on classical music in 2007.

Besides broadcasting on 88.7 MHz, the station also has a satellite channel. Additionally, you can enjoy its music online through the webcast on the official website.


Available: Online or 89.3 MHz (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Another highly rated radio station that classical music lovers will appreciate is WQED, which mainly serves Pittsburgh.

According to the station’s official website, WQED is the nation’s first television station, airing as early as April 1954.

However, the classical radio station was established in 1973, playing classical music at 89.3 MHz ever since.

The radio station is broadcasted and operated from the main campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

Besides airing classical music from popular composers, the station also broadcasts music by the American orchestra group Pittsburgh Symphony every year over a 26-week series.

Despite being one of the oldest radio stations in the region, WQED is a huge supporter of the modernization of radio.

In fact, the station introduced HD-quality radio in 2006 and has started broadcasting HD2 programming since 2012.

Additionally, you can enjoy its music in HD3 quality through its official webcast.


Four orchestra members playing stringed instruments
WNED FM is from New York but broadcasts classical music all the way to Canada.

Available: Online or 94.5 MHz (Buffalo, New York)

WNED FM is a classical music radio station licensed to Buffalo, New York. It serves Western New York as well as Toronto, Canada.

Currently, WNED FM is a non-commercial radio channel. However, it hasn’t always been that.

In fact, when the station was first established in 1960, it was signed as a commercial station with the call letters WEBR FM.

In 1975, the station was purchased by the Western New York Educational TV Association, which effectively turned the station non-commercial, running mainly on listeners’ support.

The station adopted a classical format in 1977 and maintained its all-classical format to this day, despite changing its branding multiple times.

WNED FM is also known for having an outstanding library of classical music. This allows the radio station to produce local programming for the entire day.

Moreover, you can enjoy some unique collaborations with Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and other local ensembles over the stations.

The station operates in HD quality and has an HD2 channel. However, this channel plays different musical genres, mainly adult album alternatives.


Available: Online or 101.1 MHz MHz (Dallas, Texas)

WRR is a non-commercial FM radio station licensed to Dallas, Texas, and serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

The station is owned by the Municipality of Dallas and operated by North Texas Public Broadcasting.

Many private local broadcasters tried to purchase the radio station over the years. Yet, these acquisition attempts failed, and the station remains publicly owned.

When WRR was first established in 1948, it was used for various purposes, including police transmissions and simulcasting sister radio stations.

However, when network programming moved to television, the station shifted to an all-day classical music format.


Available: Online or 91.1 MHz (Eugene, Oregon)

KWAX is another excellent choice to consider if you’re on the hunt for an HD radio station with a great selection of classical music.

The University of Oregon has owned the student-run station since 1951. It originally serves the Eugene/Springfield area, but you can also listen to the station online through its official website.

The station is also simulcast over various frequencies in different regions in Oregon under other call letters, such as 88.5 MHz KWRX in Redmond and 91.5 MHz KWVZ in Florence.

Although it used to have some talk shows over the years, they’re now discontinued. So currently, KWAX plays classical music all day long.

10. WGUC

Large orchestral hall full of people watching an orchestra perform classical music from a bird's-eye view.
WGUC serves Cincinnati, giving listeners their fix of classical music.

Available: Online or 90.9 MHz MHz (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Last but not least, if you live in the Cincinnati metropolitan area and want to enjoy an authentic radio experience of remarkable classical music, this station would be an excellent choice!

WGUC is a public radio station owned and operated by Cincinnati Public Radio. However, it was originally licensed to the University of Cincinnati when it was established in September 1960.

Besides being a classical music radio station, WGUC was also the training radio station for university students.

The station currently adopts a classical music format, broadcasting classical music predominantly.

In addition to playing popular symphonies, the station also airs local performances by local ensembles, such as Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati May Festival, and more.

The station operates in HD radio and also has HD2 and HD3 channels, but they mainly play jazz and alternative music, respectively.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s no shortage of classical music stations wherever you are, and you can easily enjoy most of these stations in HD quality through webcast streaming!

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